Stop the U.S. Government from Slaughtering Wild Animals

Target: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Shut down the Wildlife Services program, which endangers natural ecosystems by indiscriminately killing predators en masse.

For the past 80 years, natural predators of North America have faced an unlikely predator of their own: the United States’ federal government. The ambiguously titled Wildlife Services has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on indiscriminately killing wild animals, like the coyotes and wolves that naturally populate the American landscape. Contracted hunters execute these animals every winter as part of subsidies awarded to ranchers, hunting organizations and other private interests. The intent of the program is to ensure abundant big game populations and safeguard livestock from wild predators, but recent data shows that mass-murdering carnivores has only been wreaking havoc on our country’s environment.

The problem is that coyotes don’t just hunt deer and sheep. They also subsist on smaller prey, like rabbits, rodents and feral cats. When the government ruthlessly culls coyote populations, small mammal populations surge, bringing disease and destruction to an imbalanced ecosystem. Too many rabbits will eat up the very grasses that big game need to survive, while an overabundance of rodents has already infected deer in Nevada with plague.

Wiping out carnivores doesn’t lead to healthier game populations. It simply devastates the ecosystems in which all wild animals must live in balance. The government’s wildlife-killing program is based on a poor understanding of ecological science. It endangers both our country’s wildlife and the health of our citizens by allowing vermin to multiply unchecked and spread disease. Tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture that you don’t want to see your tax dollars put toward indiscriminate wildlife killings. Sign the petition below today.


Dear U.S. Department of Agriculture,

Every year, Wildlife Services indiscriminately murders thousands of unproblematic animals. Purportedly in place to protect big game and livestock from their natural predators, the program has in reality allowed vermin populations to balloon out of control. As a result, disease now runs rampant in the areas where carnivores have been decimated by government-funded mass killings.

Any efforts to control the natural populations of wild animals should be based on solid ecological research. But Wildlife Services operates without any kind of scientific founding, allowing hunters to shoot down as many wolves and coyotes as they can manage. This program damages our country’s natural ecosystems and seriously endangers human health. Taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to subsidize such a reckless venture. I demand that you dismantle the Wildlife Services program and allow predators like wolves and coyotes to return to their natural population sizes.


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  1. Roland Göttert says:

    There is only one way to save wildlife: The killing agency ironically called “Wildlife Services” has to be shut down at once! In the same way the Forest Service and the BLM. They all are organizations that fight against wildlife everywhere. Wolves, buffalos, bears, mustangs, coyotes, donkeys, they all are in the way of them. The murdering must have an end!

  2. typical human attitude, that if it’s incovenient, then kill or destroy it rather than learn to co-exist. Sad

  3. The money wasted on Wildlife Services could be better spent on other programs, like stopping poachers.

  4. Elfhriede Blu Brigitte says:

    Sign and share now
    make you a different
    save the coyotes

  5. William Turiello says:

    I refuse to be silent in this matter. I will raise my voice so loud that all hear. It sickens me to the bone That these beautiful creatures are so misunderstood. While people feel that they are invading their land Truth be told we are invading theirs. What honor is it hiding behind your guns Like cowards. Face them with no weapons and see who the victor will be. I just pray that I never Catch one of those hunters out there hunting One of my beautiful wolves. I shall say no more…

  6. Dusty Mclaughlin says:

    65 coyotes were killed in about 4 square mile radious on a local ranch just out side of town. Coyotes, wolves and mountain loins are afraid of humans killing livestock at the extra cost you’ll have to pay at when your eating dinner tonight,and killing loved pets and who knows about how people will get hurt from them. Theres a reason that every animal has to be thinned down and if you dont know why maybe before you sign a one sided Petition do some research first.

  7. Melissa Snell says:

    How about sterilization? Relocation? Education? Encouraging the development of alternative farming/ranching products? Or even just common sense??

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