Remove Abused Children From Unsafe Homes

Target: Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Require the safe removal and protection of abused and neglected children.

When a child is being mistreated, the very first step should be to get them out of that environment as soon as possible. This is not what typically happens. Usually a social worker will be sent to the home in question to investigate the situation, but the fact is that many abusive parents are good at acting loving when they need to. This means the child is dismissed and kept in danger, only now the abuser is angry. There is no perfect solution but if the victims could at least be separated from the abuser until a full investigation was completed, their safety could be assured.

When children go to trusted adults and report that they’re being abused or neglected, they need to be believed, even if the parent says otherwise. It’s not surprising that an abuser would try to act in their own interest and deny any wrongdoing, especially with the lingering threats of jail time and of their children being removed from the homes. Children need to know that they will be brought to safety. As the laws are now, there is no guarantee of that. If the parent finds out the child reported them, they will often just have to face a short visit with a caseworker, just to lash out in rage as soon as the well-meaning social worker leaves. Sign this petition to close this loophole protecting abusers.


Dear Speaker Ryan,

Child abuse is an issue no one likes to talk about, but something must be done to solve it. Our current system gives too much credit to parents, even when children express fears about their home lives. It is of the utmost importance that kids are able to feel they are listened to and taken seriously, or else they will suffer in silence. Children are some of the most vulnerable people in society and we must act in their best interest.

The victim should be removed from any potentially harmful situation in order to keep them safe while conducting a thorough investigation of the home. Even though this removal could be slightly disruptive, if it saves even one child from continuing to endure abuse at the hands of their caregivers, it will be well worth it. The parents do not need to be penalized without proof, as long as the child is kept safe during the investigation process. They should never have to be left alone with an abuser or potential abuser. Action must be taken to protect children from abusive and neglectful situations, and new legislation needs to be crafted to address this issue.


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Photo Credit: James D. Mossman

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  1. I fully agree, except for the fact that there are a lot of parents that get WRONGLY accused for abuse and neglect. I don’t think officers fully understand SOME situations. There are SOME children that make FALSE accusations for attention.

  2. Kathryn Irby says:


  3. Wendy Morrison says:

    Abused children definitely need to be taken away from abusive parents/people IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  4. The entire system is flawed. My great niece had her newborn taken away, before she even left the hospital. Why? Because someone called DHS, and eledged she had drug problems. Despite the fact she and the baby’s test came back clean. They took her anyway, at only days old. My Niece was forced to comply with multiple classes on parenting, drug addiction and anything else they could come up with. After passing these barriers, which took close to 1 year. They decided she now has mental health issues. So more classes, more hoops to jump through.(Although no mention of a need for medication) Which she gladly does, if it means getting her daughter. However, seems the system in it’s infinite wisdom, had their own agenda. Which was to put this young mother through hell. She couldn’t keep a full-time job. As being compliant with DHS classes, visitations, drug & mental health testings left her little time for anything else. All the while, telling her she would get her child back if she complies. Well guess what? They adopted her daughter out,6 months later. Stating she didn’t quite form a bond with her child, and employment history shows she can’t afford to take proper care of her. They systematically tore away everything, even viable support from financially stable family members. As they determined, said members didn’t promote the system in a positive enough light. Nothing definitive, just their opinion. Which is all they needed. Therefore she was alone, and unfit in their eyes. This is no way to treat children. Seems so many are left in horrible circumstances, while others are simply taken, and used to profit a broken system. They get bonuses here in Oregon when they adopt out a child. What kind of hanouse, incentive is that to motivate employees. Shameful.

    • Vikki Allen says:

      This whole thing sounds very fishy to me. Could this be a new way of child trafficking in Oregon? A childless couple want a baby, place their order with a not so honest DHS member, find a vulnerable mother to be, record false accusations on and on and bingo, one newborn for the childless couple and money in the bank for the DHS member.
      This case needs to be investigated by forensics.

  5. Absolutely Angry says:

    How about talking to the President about the children suffering in our own country Mr Ryan. Your cabinet is so worried about the children attacked in Syria, ready to now start a war. How about starting in your own country helping protect the future of Americas children from abuse and neglect. Start doing some ground work in your own country we have plenty of problems here that need addressed!

  6. My granddaugter repeatedly cried to us every time we had a few minutes alone with her which was rare (emotional abuse, scapegoating in the family, not being allowed to attend school as punishment or to have any friends….and her brother had to ‘track’ her and spy on her every time she was allowed out for a short walk outside. She was not allowed to sing because it “annoyed the boy”. She was continually screamed at, harshly disciplined (gifts from family members were broken in front of her and thrown in the garbage) and she was left for days in her room as ‘grounding’….the time would always be lengthened on the mother’s whim, for the most minor of incidents or because she did not like how the daughter said it when she apologized (she rarely knew what she was apologizing for).
    On contact from CPS, her mother was very manipulative…insisted the kids could only be interviewed in her own home with her in the next room. The kids had been threatened and thoroughly prepped. Of course, the social worker left saying she found nothing and we’d have to call if the family knew of any ‘further issues’!!! With a manipulating controlling person, the family doesnt get to see any further incidents because the children are moved away and contact is cut off. (This social worker had been warned in advance that they would have only one chance, that the kids should be interviewed at school, without the parents’ knowledge. She ignored that concern, and gave a heads-up to the mother by dropping her business card off at the home in advance, saying she’d call later!!) Tje family’s input was completely ignored.
    As a resultbof this ridiculously executed “intervention’, the kids got no help, they”ve been moved far away, have been cut off from family members, and may have no unsupervised phone calls.
    The SW in question probably thought she was being fair to the mother by how she executed the call…..but there was already a huge inbalance in fairness to the kids and the mother had no respect for fairness…she wanted control! The mother held all the cards.
    The oldest girl continuedbto live at home and now has a serious life-threatening auto-immune disorder. Do you think it could have been brought on by years of emotional abuse and neglect? If a parent is a sociopath, etc, etc, the child needs to be given the benefit of protection/allowed to stay with someone they trust, while the investigation is going on…WITHOUT contact with the parents. My granddaughter has had her life squashed out of her…yet she now also feels completely beholden to her mother as her ‘captor, abuser, savior at times’…Stockholm Syndrome.
    I can never forgive the way this beautiful child, who cried out for help, was placed right back in the hands of her abuser and swiftly locked in an emotional cage/silenced.
    This mother was a manipulating, controlling sociopath. CPS was warned of this. Not all parents are in this category and each situation needs to be handled carefully…but in this case the intake worker had been fully apprised. The SW said ‘she didnt read that memo’, nor was she aware of any mental health reports regarding the mother which had been faxed to her.. issues concerning the mother. Really, the ONLY person who got to speak/be heard was the mother….and she was the abuser.

  7. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    why not send a child to some foster home or some institution for the victims?

  8. I agree with this petition! I was mistreated by my mother who claimed being a responsible parent. However; I’ll bring this to light:
    You know you should raise children without violance. When I was little, I was abused by my mother who unlawfully beat me with a clothes hanger over a space heater what she claimed I disassembled. In fact; she has failed to teach me safety of using these items.
    However; children have moral rights too. Rules in my family has put me in risky conditions… I was once taken away from my mother since 1999;–after an incident someplace.
    My advice for all parents is: Don’t hit your child. Don’t force your child to do tasks what they have no intention to do so. Don’t yell “hurry up” at your children as they do their tasks, let them take time; the world is NOT going to end.
    I prefer children should be freed from abuse via federal level because, Its easier.

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