Release Elephant From Zoo And Send Her to Sanctuary

Target: Donald E. Moore, The Metro Council and Oregon Zoo Director

Goal: Release Chendra the elephant from the Oregon Zoo and move her to a sanctuary before she dies like a previous elephant who lived there.

In February, an elephant was euthanized at the Oregon Zoo after suffering there for over 50 years. Packy, the 54-year-old Asian elephant, was a victim of years of abuse and cruelty. Packy was allegedly relentlessly bred with other elephants – and they once even attempted to breed him with his own sister. Not only that, he was deprived of adequate room to move around that eventually led to other chronic medical and psychological problems.

Currently, Chendra is the only Borneo pygmy elephant at the zoo. As a result, she is experiencing rejection from others in the pack because she is the only one of that specific species. She was also recently diagnosed with profound stereotypic behavior. She spends most of her days walking around in circles and that is a sign of depression and boredom in these animals. Her extreme loneliness puts her at serious risk.

National Geographic stated that female Asian elephants live to an average of only 19 years in zoos compared to 42 years in the wild. And life is worse for them in this zoo specifically. The Oregon Zoo has been named seven times as one of the worst zoos in the U.S.

It may be too late for Packy, but there is still hope for Chendra. Sign this petition to demand that Chendra is sent to live the rest of her life in a sanctuary before she is forced to suffer the same fate as Packy.


Dear Donald E. Moore,

After what happened to Packy, you should be more concerned about the lives of the rest of the elephants at your zoo. Chendra, in particularly, is showing serious signs of distress, boredom, and depression.

Chendra is the only elephant of her specific species left at your zoo and is experiencing rejection from the others as a result. This has driven her to extreme loneliness and puts her at serious risk. The zoo’s decision to euthanize Packy instead of letting him live out the rest of his life in a sanctuary was cruel and inhumane. You should not sentence Chendra to the same unfortunate fate.

If she continues to live at your zoo she will become more and more unhappy. We encourage you to seek out a new living location for Chendra and to start treating all your elephants with better care.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Cacophony

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  1. annie vallet says:

    respect this poor elephant

  2. This poor elephant Chendra should definitely be sent to a good sanctuary. The situation she has to live in is horrible and intolerable.
    I have no idea why the Oregon Zoo with it’s horrible history of animal cruelty has not been shut down. It should be immediately shut down and all it’s poor animals sent to accredited sanctuaries.

    • Not necessarily should it be shut down but those people should be fired with no pay!
      Alot of kids enjoy this ZOO.
      God help these cruel people……??

      • The Oregon Zoo may look pretty on the surface, but in reality it has an awful record of animal cruelty. I know kids enjoy zoos – I used to take mine to zoos too. But if you look into what really goes on in zoos, you may be shocked. Please research this if you want.

        • Jay Garcia says:

          These animals are sentence to life due to the fact they entertain children ?? These elephants were someone’s children. It’s very sad that people don’t understand that or take the time to care, this elephant is being rejected elephants are very family oriented, she longs for love they all do and they deserve that. Ive signed and I will share to every social media account I can because this place should be shut down !!!

  3. Mary Smith says:

    These great creatures are our equal on this earth. They feel pain, experience stress, anxiety and fear. No animal belongs in a cage, zoo, circus, on a truck,amusement park, research lab, or a cement bathtub. Animals are not food! Human beings must get all of this through their ignorant, cruel, abusive, selfish and greedy thick skulls!


  5. Kathryn Irby says:

    Release this Elephant from the Oregon Zoo, and place her into a Sanctuary!!! No Animal Should Ever Be Exploited or used as Entertainers for Profits!!!

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

  7. Please let the voice of reason prevail and let this animal live out the remainder of her life as close to normalcy for her as possible. It’s way past time to stop her torturous, totally unnatural existence and be able to breathe and be amongst her kind in a sanctuary.

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