Protect Our Environment From Toxic Litter and Waste

Target: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Goal: Stop allowing disposable water bottles to be sold, only to end up as a major source of pollution.

The United States needs to ban disposable plastic water bottles. They pollute our environment, everywhere from national parks to the ocean. Plastic is cheap and waterproof, so you might think it would be the perfect material to package water in. It would be, if it were also biodegradable. Most disposable water bottles are at least recyclable, but recycling them only passes down the problem to future generations. The material from which they are made still won’t ever fully break down.

What happens if the bottles don’t get recycled? They end up in landfills, or even worse, the ocean. Large animals try to eat them, small animals can get limbs stuck inside the bottles’ necks. The plastic will also leach toxic chemicals into the sea water, harming countless life forms within it since they ingest the water throughout their life. The effects of this filter up to humans as well, as we eat the fish that have been living in the toxic water we’ve created.

Plastic bottles may seem convenient because they are portable and resealable, but their current widespread use masks serious threats to our health and that of our environment. It is time to encourage the use of alternative, recyclable products that can fulfill our needs without damaging the planet. None of the plastic bottles you see on store aisles will ever truly be gone, and we should ban them from being produced and sold.

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Dear Mr. Pruitt,

I am writing to urge you to ban the manufacture and sale of disposable plastic bottles. These bottles are destroying our planet, while also negatively affecting public health. They end up in the ocean, leaching toxic chemicals into fish that make up a part of our food supply. Plastic bottles cause unsightly litter in our city streets, national parks, streams and rivers. If they were not so readily available to the populace, the amount of waste that would be reduced is astronomical. A healthier, cleaner nation can only be a good thing. This ban would not only save money in cleanup costs, but the future health care costs associated with the ingestion of BPA.

Your position at the EPA affords you a unique power to act on the behalf of people, animals and the environment as a whole. Every improperly disposed of plastic product will be on this Earth for much longer than you or I will. Please take action and push for the ban of plastic bottles; don’t allow our waterways to become even more polluted.


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Photo Credit: Maurice Angres

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  1. Siamo crudeli e stupidi : stiamo distruggendo il pianeta e maltrattando le creature che ci vivono (compresi noi stessi)… GO VEGAN!

  2. So, when Trump defunds the EPA and our oceans and other waters are all poisoned, will we blame him for what we should have been caring about all along?

    • Not sure if you’re somehow excusing Trump or what? Yes, when he cuts the EPA’s budget by a huge amount, it has real life effects, which happen immediately, but last for generations….

      I personally “care” about the environment and always have but it certainly helps if we’re not fighting new laws such as those proposed by the Republican Congress and Trump: defunding EPA, doing away with the Endangered Species Act, allowing oil drilling and fracking which so easily spill and contaminate lands, oceans, and wildlife for years, or even a law such as the newest one, that allows hunters to go into dens of hibernating bears and kill them and their young, likewise they can go into the dens of wolves and kill the wolves and their young……a law which benefits ONLY deer hunters and those ranchers who are obsessive about possibly losing livestock to a predator.


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