Stop Needlessly Testing Tobacco Products On Animals

Target: FDA

Goal: Do not test the effects of cigarette smoking on animals.

Tobacco companies test the effects of smoking on animals by forcing them to breathe in cigarette smoke through a mask for up to 6 hours a day, and for months on end. The animals are then killed, so their livers and lungs can be removed and observed by scientists.

Animal testing in tobacco labs is unnecessary because the link between disease and smoking has already been publicly well-documented. Scientists and consumers know that smoking is not healthy, and that using these products can cause a variety of illnesses, including many cancers that may lead to death. Tobacco companies test cigarettes on animals to form misleading results and deny the link between cigarettes and cancer. For example, animals do not always develop the same diseases as humans, creating what a appears to be a minimal tobacco effect in the lab. Testing continues so these companies can attempt to protect their agenda with biased animal experimentation.

Tobacco companies have been known to test their products on animals such as beagles and lab rats. These animals smoke cigarette after cigarette all day, until the smoke has damaged their health sufficiently. They are then dissected to observe the effects smoking has had on their organs.

Testing tobacco products on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Tell the FDA to ban cigarette companies from testing their products on lab animals. No animal should be forced to smoke cigarettes through tubes and masks, only to be killed for research on a health matter that has already been settled.


Dear FDA,

Tobacco companies are unnecessarily testing their products on animals by forcing them to smoke, and then killing them to observe the effects of smoking on their organs.

Cigarette companies use this research to deny the link between cancer and smoking—a link that has already been well established worldwide. Their cruel testing on animals is a last-ditch effort to produce biased results and maintain consumers for tobacco products.

I urge you to ban tobacco companies from practicing needless and inhumane animal testing. No animal should be tied to smoke masks and tubes in order to die for unnecessary and desperate research.


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  1. They know fine that smoking kills why keep testing them on animals why have they to suffer for humams how can these so called people go home to their familys at the end of the day after the crime they have comitted on these poor defenseless creatures its barbaric, cruel , and very very evil.

  2. dear fda you must be really F dumb…what is there left to reserach?!! you just need jobs,and exploit innocent animals of what every person knows -smoking kills!!! find another excuse!

  3. Not regulating corporate animal slaughter and abuse is not good business.

  4. Lynne Phillips says:

    STOP this now !!!!

  5. stop this

  6. it is prohabited to world. this animel as like human.

  7. i hate cigarettes.fuck cigarettes. :S says:

    i hate cigarettes fuck cigarettes. I don’t like smokers fuck them! ciggerette manufactoring companies should be desrtoyed!!

  8. Ruwan Gooneratne says:

    i hate cigarettes. I’m a pet lover. I adopt 3 street dogs in my house. I love all animals in the world.

  9. Sommer Diana says:


  10. This is horrible . How can this be allowed to happen . These poor dogs should have good homes and people who love them . Not be confined to this terrible treatment . There are plenty of people in prison this could be tested on . Not these poor animals . It’s so barbaric and evil .

  11. Diana Sommer says:

    This is inhumane,cruel,atrocious and it
    should NOT be happening !

  12. what sad world i will pray for the people who are doing this to the animals and send all my love to the animals who have to go to that pain.

  13. Victoria says:

    I am completely isgusted by these horrific animal expriments which are obviously only performed for corporate liability and to extend the companies secrecy regarding the effects of smoking? Not only these but also Nestle, Yakult, PomWonderful and Mars have been funding animal cruelty to prove some medical benefit or for no fathomable reason. Also iams and the notorious P&G have been torturing animals in the nmae of research for years. I always want to have BUAV approved products like M&S and Faith in Nature, never these terrible atrocities.

  14. What is wrong with conducting medical tests on animals? Earlier comments state “we already know smoking kills, no need to test it”. Should we apply that same logic to cancer and other known terminal diagnoses?

    What if a cigarette can be made that has extremely low carcinogen levels due to researched conducted on animals? It could save many human lives.

    No to animal cruelty, but yes to responsible scientific animal testing.

  15. Melina Camacho says:

    No more, Stop! Please. :’C

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