Demand Nestlé Stop Piping Water From National Forest

Target: Judy Noiron, Forest Supervisor of San Bernardino National Forest

Goal: Revoke an expired permit which grants multinational corporation Nestlé permission to pump water from federal lands.

Activists and citizens of communities surrounding California’s San Bernardino National Forest have gathered to protest Nestlé ’s continued exploitation of a vulnerable watershed environment. While the winter of 2017 has brought much-needed rain to a region that had suffered through its worst drought in recorded history, water insecurity is still a major concern for thousands of Californians, particularly those living in small rural communities who depend on access to wells. During the worst years of the drought, between 2011-2014, millions of trees died statewide, all while Nestlé pumped out an estimated 36 million gallons of water a year from the San Bernardino National Forest for its Arrowhead brand of bottled water.

Nestlé is currently conducting its operations in the mountains above San Bernardino on a permit which expired in 1988. However, under U.S. Forestry guidelines, the company is allowed to continue using the permit until it is renewed or denied. This policy has resulted in a shocking lack of oversight or regulation regarding how Nestlé is sourcing its water, or what impact its piping could have on the environment. Amazingly, Nestlé has been able to gain access to the water, which is on public land, for only $524 a year. If the corporation had been charged the same as residents for the amount of water it siphons off, it would have had to pay over $55,000 annually.

Nestlé claims that its water is sustainably sourced from natural springs, yet its statements are misleading. Since its use permit expired in 1988, no environmental impact studies have been conducted and, contrary to Nestlé’s claims, there are no surface springs in the area. All of the water that Nestlé sources comes from deep underground aquifers which must be accessed through pipes and tunnels. The construction and operation of these pipes could be harmful to the local watershed and the wildlife that depends upon it, such as the endangered yellow-legged frog and several threatened bird species.

Please sign this petition to demand forest officials deny Nestlé’s permit and ensure that the water is conserved for wildlife and for California’s citizens.


Dear Supervisor Noiron,

Although the immediate threat of drought has been alleviated due to the particularly rainy 2017 winter season in California, the issue of water security and conservation is still one of great importance for the state’s public lands. While thousands of Californians still rely on the shaky future of well-access aquifers or water piped from regions hundreds of miles away, Nestlé has been pumping out millions of gallons of water belonging to the public and reselling it for profit as “natural spring water.”

The environmental impact of Nestlé’s operations on the Strawberry Creek watershed must be better understood, but since the company’s permit expired in 1988, no studies have been done. While Californians across the state have been urged to conserve water, Nestlé has showed no signs of slowing in its efforts to extract more and more water from deep underground aquifers.

I urge you to listen to the voices of concerned citizens and activists. Please revoke this permit, and demand that Nestlé pay its fair share if it wants continued access.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

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  1. Neville Bruce says:

    Nestle are vile and have been for decades. They won’t stop unless they are stopped.

    • I agree with Neville. Nestle is absolutely disgusting.
      People need to boycott Nestle – not only their water but ALL their products, which they obtain by harming and destroying the land, plant life and wildlife.

      • Neville Bruce says:

        And killing children. They broke UN laws by giving free milk-substitute powder to new mothers in the third-world until they stopped lactating, and depended on it, then jacked the price up to ruinous levels, resulting in babies dying – and it seems they’re still doing it! Just do a search of: nestle + baby + deaths
        Can’t see them being on the receiving end of 59 Tomahawk missiles though, not while the US is bending over backwards to GIVE them water to make more money.

        • That’s so horrible. I didn’t know about that, and will be educating myself more about this company.

  2. nestle needs to get out now.

  3. When is something going to be done about this? Who is getting paid off? I buy NOTHIMG made by Nestle!

  4. I not only buy NOTHING from Nestle’, but when I found a Nestle coffee jar with a top that I liked because I found it easy to open, I’ve bought other brands of instant coffee since, and decanted them into the old Nestle’ jar that I like!

  5. People can stop this by not buying water! It is in YOUR hands.

  6. Patricia Dumais says:

    How is this allowed in the first place? It’s the state government you have to go after!

  7. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    I believe they(Nestle)were already taken to court over this or similar outdated licences, but due to the forms not being completed by the Dept personal correctly, left this “Legal loophole” for them to be able to continue. The Judge said ‘hands were tied’ so to speak as the forms were not correct and this has allowed and will continue to all the company access to the water, for the pittance it is still paying!…?
    Naturally those to whom made the mistakes are long gone, so the local people are stuck with this ordeal!

  8. I have stopped buying Nestle products, and I will tell all my family, friends, neighbors to do so as well! You should hide your gluttonous, greedy heads in shame, Nestle!

  9. This is an epitome of Global Corporatism overriding the American Imperialism, which is well passed its best before date.

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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