Applaud Poland’s Decision to Ban Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Corn

Target: Poland’s Minister of Agriculture, Marek Sawicki
Goal: Support Poland’s proposed ban on Monsanto’s genetically modified corn

At the beginning of the month, Poland’s Minister of Agriculture, Marek Sawicki, announced the country’s decision to implement a complete ban on Monsanto’s genetically modified strain of maize, MON810. Mr. Sawicki’s announcement sets an important international precedent against Monsanto’s harmful genetically modified products. Since the decree outlining the ban is still in the works, it is imperative that the international community encourage Poland’s decision to prioritize environmental and public health over profit.

One of the primary reasons that Poland has decided to ban Monsanto’s strain of genetically modified corn, MON810, is because the pollen released from the crop may have a devastating effect on already dwindling bee populations. Additionally, the strain (along with other genetically modified crops) has been linked to a variety of health ailments and is considered toxic to many vital insects. To illustrate the fact, Polish beekeepers protested the use of genetically modified crops and pesticides last March by dumping thousands of dead bees, butterflies and moths on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Several other countries from the European Union, including France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Greece, have banned the cultivation of MON810 on their territories due to concerns that it causes environmental damage. Even so, the European Commission has not reached a unified decision regarding whether or not to allow genetically modified crops. In fact, just one month before Mr. Sawicki announced Poland’s plans to ban MON810, the Danish presidency issued a proposal to allow the cultivation of genetically modified crops on the European continent. Thankfully, seven countries blocked the proposal, but a majority vote is still needed to either ban or allow genetically modified crops in the entire European Union.

Sign the petition below to show your support for Poland’s decision to ban Monsanto’s harmful strain of genetically modified corn. By doing so, perhaps other European countries will begin to put the wellbeing of farmers and the health of our ecosystem first.


Dear Minister of Agriculture of Poland, Mr. Marek Sawicki,

I am writing to applaud your recent decision to implement a complete ban on Monsanto Company’s genetically modified strain of maize, MON810. Your announcement sets an important international precedent against Monsanto’s genetically modified products, which have been proven to be harmful for the health of vital insects, such as bees, that keep the fragile balance of our planet’s ecosystem.

I am encouraged by the opposition that Poland and many other European Union countries have expressed towards Monsanto’s genetically modified products. Yet I am disappointed that the European Commission has yet to establish whether or not to suspend authorization for growing genetically modified crops on the continent. It is my profound hope that your decision to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified corn will lead to other nations taking similar action, as the loss of bees and other important pollinators is extremely dangerous for the ecosystem and the future of our food.

Thank you for prioritizing environmental and public health over private profit.


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  2. Barry Rosenberg says:

    The ban on MON18 is unequivocally the right move and your leadership can only encourage other European union countries. Congradulations on your responsiveness.

  3. Cynthia Groves says:

    Thank you for taking a stand on this important issue for the rest of the world’s sake as well as Poland’s. Our health should not be sacrificed.It’s been an uphill battle to get GMOs even labeled in the US, let alone banned despite the fact that over 93% of America’s want the minimum of labeling so we have the right to know what is in our food. I ask that you and the EU stay strong on the ban.

  4. This is such great news! Hopefully th US will follow suit!

  5. ciociababcia says:

    Jestem za bezwzględnym zakazem upraw GMO. Niestety, w Polsce sprzedaje się bardzo dużo produktów GMO BEZ INFORMACJI, że to są produkty GMO!!!

  6. Frapper….frapper…. toujours: la volonté générale de Rousseau
    (Article 6, the first French- American Human rights of 1789).

    Everything, the European and American population should do about the topic of transparency, citizens’ participation, human rights and democracy, is just getting the knowledge of the criteria of the general will of Rousseau “La volonté générale”.
    Quote: On the 27 of August 1789, the Assembly proclaimed the Declaration of Human Rights. It was proposed by Lafayette, who had been impressed by the Declaration of Independence of the US. In Article 2 it states: “These rights are liberty, property, security and resistance against oppression. Article 6 states: “The law is the expression of the ‘general will of the people” (this refers to the volonté générale from Rousseau and not to the will of the majority). End Quote Dietrich Schwanitz, “Education. “Everything you need to know” page 158.

  7. Jestem za bezwzględnym zakazem upraw GMO.Szkoda że tak mało się mówi na ten temat.

    • Mystkowski Eugeniusz says:

      Koncerny światowe mają silny wpływ a władzę + media i dlatego jeżeli coś się mówi na temat GMO no to tylko pozytywnie. Na niektórych produktach pisze się maczkiem, żeby tego nikt nie przeczytał… i tak w supermakietach kupujemy produkty GMO. Kotlety sojowe, wszelkiego rodzaju chrupki kukurydziane, pomidory, i ostatnio w Polsce mają być o zgrozo – ziemnaiki

  8. Mystkowski Eugeniusz says:

    Global companies have a strong influence and power + media, and therefore if something is said about GMOs is just no positive way. For some products are written meal, so that no one read it … and so on supermakietach buy GM products. Soy burgers, all kinds of crunchy corn, tomatoes, and recently in Poland to be a horror of horrors – ziemnaiki

  9. Dnyanesh Kuwalekar says:

    Poland rocks!!! All countries must follow suit.

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