Stop Planned Slaughter of 1 Million Kangaroos in Australia

Target: Andrew Barr, Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory

Goal: Stop Australia from allowing more than a million kangaroos to be killed in this annual needless slaughter.

Australia is planning for another attack on kangaroos. The kangaroo cull is approved by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) each year and allows for kangaroos living on reserves in and around Canberra to be slaughtered. More than a million kangaroos are expected to be shot this year.

The cull has been happening annually since 2009. In 2014, a report from the Canberra Times revealed that 35 percent of kangaroos shot that year also had pouch young. This means that kangaroo joeys were (and still are) being slaughtered before they even got the chance to leave their mothers’ pouches. In 2015, that number reached around 41 percent. The means by which the joeys are killed after their mothers include decapitation or a direct blow to the head. Those that manage to escape immediate death after their mothers are killed usually wind up dying as a result of starvation and abandonment.

The government needs to be spending time working towards finding an alternative and nonlethal way of sustaining the kangaroo population, not brutally slaughtering them. Solutions could include relocation or the use of a fertility control drug. There is no way that this mass slaughter is the only solution. Sign below to demand the government find a nonlethal and safe solution.


Dear Andrew Barr,

The annual slaughter of kangaroos cannot be continued. You should be working towards finding a nonlethal and safe alternative so that the cruel practice can be brought to an end.

Over a million kangaroos will be shot this year, including mothers who are still harboring joeys in their pouches. You are not just killing grown kangaroos, but also babies before they even get the opportunity to leave their mothers pouch.

If the population is actually a serious problem, relocation or the use of fertility could drug could help solve the issue in a safe and humane manner. We encourage to work to find the solution that is not just easiest for you, but also best for the kangaroos who call Australia home.


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  1. Stop & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!
    BARBARIC, GREED AND BRAINLESS and not able to think human?

    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be banned on an island for their whole lives! Or not?

  2. Kangaroos and other native animals have an intrinsic value and should have the right to live in peace in their original homeland. Aboriginal Australian Leaders oppose this killing of kangaroos. More than enough individual native animals have been killed, species exterminated and ecosystems destroyed, since the white colonization of Australia and it is necessary to protect the ones that remain. Local kangaroo populations may appear high but that is because they are closed in by suburbs and cannot escape. The solution is to plan corridors for the migration of native animals between protected areas. Australia has a very high per-capita ecological impact and it is necessary to stop increasing the human population of Canberra and Australia as a whole. There is no need to offer financial incentives for people to have children (such as one-off baby payments or family allowances) or to encourage people to immigrate into Australia (by allowing immigration agents to lure people to come to Australia). Since I refuse to be part of a country that is the result of genocide against indigenous peoples and in which the large-scale killing of native animals and plants and the destruction of the environment is still taking place, I returned from Australia, to which I immigrated with my parents in 1970, to my country of origin, Croatia, in 1992 and encourage others to do the same. Croatia is a relatively good example of humans managing to live in relative harmony with native animals such as deer, bears and wolves and 45% of the land is covered with natural and nature-identical forests. Unfortunately, a lot of so-called ‘progressive’ European countries have exterminated their large native animals and destroyed all their natural forests.

    • ….yeah like here in good ol’USA,exterminating herds (of MILLIONS!)of bison, slaughtered and left to rot just to squelch the indigenous ameicans total vital way of life.
      My paternal ancestors are from Croatia too, btw! Cheers

  3. Humans are so barbaric. Horrific massacres like this one of poor innocent kangaroos should shatter all illusions of humans being “civilized”. All illusions of human “superiority” over other animals should likewise be shattered.
    We have deluded ourselves.

  4. Why do our wildlife always get the shortest end of the stick? Legal murder is still murder. Find a better solution to the issue. If this keeps up, culling of humans will be hext.

    • Sure wish the human population would come under control though! My God does every couple need to have all these kids they can’t afford! So sick of these stupid people making more stupid people!

  5. Surely they can come up with a better solution to control the population. What about relocation? Australia is a huge country is it not? killing and causing suffering should not be an option or allowed. It is not a civilized thing to do and barbaric. Kangeroos are beautiful creatures and a unique symbol of Australia. Stop the cull, stop the suffering, let these creatures live in harmony. This is not the action of a so called civilized society. It is brutal. Where is their respect for life? Animals experience pain and emotions just the way we do.
    The human population needs to be controlled and stop taking the habitat away from animals and nature. Australia should listen to the wisdom of their own aboriginal people.

  6. I am sickened to read that not only is a cull considered the only manner of “managing” the kangaroo population in a part of Australia, but the amount of animals is outrageous. As has been mentioned already, relocating the animals or using effective methods of birth control must be used before killing kangaroos, or any other animals. Coexistence not extinction.

  7. Politics is rampant with personality disorders, inflated egos and destructive mindsets, and they won`t be satisfied until everything on the planet is destroyed

  8. I am an Australian and I’m ashamed to admit it after hearing about this disgraceful killing of innocent kangaroos. This should not be happening and the government really needs to stop this right bloody now.These are native animals that should be protected not killed.

  9. Fiona Reed says:

    Please God and St Francis of Assisi. …

  10. Julie Bates says:

    What the fuck…Australia is 100 % represented by the kangaroo…cull frigging humans we are the frigging problem…..even in Africa those uneducated pricks keep having children….12…..15 per family. Why don’t we try to cull them or ATLEAST snip their dicks….

  11. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Australia, you’re just like the US. You don’t listen to what your own people want. Obviously rich ranchers are behind this and your politicians are as greedy and corrupt as South Africa’s.

  12. Cameron Shipway says:

    It seems quite ignorant to just shoot and waste all this good meat. The bucks that are not the prime breeders should be harvested for meat. This birth control nonsense will cause ecological harm and unbalance nature. If the roo’s are able to maintain sustainable numbers while under harvest pressure this is a good thing. The sale of healthy kangaroo meat need to displace nasty industries like intensive chicken farming and hope fully in time the cattle a nd sheep meat industries. This could be turned into a long term ecological win if treated correctly and not over run by short term emotional thinking.

    • No about meat it is about asshole Ranchers paying off the government to kill them so they don’t eat what the hell the ranchers want them to stop eating! All this so some asshole can eat a steak!

  13. When will humans stop killing poor defenceless animals. Australia should be proud of the is kangaroo and protect them, not destroy them. Human beings should leave animals/creatures alone to live their life, they have as much right to be on this earth as humans have!! Come on Australia, protect the wildlife you have….don’t destroy it!!!

  14. For this targeted mass murder there is only one penalty for this human waste – the most terrible agony and death penalty – eliminate.
    the damn authorities and this murderers, the Veterinary Services, are also guilty and must also be punished. No money penalty – no – much more …..
    Cursed murder pack

  15. I am so appalled that this inhumane SLAUGHTER of helpless Kangaroos has been going on since 2009. Unfortunately, that is how most countries are handling animal over population, regardless of the fact it is caused by HUMAN over population. People are the problem! We take and take and one day we will wake up and there will be no more wild life, forest, lakes…etc. The destruction of our environment, especially due to the current American regime, and our eco system is MAN caused. This is so disgusting! Where is the outrage in Australia. If you want to really make an impact and live outside Australia, BOYCOTT their country. If you live there, protest this callous act of violence against the innocent. WE are their voice! If we talk loud enough and long enough and draw enough attention to the issue, then maybe we can stop this insanity. Stand united as a world force to stop these type of slaughters from happening. Pay attention and vote out those that support such actions. God help us All.

  16. Killing – slaughtering – is this all you can come up with? Its primitive, cruel, dumb!

    Lead the world with innovation, you now have an excellent opportunity!

  17. Nooshin Perla says:

    The biggest problem this world have is, Way too many people. Unless we slow down human population there would be NO hope for this world!! Stupid people keep killing and distorting animals and forest. They are so dumb that can’t understand they are the problem NOT the animals and forest. Stupid people in Australia, STOP being dumb BARBARIC. Leave innocent animals alone!!!!!

    • wrong , you people have no discernment nor prophecy of what is going on in this end times- blind and naked and dead to the spirit of god Jehovah like the days of noah and sodom and worse sins and disobedience , ungodliness and wickedness and violence is everywhere and their is no law/s justice in the lands, nor world , probation is a joke and go ahead and do it over and over again, no matter if the crime/s is murder, mafia, gangs, drugs etc. no justice at all and the police, government , military , etc . all are corrupted, corruption and bought off and paid of by the drug dealers and high power corrupted layers etc. it is who you know and money ! people are brainwashed and taken over by the spirit of error and wickedness as the whole world is not fit to live in anymore , filth and ungodliness, violence ,rules the nations and the devil rules them and the world !

  18. the whole world is antichrist 9999.99999% or more people themselves are the many antichrists prophecy being full filled false churches and false prophets, false teachers, singers etc. and their satanic demon possessed brainwashed antichrist members and goers , they are in love in the world and satan, demons and violence , wickedness and ungodly , and can not be trusted at all, the false churches and the their cults , denominations , buildings, tv, radio, online, blogs and the heretics have almost everywhere worshiping the devil in one form or another and tell people’ they can sin and not die and live as they please and no judgement to come nor does the world fear god Jehovah almighty nor is the sound doctrine gospel truth and true spirit going out any more to change people soul, mind, body ,thinking from darkness to the light , the world whole is wax cold and like the days of noah and sodom and through out history , once against violence and wickedness- sins and disobedience floods the whole world and must come to and end before mankind destroys everyone and all the animals !

  19. Jacinta Copeland says:

    Australia is one place I’ll never visit.
    This is so barbaric. What the f**k is wrong with the filth who kills these creatures?????

  20. Mary price says:

    Please stop

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