Jail Time for Teen Who Savagely Beat Cows

Target: Barry Hughes, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Somerset, U.K.

Goal: Seek the harshest possible punishment for teen found guilty of kicking, punching, and otherwise brutalizing cows at a dairy farm.

A teenager has pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to one or more cows after being caught on video performing some of the cruelest acts a local vet had ever seen. Owen Nichol, an apprentice stockman at a dairy farm, was filmed punching, kicking, and otherwise brutalizing animals at Pyrland Farm. This farm had an otherwise immaculate animal welfare record according to inspections, and Nichol was terminated immediately with the remaining staff undergoing a training workshop.

Nichol is seen on video punching calves, kicking cows in the face, and kicking calves to get them to move or stand up. The undercover video, taken by rights group Animal Equality, also showed the teen pulling on cows’ tails, pinning them to the ground, and beating them with metal gates. The teen also admitted to repeatedly punching and slapping nursing cows.

In court, the teen claimed that he was having a ‘bad week,’ as his grandmother was in the hospital and his girlfriend recently broke up with him. Animal welfare advocate Toni Shephard, executive director of Animal Equality U.K., took the stand to say that this is no excuse and that Nichol should be given the maximum possible penalty under the law, or 12 weeks of imprisonment. Sign the petition below to stand with Shephard in demanding a harsh penalty for this cruel abuser.


Dear Mr. Hughes,

Owen Nichol, a teen who worked at a dairy farm in Taunton, Somerset, was recently found guilty of animal abuse for beating and brutalizing cows. The teen was caught on tape punching, kicking, and beating cows with metal gates. He was also seen pulling the tails of the animals, pinning them to the ground, and shouting obscenities at them.

The teen claimed that he was having a rough week, but this is a poor excuse. Anyone who can commit such violence against an innocent animal could pose a threat to both animals and humans in the future. We, the undersigned, demand that this teen is given jail time as well as a full psychiatric evaluation and possible anger management classes in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Cindy Andrie

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  1. Kay Rooke says:

    A bad week? What a precious little flower! I’d show him a bad week given the chance. What a pathetic excuse for beating and abusing animals.

  2. Gillian Miller says:

    Actually, he can be sent to prison for 6 months and/or fined up to £10,000. Just because he is having problems does not mean he has the right to take it out on vulnerable animals. I agree, anyone who commits such heinous acts of savagery needs to be dealt with.

  3. How about beating the f***er instead!!! I’d gladly offer my services. This piece of garbage needs to be sent to a real prison where he will find out what it is to be a bitch! I hope and PRAY he does!

    • i hope and PRAY , whom are you pray too the devil and seducing spirits and yourself is wicked sinner and deceived, hypocrite and god Jehovah and the real Jesus Christ does not hear wicked sinners ! cussing and filthy rags lifestyle,etc. cussing …..f…b… is of the devil you also belong to satan ,child of the devil and need to be corrected and in error with the wicked to . you also are a defiled unclean wicked sinner and blind and naked and trash and no better and can not be trusted and your false christ and whore church prayers are in vain and you are judged righteously known by your fruits, mouth, and words condemn you also ,blind leads the blind both fall into the ditch . filthy tongues leads to the lake of fire and sinful and disobedience ,ungodly morals and evil lifestyle the same as the young guy doing a criminal sinful lifestyle hurting, beating and violence to the animals .society is pure trash and wickedness and ungodly everywhere ungodly morals and filth and false churches, false gospel/s and false christians , religious wicked people and religions of the world is no more than a false magic cover, myth,fantasy,heretics, liars and brainwashed and life like the devil themselves are liars, and living in wickedness and try to justify their own action with a magic cover ,false doctrines and made up jesus and god that lets live a wicked filthy lifestyle and just like the world no different than a pagan whore babylon world and witch and whore system and devil world, society .you can not righteous judge hypocrite and wicked sinner pluck out your own speck and evil eye and fleshly desires and get right and doer sound doctrine gospel truth and spirit before you try to pass judgment ! spiritual dead and have no discernment are foolish .

      • ok so what u ar saying is that that boy was right to do what he did to those poor cows? No one..and i repeat no one..has the right to abuse or torture any animal..people who post their opinions have the right to do so..and u do not have the right to preach your views onto anyone…I believe in God and I know Im a good person..so..i feel u are the one in the wrong here ..not these other people. if u want to preach..do it in a church.

  4. Why don’t they sent him to prison, along with probation, and being placed on an animal-abuser registry for some years. This is NOT good to hit cattle. That’s why I’ve planned on leaving dairy off my plate in the future,–if cruelty of dairy cattle on dairy farms continues.

    • probation is a free card to do it over and over again and no justice while the judges, lawyers etc. get paid over and over again-money and power of the devil rules the world, lands and corrupted and ungodly people , ungodly morals and the same people rule over the false churches,buildings,temples ,online,blogs,tv, radio etc. organizations, cults and men and women slavery to the wicked people on earth and wickedness and ungodliness rule the world just like the days of noah and sodom ! prison feed -feed him and free place to stay,etc. give him time and harsh punishments and then see if he changes his ways, if their is any righteous justice in the lands !rebellious is many people of today and old days to only a few escape those in error and wickedness !

  5. Put this POS in touch with me face to face and i will ensure that payback is enacted to this cretin. Oh yes.Only the death penalty will suffice.An eye for an eye when least expected.OH YES!!!!!!

  6. Those poor cows..that twit needs to be sent to prison and not let out for at least 3 to 5 years..and he needs to be banned from being near or around any animals..no one has the right to do what he did to those cows…they do not deserve this treatment just because this twit had a bad day..if he wanted to take it out on something..go to a gym and punch a bag for a few hours…i hope that by being in jail..maybe some justice can be served on him..sorry but thats my view


  8. Coco Bennett says:

    Am sorry that’s a pitiful excuse my dad was on he’s death bed and you can’t get worse than that I would never have even thought to take it out on any animal ppl brake up all the time get over it no excuse what so ever to what you did do the crime do the time mate then face karma

  9. Alice Knight says:

    What a sad excuse for a rough week. This teen should be given the opportunity to spend a maximum amount of time in prison and should have the privilege of owning an animal and working with animals taken away. I agree a psychiatric evaluation should be given. However, after writing this perhaps he simply wanted to abuse the animals for no apparent reason. Does there have to be something physiologically malfunctioning in order to commit an act of any kind of abuse?

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