Stop Festival That Tortures and Kills Thousands of Snakes

Target: Jim McKenzie, Mayor of Sweetwater, Texas

Goal: End the annual rattlesnake slaughtering festival.

Every year, a snake slaughtering festival is held in Texas where thousands of rattlesnakes are brutally killed while adults and children watch. The event is utterly barbaric, and it is time to stop this cruelty.

The snakes are rounded up by pouring gasoline into their dens so that they are unable to breath. Once they are caught, they typically spend a couple weeks in boxes, with no food or water, until it is time for the festival. At the festival, the snakes are thrown into overcrowded pits, poked and prodded, forced to extract venom, decapitated and then skinned. The rattling noise, which snakes make when they are scared and fear death, is overwhelming during the festival.

The festival claims that this is done in order to control rattlesnake populations, but there is no science to back up whether or not rattlesnakes are overpopulated or if this is an effective method of population control. Sign this petition to demand that this barbaric tradition end.


Dear Mayor McKenzie,

Every year, your town of Sweetwater, Texas hosts a rattlesnake slaughtering festival. During this barbaric event, children watch and participate in killing and skinning the snakes. The festival claims that this is done to control the population, however there is no science to suggest that rattlesnakes are overpopulated or that this is an effective means of population control. It is time to stop this unnecessary cruelty.

During the festival, the sound of rattles is overwhelming. Rattlesnakes make this noise when they are scared and fear death. During the festival, the snakes are packed into overcrowded pits, are poked and prodded, forced to extract venom and decapitated. Since snakes have a slow metabolism, decapitation does not automatically kill them and they are often able to feel pain for some time after.

Please put an end to this cruel spectacle. There is no science backing the reasons for this slaughter, and it seems to be mostly about profit. No animal should be tortured and killed for human greed.


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  1. This is horrifying. I can hardly believe this happens in America. How sadistic! I completely reject their stupid lame excuse for doing this – to control the snake population. It’s an excuse to COVER UP the fact that they are sadistic, brutal, cruel, barbaric monsters.
    And they are raising their children to be just like them. It would be extremely traumatic for children to experience such cruelty against innocent animals.
    This barbaric event should have been banned ages ago.
    STOP the brutal torture and killing of innocent snakes!

  2. This killing festival could easily become a festival celebrating all snakes instead of killing them. Your methods are inhumane. So many of the snakes are already dead from the gassing U use to get them to vacate their dens. Many are dying from the gas fumes and the inhumane treatment. When U destroy our native wildlife and allow the kids to help U, U R teaching them to disrespect snakes and they in turn will start killing snakes. Please stop this blood bath and make it a celebration of snakes and educate the masses. Rattlesnake venom is used in medicines to help save humans. They eat rodents which can and do carry the hantavirus and the plague and ticks which can carry the Lyme disease. Snakes are helping to protect us humans and we should now protect them. U can make just as much money without the slaughter if U really want to.

  3. Christiane Kaiser says:


  4. I absolutely hate snakes of any kind. However, I think this is extremely cruel and disgusting. I hate to see anything or anyone suffer from cruelty. This should be stopped!

  5. Daniela Bress says:

    How further is this human society going to sink, hm?
    In which way are such “festivals of barbaric murder” helping parents to teach their children about compassion, committment for the weaker, decency, mercy and all the other true values without a dollar sign on it?

    Do you really STILL wonder where all our self-made sociopaths come from?

    Hey, I tell you a secret: WE ARE BREEDING THEM !

    WHO IS IT?

    Stop & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!
    BARBARIC, GREED AND BRAINLESS and not able to think human?

    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be banned on an island for their whole lives! Or not?

    • I absolutely agree, !! Those types of people always have some dumbass ass excuse as to why they have to kill something… they are the scum beneath my shoe.. why hasn’t their been a protest over there? As in body’s on the ground disrupting their sociopathic behavior!!
      They are not only killing these snakes for pure fun but they are killing other animals which the snake is their food source! These fuckers don’t care about shit. If it was legal to kill humans, they would have their guns ready!! Backwoods pigfucking minsters

  7. RoseMarie Dorer says:

    Wildlife is essential for the survival of the planet and the humans who live on it. Each species, no matter how small in size it may be nor how insignificant it may seem to humans, has its own role in making this planet work and thrive efficiently. Humans, however, are the least necessary species on earth, and the earth, and every other species on it would fare much better without any of us.

    As long as humans walk the earth, I’ll believe in MONSTERS. Only humans are so cruel to other animals and each other. How on earth can a human being do something so cruel to another living, breathing creature?

  8. What kind of subhuman thinks up the ways in which to torture and kill animals? What kind of persons choose to witness these cruelties? I would never be able to watch, could you? The same questions could be asked of inhumanly caging animals at zoos or SeaWorld, circuses inflict extreme pain when train animals. Do you go to the circus? It would seem that we as a species have lost empathy. Weeping…

  9. This is a no-brainer — let’s STOP THIS!

    The only humans who want this… are those without brains.

    Let’s start exhibiting some progress… away from barbarism

  10. Torchering wildlife is becoming the norm around the world and is getting way out of hand. Has the whole world gone bonkers? Let’s show that we have compassion and were born with an empathetic nerve.

  11. Jaime Perez says:

    This is so disgusting and barbaric. I don’t care for snakes, but they don’t deserve to treated in this horrible manner. The people who do this are ignorant and heartless.

  12. texas, need I say more!!!

  13. I will tell Daniela Bress, don’t include me because I don’t believe in breeding anything. But you are right the world is overpopulated and many,many are sociopaths.
    And I hate to tell you folks but did you read where it said Mayor Jim McKenzie, Sweetwater, TEXAS! Well there you have ALL your questions answered. But I really do hope that Mayor McKenzie may have a heart or is not a barbarian and wants to bring his city and state into the 21st century. And J.Macek has an alternative to the slaughter by celebrating the innocent snake who has gotten a bad rap for too many years. And let’s not forget they are teaching all the children not to respect, or care for any animal not just snakes. You teach children to not have mercy or empathy that’s why TEXAS HAS such high numbers of animal abuse ie, horses, dogs, cats -snakes! It starts somewhere.
    Just saying…..

  14. May Mother Earth take revenge! Storms and upheaval to engulf you until you understand the suffering you create! Every pain in your life shall serve as a reminder of your ignorance and callousness! May God punish you all without mercy!

  15. Kristin Peterson says:

    I absolutely hate snakes but, this event is cruel, evil, and barbaric!
    No living creature or being should have to suffer in such a horrible manner.

  16. What a filthy, revolting way to entertain subhumans.Sweetwater should be ashamed and texas- do something big about your pathetic, inhumane cruelty laws, you are despised decent people.

  17. Crétin de faire ça! Il y a des moyens plus propres pour réduire la population de serpents, les tuer net sans souffrance. L’humain devient très décadent, pas la peine d’aller sur Mars et être si débile!

  18. Alice Knight says:

    How can Texas condone this festival? A festival should be games, popcorn, cotton candy and good clean family fun.
    I don’t understand how the people who gather at this festival enjoy witnessing this horrific slaughter to an animal. It is a despicable form of animal abuse. Look at yourself and think of what is happening to these animals. Mayor Mckenzie, please put an end to this form of gathering it is simply an act of animal abuse.not acceptable.

  19. Whats wrong these cruel humans how about doing this the the humans leave innocent animals alone.I like to see how they feel having this done. Humans are the problem not animals.Bastards

  20. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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