Save the Cloud Forest Salamander

Target: Mark Bonta, Coordinator of Honduran Conservation Coalition

Goal: Save severely endangered cloud forest salamander from impending extinction.

The rare cloud forest salamander faces extinction due to massive habitat loss. This species is known to occur only on one side of the Cerro Cantagallo Mountain. Subsistence farming has driven these creatures to a small unprotected watershed reserve. While this area remains unprotected these salamanders face extinction.

The cloud forest salamander is found nowhere else in the world except a small area in Honduras. These salamanders live on one hillside at roughly eighteen hundred feet above sea level. Deforestation is the greatest threat to the cloud forest salamander and is what has driven the population to this small area. Relocation of this population has been ruled out. There is no other suitable habitat for them, which is why another population hasn’t been found anywhere else.

Deforestation is a major problem in Honduras and many activists face backlash from the forestry industry. This makes it hard to create protected spaces in areas where deforestation is an issue. There are conservation efforts for other species in the area, but the salamander seems to be a lesser-known victim of habitat loss. The lack of coverage for the salamander makes it vital to provide it with the sanctuary it desperately needs. If Honduras loses the cloud forest salamander, the world does too.

Deforestation threatens all life. It diminishes the biodiversity of an area and robs people and animals of their homes. Help save the salamander before it goes extinct.


Dear Mark Bonta,

Cloud forest salamander are facing rapid extinction. Deforestation has driven them to a very small and unprotected area of Cerro Cantagallo and threatens to destroy that precious space. These creatures are found nowhere else in the world or even in Honduras. Losing them would be losing a chunk of the biodiversity that life needs.

I urge you to fight for the protection of these unique salamanders who call the Cloud Forest their home. Make the Cerro Cantagallo area, including the small watershed reserve, a protected biodiversity space. Save these animals from the rapid extinction they are facing.


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Photo Credit: Velorian

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  1. People need to start being educated!! That is what’s wrong with 99% of the humans on this planet. We encroach, destroy habitat, and murder millions upon millions of innocent animals due to our out-of-control breeding and our needs and rampant wants. We are a pestilence on this planet and if we don’t take great pains to stem our growth, I guess there is only one outcome and that is total extermination of humanity.

    • I agree – most definitely we all need education. I think an important part of our education is learning WHO is doing these things to the earth and it’s inhabitants. It’s not ordinary people so much as the mega-billion dollar corporations and governments. These are owned and run by people who are seriously deficient in some normal human qualities – such as compassion, empathy, conscience and the capability for guilt and remorse. Also known as psychopaths.
      They actually have an agenda, which is to make themselves richer and more powerful, and at any cost to the earth.
      We need to learn who is ruling over us and causing such destruction. And we need to learn that we don’t have to obey these psychos. We can resist. No one rules if no one obeys – Lao Tzu

  2. RoseMarie Dorer says:

    Wildlife is essential for the survival of the planet and the humans who live on it. Each species, no matter how small in size it may be nor how insignificant it may seem to humans, has its own role in making this planet work and thrive efficiently.

    Humans, however, are the least necessary species on earth, and it, and every other species on it would fare much better without any of us.


  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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