Cat Fed to Hungry Dogs Deserves Justice

Target: Mohammad Bin Rahid, Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates

Goal: Men who fed cat to dogs must be given harsher punishments.

A video shared on social media shows men removing a white cat from a cage before tossing it to two rottweilers. The men can be heard making cruel comments like “you eat chicken?” The dogs viciously attack the poor cat, who struggles until his body becomes limp and his cries silent. “They shut him up,” the cruel men yell. The dogs had reportedly been trained to attack and were even deliberately starved prior to the incident so that they would be hungry enough to kill the cat.

Their only punishment was to perform community service hours by cleaning zoo facilities. It seems blatantly clear that the lives of innocent animals mean virtually nothing to the authorities. Considering how gruesome and purely sadistic this crime was, it’s absolutely disgusting that these men were allowed to escape justice. If the authorities don’t start punishing cruelty to animals, then this problem will worsen. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent cat gets the justice it deserves and that these men are given a harsher punishment.


Dear Mr. Rahid,

A group of men fed a live cat to two rottweiler dogs, who they intentionally starved before the incident. Video footage shows the poor animal struggling before being viciously killed. You sentenced these cruel, dangerous men to community service, which isn’t punishment at all.

People who commit such heinous acts of cruelty on an innocent animal are often capable of doing the same to humans. We urge you to stop allowing animal cruelty to go unpunished, starting with this case. Please set an example of no-tolerance by giving these men a harsher punishment than measly community service at a zoo.


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  1. Jodie Roberts says:

    I pray that these sick bastards are eaten alive and tortured so they can feel the pain that they caused this poor defenseless soul.

  2. Anne Moeller Anne Moeller says:

    Do to these in- humane men that they did to this innocent cat- and MORE!!

  3. How can they call themselves muslims?
    The prophet loved cats and other animals and he would be horrified seeing this behavior. There must be a real punishment for these awful people!!!

  4. Stuart Payne says:

    I think the more usual transliteration of the Prime Minister’s name is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Perhaps chnage it for a better response?

  5. Renata Bartoli, PhD says:

    There are monster among us, individuals who are a liability to our species and the planet as a whole. They would be more valuable dead than alive.

  6. Stuart Payne says:

    Let the dogs find better owners, too.

  7. OMG, these people need to be thrown to the lions. This is horrendous.

  8. Hope they have the exact thing done to them. They are cowards to do that to an innocent cat. I hope they rot in hell for this and all the other animals they probably did the same thing to.

  9. Alice Knight says:

    Mr. Rahib, how can you hand down such an insignificant penalty to these men? These men deserve jail sentencing. Do you not think this is a sadistic form of cruelty to not only the dogs but an agonizing death to the cat? To hand down this community service and of all places a zoo where animals are,it would be like a re-covering alcoholic being told to work as a bartender. Think about it. This does not send a positive message to anyone wanting to abuse animals in the future.

  10. We are so sick that we think it is okay to do unto another living being what we find to be disgusting acts they are doing to another living being themselves in the first place. What does that make us, good?

  11. the dog shouldint have to be starved but i dont like cats but still the dog shouldint have to suffer DOGS RULE THE WORLD

  12. Laurie Miskell says:

    There is a special place in Hell for people who hurt animals..Karma is a bitch and it ALWAYS comes back on you…

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Piece of sh!t mutha fckr❗?
    Hope u die a miserable death.?
    Signed & shared

  14. Hope that they all suffer for a long time before they move six foot under! Damn them all!

  15. Kirsten Dörwald says:

    The dogs need to be put down as they were trained into being jilking machines.
    But these three men need a much harsher punishment as cleaning the zoo.
    They need to face the same fate like this poor cat had.
    RIP Kitty, I hope that Karma will punish your killers.

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