Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Cruel Animal Experiments

Target: Francis S. Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health

Goal: Stop the National Institutes of Health from funding cruel and inconclusive animal experiments.

Despite admitting that experiments on animals fail to provide conclusive and useful results for humans and result in “wasted time and money,” the National Institutes of Health (NIH) continues to give about 47% of its grant money to animal researchers. It is time to start funding experiments that yield useful, applicable results without causing unnecessary pain and death to innocent animals.

The NIH currently funds countless experiments that use dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, monkeys and other animals with the intention of extrapolating the results of those experiments to humans. The problem with this is obvious: our basic biologies are very different from these animals and disease affects each animal differently. Some of the pointless experiments that the NIH funds include injecting hamsters with cocaine to make them fight and breeding dogs with muscular dystrophy. A primate breeding facility funded by the NIH reportedly allows their animals to live in filth and provides no pain relief for excruciating procedures like tail amputation and teeth extraction.

None of these instances of cruelty have led to a single cure or scientific breakthrough for human medicine, but they have wasted taxpayers’ money. Sign this petition and demand the NIH stop funding useless animal experiments.


Dear Director Collins,

The NIH gives about 47% of its grant money to animal researchers despite claiming that “animal models often fail to provide good ways to mimic disease or predict how drugs will work in humans, resulting in much wasted time and money.” This results in billions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on fruitless experiments every year.

The NIH currently funds countless projects that use dogs, cats, rats, mice, rabbits and other animals that are supposed to represent the human body. Vast differences between human biology and that of other species result in inconclusive findings. There is no human benefit to be gained from experiments that inject hamsters with cocaine to induce violence, purposely breed dogs with muscular dystrophy, or any of the countless other animal experiments that the NIH funds.

Stop wasting valuable taxpayers’ money on cruel, antiquated animal experiments and invest in more advanced research methods instead.


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Photo credit: Ed Schipul

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Leave the Animals Alone!!! If you want to test of someone, test on your own loved ones, and see how you/they like it!!!

  2. Linda Bauer says:

    Your experiments on animals is uncalled for! Just to make and sell a so called “beauty product” you do this or do this to see them suffer under pressures! Most people should know by now, store’s products are still FULL of chemicals anyway and this is not necessary anymore but I see it still goes on no matter what.
    Misusing tax payer dollars should be a crime in itself and you should be fined and sent to some jail for awhile while places like these get shut down for good one day and you won’t be able to do damages anymore to these innocent ones.

  3. It’s beyond disgusting how the government uses taxpayer’s money to fund animal torture in the name of “science”.
    These labs are HOUSES OF HORROR for these animals. For anyone who has a heart, if they knew what really goes on in these labs, they would be horrified.
    The people who perform the “experiments” – or TORTURE – are brutal, sadistic creeps. They have to be or they wouldn’t do this to poor innocent animals.
    All animal torture excused by the terms “testing” and “experiments” should be banned.


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