Save 67 Farm Animals From Imminent Massacre

Target: Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing, managers and preachers at the Latimer Minster Church of England

Goal: Give the UK’s largest micro pig farm enough time to find homes for 67 animals, before they are put to death.

Nearly 70 farm animals are set to be killed in less than a week, unless their owner can receive an extension on repossession proceedings.

For more than two years, Olivia Mikhail ran the UK’s largest micro pig farm. Her dream life came to a sudden end in February, when she was evicted by her landlord, the Latimer Minster Church of England.

“Their behavior is completely un-Christian – very, very aggressive and unnecessary,” Mikhail told local news outlet Bucks Free Press.

The church claimed Mikhail violated an agreement to use the land exclusively for agricultural purposes, though Mikhail herself says she never made such an agreement. Despite this, bailiffs seized her farm in late February, and now say they will dispose of all personal property on the premises by March 29. This includes Mikhail’s 67 pigs, goats and chickens. All these animals could be killed unless Mikhail can either relocate them in the next few days, or be granted extra time.

Mikhail says she has tried negotiating with the church, pleading for more time to find homes for all her animals.

“We have tried to mediate with them, we have tried to write to them, tried to have meetings with them – nothing has worked,” she said.

If you believe these animals shouldn’t be killed over a property dispute, please sign our petition demanding the landlord give Mikhail a little extra time.


Dear Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing,

Your property dispute with tenant Olivia Mikhail could be about to result in the mass killing of nearly 70 farm animals, including pigs, chickens and goats. We understand Mikhail is facing eviction proceedings from her farm over a dispute related to land usage. This dispute is between you and Mikhail, and it’s inhumane to allow these dozens of animals to die because of a disagreement between a landlord and a tenant. Indeed, compassion and humanity towards animals are Christian traits that should be appreciated by the Latimer Minster Church of England. In Genesis 1:28, God said, “Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

Prominent Christian animal rights advocate Professor Andrew Linzey has argued this stewardship over nature is a calling for all of us to care for animals, and treat them as “precious beings in God’s sight”.

“Christians whose eyes are fixed on the awfulness of crucifixion are in a special position to understand the awfulness of innocent suffering,” he once said.

No matter what our beliefs may be, all of us can agree the mass killing of nearly 70 farm animals would be an awful amount of suffering inflicted on the innocent. These animals are innocent, and the church should provide enough time for Mikhail to relocate her animals.


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Photo Credit: Kansas State University

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  1. This church is being incredibly cruel to these innocent creatures – creatures who they believe their god created! Do they really think their god would approve of this cruelty?

  2. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    save more than 67 animals all over the world!


  4. J. Goodacre says:

    You have got what you wanted – they are going, so why not show some patience and a little bit of compassion in your spiritless drive to have them annihilated?

  5. I would invite the Bucks Free Press to enter the world of honest, professional journalism and at the very least try to obtain the “other side of the story”. As anyone who has had any dealings with the aforementioned Miss Mikhail knows, she is dishonest, is given an inch and takes miles, and yes she did totally breech the terms of her contract. BFP and Farming UK, did you ever bother to check any reviews on her website? Did you ask any local people about the situation? Did you ascertain the fact that she had perpetrated a complete change of use of the land she was renting that threatened Latimer’s good standing with the county council? Did you bother to make any investigative effort beyond the malicious sob story you were spoon fed? CLEARLY NOT! You have published this story defaming a Church’s good name without the slightest investigation or due care. You have every right to be totally ashamed of yourselves! The FACTS of the matter are that at EVERY turn Latimer Minster Church bent over backwards to help, lend, accommodate, give freely and go the extra mile for Miss Mikhail at considerable time and expense to themselves. And at every turn she has lied to, taken from, and not contributed to the welfare of the community into which she was welcomed. Latimer took the abuse and kept on taking it far beyond their duty and It’s time that someone stood up for Latimer on this issue! They are BLAMELESS and you have utterly falsified the truth! Great job! A full and formal apology will repair a small fraction of the damage you have done.

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