Ban Hound Hunting in California

Target: California State Senate

Goal: Pass legislation to ban the inhumane practice of hunting bears and bobcats with dogs

The practice of hounding, or hunting big game with the aid of packs of dogs, presents serious welfare concerns for predator and prey alike. California’s mountain lions are already protected from hounding under the law, but other predators aren’t so lucky. Despite its notorious cruelty, hounding of bears and bobcats remains legal in the state of California. But State Senator Ted Lieu is working to change that. He’s introduced a new bill that would prohibit hounding bears and bobcat hounding once and for all.

Chasing down large animals with packs of dogs isn’t just cruel to the prey in question, who scramble terrified up trees before being shot down by human hunters. Hounding also endangers the health and safety of the dogs being used to hunt. Many hounding dogs die after being struck by vehicles mid-chase or when the animal they’re hunting attacks them. Hunters have been known not to provide adequate water for their pack during the hunt, leading to severe and sometimes fatal dehydration. And injured or aging hunting dogs are often surrendered to already overburdened animal shelters once hunters can no longer use them in their pack.

The California Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee just voted in favor of the bill that would outlaw bear and bobcat hounding. Now, it needs the approval of the entire senate to move forward. California voters have already rallied for hounding to be banned. It’s time to go ahead and outlaw the inhumane and unsporting practice. Tell the State Senate to pass the bill prohibiting bear and bobcat hounding by signing the petition below.


Dear California State Senate,

Hounding big game isn’t just cruel to the animals killed for human sport. It also puts an enormous strain on the dogs used in the practice, who often die from accidents, neglect or mistreatment. That’s why Californians voted overwhelmingly to outlaw the hounding of mountain lions–and why activists are now rallying to ensure hunters can no longer hunt bears or bobcats with hounds.

Senate Bill 1221 would reflect the wishes of California voters, who have expressed a desire to keep all hunting activities humane. It would save the lives of many hunting dogs who would otherwise die from dehydration, animal attacks or abandonment. Hounding is an inhumane and cruel practice that has no place in California. I ask that you pass this new legislation to ban bear and bobcat hounding.

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  1. I demand that the Senate of California passes the bill prohibiting bear and bobcat hounding. Hunting in general is wrong is so many ways. More animals such as these Bears and Bobcats need to be under protection. This needs to be illegal and needs to be prohibited immediately.

  2. Maggie Schafer says:

    This is an example of macho hunters!!!! There is nothing brave or macho about this – these beer drinking SOBS just want an easy kill! Slobs and cowards is allthey are! CALIFORNIA – YOU S HOUL BE EMBARASSED – THIS IS IMMORAL, UNETHICAL, NON-SPORTING, AND COWARDLY!

  3. @Amanda…..why haven’t I heard about ANY of the MANY children that are snatched off the streets, on their way to school?? You’d think if it were such a horrible problem, that it would have made the news, somewhere.

  4. i hope the “cute” bears eat some of you humane society freaks kids

    • Your sick comment isn’t going to persuade anyone you are good and sane enough to not only own a gun, but make a moral decision.

  5. you guys don’t understand what hunting with hounds is all about most of you guys have probably never even seen the woods except for camping so you guys don’t really know what you are talking about in 16 and I’ve been running hounds on bobcat and bear since I was four and most of the time we wont even kill the animal just tree them and pull are hounds off and go home. so do some more research and maybe go on a hunt or two then come talk about passing this law.

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