Special Needs Child Traumatized by TSA Agents Deserves Justice

Target: Sean Donohue, Chief Executive Officer of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Goal: Reprimand TSA agents who allegedly traumatized a special needs child with excessive screening for no reason.

A special needs child was reportedly left traumatized after an extensive security check by TSA agents. The child and his mother were forced to miss their flight as TSA agents held them for over an hour and treated them like dogs because she asked for alternative screening that still followed the TSA’s rules. Jennifer Williamson says that the reason she requested alternative screening options is because her special needs son has a sensory processing disorder. Williamson posted a video on social media that shows her son being vigorously patted down by agents. Additionally, two officers were called in and were “flanking him on each side,” says Williamson. Aaron was patted down and put through extensive screening, Williamson says, even though he did not set off any alarms and passed through the detector just fine. Several hours later, Aaron was still confused, saying “I don’t know what I did? what did I do?”

The Transportation Security Administration had a pathetic excuse for the extensive security check, saying the reason for their behavior was “to resolve an alarm of the passenger’s laptop.” This young boy showed no signs of being dangerous and according to his mother, he didn’t set off any alarms, yet the TSA agents treated him like a criminal. There was no cause for the excessive, traumatizing screening measures. Please sign this petition to demand that these TSA agents be reprimanded for taking such extreme measures against an innocent, special needs child, and for denying him other screening options.


Dear Mr. Donohue,

A special needs child was reportedly traumatized after being put through extensive, unnecessary screening by TSA agents. The child’s mother says that she asked for alternative screening measures, per the TSA’s rules, to accommodate her special needs child. Instead of trying to be accommodating, the TSA agents reportedly treated them like dogs and caused them to miss their flight.

To make matters worse, the Transportation Security Administration seems completely careless about the issue. They even had an excuse, saying the incident was handled this way to “resolve an alarm of the passenger’s laptop.” The child hadn’t set off any alarms, yet it seems he was treated like a criminal. We, the undersigned, demand that the TSA agents involved be reprimanded for mistreating and possibly traumatizing a special needs child for no reason.


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Photo credit: Jennifer Williamson

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  1. It’s very disgusting and disturbing to see on video this TSA agent groping and pawing this boy. No child, special needs or not, should ever be handled this way. Of course it would have been particularly traumatic for this poor boy as he has a sensory processing disorder.
    The government has overstepped it’s boundaries. They should keep their hands off kids.

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    • Frances raab says:

      I agree with you.

  2. For once I agree with Denno…the government overstepped it’s bounds after 9-11 and has been getting progressively worse. It’s time to rein in the idiots.

  3. Frances raab says:

    This was obviously an act of malice on the part of these agents. Someone with an ego so fragile that the have to abuse the authority they are given by their positions, when asked to be compassionate, have no right holding said position. Fire them and fine them as compensation to this family.


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