Save Lucy the Elephant

Target: City of Edmonton Mayor and Council Members
Goal: Remove Lucy from the Edmonton Valley Zoo and place in her in warmer climate with other elephants for her to interact with.

Lucy is an elephant living in isolation in the cold climate of Alberta, Canada. Her enclosure is tiny, and due to the frigid weather she must spend the majority of her time in her small barn. Lucy’s health is deteriorating; she needs help and she needs it now.

Elephants are social creatures. In the wild, female elephants spend all their time in closely knit groups made up of grandmothers, aunts, mothers, cousins, and daughters.

Lucy lives her life entirely isolated from social contact. She is the only female elephant at the zoo, and is kept in a small, barren enclosure. Elephants evolved to walk long distances. In the wild they travel anywhere between 10 and 20 km each day. According to the Coalition for Captive Elephant Well-Being, elephants in captivity should have enough space to travel at least 10 km on a daily basis; but Lucy’s enclosure is a mere half acre, and her indoor space even smaller.

Since the zoo is located in the Alberta region of Canada, Lucy must endure frigid winters each year. When the temperature drops, she is put inside her barn to keep warm. It has been estimated that Lucy is kept inside her barn as much as 76% of the time. Lucy’s health is deteriorating, largely due to the poor conditions in which she is forced to live.

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled against hearing a case regarding her future. The Edmonton Valley Zoo claims that Lucy’s respiratory problems prevent her from being moved, but these problems are largely a result of her grueling environment. If she remains there, she’ll surely die.


Dear Mayor Stephen Mandel and Council Members,

Lucy is the only female Asian elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. While female elephants in the wild are highly social and live in closely-knit groups of other females, Lucy is forced to live in isolation. Due to Edmonton’s cold climate, Lucy must spend 75% of her time in her tiny barn. Her enclosure is only half an acre, while in the wild, elephants travel between 10 and 20 km each day. These conditions are unacceptable; no living thing should be made to suffer.

According to zoo authorities, Lucy’s respiratory problems prevent her from being moved. But in these inhumane conditions, if she remains there she will die. The zoo is municipally owned, thus Edmonton’s city authorities have the power to end Lucy’s suffering. Please allow this gentle animal the chance at a happy and comfortable life, and move her to a warmer location with other elephants.

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  1. Sue Griffiths says:

    As no one is looking after Lucy’s welfare, and she is living in an unsuitable climate where she will probably die if she is not moved, why then aren’t people who live locally demonstrating against this terrible injustice? Get the newspapers and TV. crews involved. Picket outside the zoo with placards and ask people not to go in. When the zoo starts loosing revenue from the entrance fee, they might change their minds and set Lucy free to live the life she’s supposed to be living. A life worth living.

  2. Elephants are by nature social creatures who do not fare well in isolation. Lucy needs to be with others of her kind. An elephant sanctuary would be ideal. There’s one in Hohnewald TN but I’m sure there are others.

  3. Amanda Ashworth says:


  4. Kimberly Duncan says:

    This is such a sad situation and it seems that none of the Edmonton Valley Zoo or City of Edmonton officials really care about Lucy the Elephant. She has been languishing in this unsuitable situation for far too long. When will someone have the courage to do what is best for Lucy??

  5. Lucy needs to live in a milder weather and to exercise herself to improve her health.
    Please move her to the correct environment.

  6. courtney says:

    This is so sad

  7. mike rollo says:

    edmonton zoo needs to do the right thing.zoos are suppose to look out for animals best interest

  8. Poor Lucy, Canadian authorities should be ashamed of themselves to allow this unhumane treatment to continue. Lucy needs a warmer climate and friends,friends,friends!!!!

  9. I wrote a comment in a local Canadian paper about how the zoo and the city council of Edmonton should move Lucy, and listed all the reasons why. You would be astounded at how many local yokels attacked me for wanting a better life for her. How incredible ignorant these people are, even when I offered numerous links and fact sheets of info on the detrimental effects of keeping elephants in captivity. They continued their superficial assault. Wow people, keep up the good fight for her, she is in the middle of a bunch of bumbling idiots.

  10. Geri L Durrenberger says:

    Have a heart for Lucy.Send her to a sanctuary where she may live (LIVE) out her days with other Elephants!

  11. There is plenty of money in Edmonton from the tar gas. If you pride yourselves as operating a real zoo, send her to where she will get the companionship and treatment that is best for her!

  12. B. Kallini says:

    Please send Lucy to a Sanctuary where she will be properly cared for.

  13. Judy Whitney says:

    Please send Lucy to a much better place. I don’t know why so many Canadians are so against this. Noone is putting down Canada, but Lucy needs to be with other elephants in a much warmer climate. I hope you start thinking about what’s best for her cause this sure isn’t it.

  14. Not maintaining viable conditions for animals is not amusement.

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