Tell Reverend to Step Down after Hateful Speech Targeting LGBT People

Target: Reverend Charles L. Worley of North Carolina’s Providence Road Baptist Church

Goal: To demand an apology from Reverend Charles L. Worley, who gave an extremely hateful speech that targeted LGBT people, and to ask him to step down.

After President Obama recently “came out” in support of same-sex marriage, Conservatives launched attacks against both him and marriage equality. One of the most violent yet came from the reverend Charles L. Worley of North Carolina’s Providence Road Baptist Church. Calling for the eventual demise of LGBT people, he was caught making his rabidly homophobic speech on camera on May 13, 2012. Tell Worley that his disgusting words of hate will not be tolerated by the public.

In the video, which can now be found on YouTube and progressive blogs across the country, Worley urges his congregation to be intolerant of LGBT people –intolerant to the point of attempting to kill them.

Hatefully referring to gays and lesbians as “queers and homosexuals,” he tells his followers to “build a great, big, large fence…put all the lesbians in there. Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out.”

Worley continues his despicable rant, claiming that “in a few years, they’ll die out…do you know why? They can’t reproduce!”

But there’s a major hole in his already reproachful comments: a vast majority of LGBT-identified children are born to heterosexual parents. LGBT love in the animal kingdom has existed throughout history, and humans are no exception.

Worst of all, his audience can be heard cheering and applauding Worley for his views in the video.

At another point in his rant, Worley told congregants that “It makes me pukin’ sick to thing about…can you imagine kissing some man?”

Earlier this May, North Carolina voters passed Amendment 1, which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman and bans civil unions. And Worley’s statements come on the heels of an outcry after North Carolina pastor Sean Harris urged parents to abuse their gay children.

The ignorance, fear, and hatred surrounding LGBT issues needs to be put to an end. Worley must face a public uproar over calling for the deaths of gays and lesbians. By signing the petition below, you will tell this unfit reverend to step down from the pulpit and offer a public apology to the LGBT people hurt by his statements.


Dear Reverend Worley,

As a leader of Providence Road Baptist Church, you should be setting an example for your congregation. Instead, you were caught on video preaching extreme hatred. Whether or not you personally agree with gay marriage, LGBT people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Instead, you gave your followers the green light to practice hatred against gays and lesbians.

Your words can have real repercussions for LGBT people or those who question their sexuality or gender identity. Urging people to herd gays and lesbians into a cage and allow them to die out can incite violence against an entire group of people.

It is imperative that you cease making these hurtful comments, step down from the pulpit, and issue a public apology for your words. Please commit to taking action immediately.


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  1. Deborah Dusty Debandi says:

    There is no place for bigotry, anger, hate and judgemental iattitudes in this Society….much less from the pulpit with a Preacher who is suppossed to be an example of how Jesus lived which he lived a life of love and acceptance of all people.

  2. Sheryl Goodwin says:

    I think a lot of Christians and their Leaders have lost their way. Hate has taken over their hearts and it is so very sad. No wonder so many don’t want to become part of the churches anymore.

  3. Sarvopama Dasa says:

    I’m omnisexual. Why be satisfied with homo or hetero? The whole life experience can be a solid energized rush. We emerge from the womb a glowing ball of erotic, orgasmic vibrating joy and ecstasy and then the material world proceeds to beat it out of us. By the time we hit puberty all our dynamic blissful force is reduced to and centered around the genitalia for purposes of procreation. For most people that’s it until cremation or grave. For a fortunate few there is the yoga that can help them understand how to manage ojas shakti. For them life can once again become a joyful adventure and orgasmic erotic energy can suffuse their entire being.

  4. This preacher isn’t preaching love, tolerance,and peace which are the teachings of Jesus Christ instead he’s preaching his own shortcomings as a human being unable to really love all mankind except only a limited few that he deems are worthy of loving and caring about. And he spends most of his time spewing forth hate and divisiveness among people rather than trying to heal and bring people together so that we can have the type of world that Jesus would want us to have. Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor as thy love thy self.” This is a tenet of the Christian religion which Mr. Charles L. Worley should have learned long ago especially as a preacher but just seems to have forgotten!

  5. Michael Kelly says:

    Reverend Wurley is indeed need of serious help with his mental illness!
    As soon as Jesse Helms is dead ding dong!, another fanatical right-wing bigot emerges to fill the void.

    He is a sad example of what Christianity is all about…….love and tolerance…..Jesus teachings didn’t preach hetred but love and tolerance!

  6. Debbie Brady Debbie Brady says:

    This knuckle dragging neanderthal revels in his own ignorance and fear while he spews his hatred and bigotry to a church full of fools who have no idea that the real world has passed them by.

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