Don’t Let Police Get Away With Tasering Woman for Calling Cop “Honey”

Target: David Dyess, Stuart City Police Chief

Goal: Hold officer accountable for reportedly tasering a woman unnecessarily.

Footage from a police officer’s body cam appears to show a woman being taken to the ground by a taser-wielding cop all because she referred to the officer as “honey.” Officer Chris Heitfeld showed up at the home of the victim, Aranda Wendell after she was rear-ended on her way to work. In the footage, Wendell can be heard calmly explaining to the officer that she didn’t realize she was required to stop. The accident wasn’t Wendell’s fault, say police. However, that didn’t stop Officer Heitfield from taking the woman down with a taser after she politely called him “honey.” The officer rudely tells Wendell not to call him honey, and when she replies “don’t talk to me then,” he decides to arrest her. The victim can be heard yelling for the officer to get off of her while another officer yells “take her down.” The victim yells out in pain as she’s being tasered and tossed around.

The officers involved were not disciplined. The Stuart Police Department told news outlets that it stands behind their officers’ actions. They claim that an internal investigation revealed no wrongdoing. “Police officers have to do their job and sometimes when they do their job properly it’s not pretty,” said Stuart Police Corporal Brian Bossio. It seems clear that officers from this department are above the law and will be defended at all costs. This officer should’ve been fired, but the fact that he wasn’t even disciplined is appalling. Please sign this petition to demand that this deplorable injustice be reversed and the officer be fired for using excessive force.


Dear Mr. Dyess,

An officer’s body cam footage shows him using a taser on a woman after she called him “honey.” The conversation between the officer and victim can be heard, as can the woman’s painful screams. The officer appears to become angry and tells the woman not to call him “honey.” When the victim replies, telling the officer “well don’t talk to me then,” he tells her she’s under arrest. A scuffle ensues and an officer can be heard saying “take her down.”

There’s no reason this woman should’ve been handled roughly and tasered. The officers involved were not disciplined. We demand that the officer be held accountable for using excessive, unnecessary force.


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Photo credit: Stuart Police Department

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    honey is bee vomit! just stop labeling them as honey!

  2. Internal investigations done by police are a joke. All investigations of police should be carried out by completely independent not-bought-off organizations or individuals.

  3. Marilyn Santos says:


  4. TruthSeeker says:

    Police/sheriffs are mostly evil, are not actually human in most cases, and honey is too nice of a word. People eat honey, and even if honey may actually be vomit from bees, so what! It tastes damn good, but is too sweet for me. By the way, calling them pigs is actually a compliment because pigs are intelligent, loving animals. Show me an intelligent, loving cop, and I will be shocked. However, do not call them a pig, or you will surely die a very unpleasant death. There are a few good cops/sheriffs, but they are a rarity to be treasured, and prayed for, because those good people are in grave danger, especially by their own. A very good cop was shot to death in El Monte, several years ago, according to a friend. He told me that cop was good, kind, decent, and wonderful. Whomever murdered him needs to burn in HELL for all eternity.

    • Police are mostly evil, that’s true. I used to believe the myth prevalent in Hollywood and the media that most cops are good and that there are a few odd bad apples. No longer. The myth has been shattered.
      Police brutality, corruption, their murders of innocent people, framing of innocent people, extortion etc. all point to this fact.
      To help shatter some other prevalent myths, please check out the excellent book The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose, or his youtube vids, but the book is the best.

  5. Some of the police don’t seem to be very bright. Perhaps it should have been explained to him when he joined the police force that he is supposed to uphold the law, not behave like a juvenile thug.


  7. Kathryn Irby says:

    Too many cops have literally gotten away with blatant murder, much less tasering!!! FAR BEOND TIME TO CHANGE THIS INJUSTICE!!!

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