Protest Florida Neighborhood’s Rule That Bans Minors From Leaving the House Unattended

Target: Ole Village in Lely Resort, Florida

Goal: To protest Ole Village’s rule that forces anyone under the age of 18 to be accompanied by an adult when outside of their homes.

Now that the warm weather is upon us, most kids are looking forward to enjoying playtime outdoors. But minors who live in Florida’s Ole Village in Lely Resort won’t be able to do so without constant adult supervision. In order to leave their homes and simply walk to the neighborhood bus stop, teens as old as 17 have to be accompanied by an adult. Tell Ole Village management that this policy is not only unfair to children, but places an unfair burden upon parents and caretakers.

On its website, Ole deems itself “a friendly community with charming Mediterranean architecture, lots of green space and inviting pedestrian thoroughfares.” Which is nice, until you consider the fact that some of its residents can’t enjoy the fresh green grass or summery air.

According to a recent story on, some parents consider this “house arrest” imposed on innocent kids.

“They’ve been harassing our kids quite a bit coming up to them telling them they can’t be outside,” Tony Stein, an Ole resident, told NBC-2. “I can’t wait for my lease to be up because I’m not going to keep my kids in the house for two months.”

However, neighborhood management points to a rule that essentially states that all minors must be accompanied by an adult when they are outside in the neighborhood. However, security has only recently begun to enforce the rule.

“Can’t walk to the store, can’t walk to their neighbor’s house, their friends,” said Nadia Mihyar, another Ole resident.

In its defense, management has cited complaints about noisy children. But it’s difficult to see how every single child in this neighborhood should be punished for the actions of a few loud children. Moreover, children in most, if not all, neighborhoods are known to get a little rambunctious while outside.

Nevertheless, these kids typically aren’t forced to become prisoners in their own homes at all hours of the day and night. By signing the petition below, you will urge Ole Village management to abandon this unfair rule and let the children outside.


Dear Ole Village management,

Your policy against minors leaving their homes unaccompanied is unfair and harmful to both parents and children in your neighborhood. Not only are kids effectively kept prisoners in their own homes, but parents and caretakers must bear the burden of constantly accompanying children and teens everywhere they go.

When even teens as old as 16 or 17 can’t walk to the local bus stop on their own, they and their parents are left at a serious disadvantage.

It is imperative that you put this harmful policy to an end and allow children to leave their homes unattended. Please commit to taking action immediately.


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  1. This is outrageous! I do not think they can lawfully enforce such a stupid by-law! I guess the ACLU will need to be involved! Good Luck to you all!

  2. elizabeth blake says:

    We are suffering from the same – but not because it is mandated, but because some ‘people’ don’t want our kids to have any fun. They are doing this in the name of ‘what is good for the kids.’

    This is no longer a neighborhood, but now a prison.

  3. Darius Villa says:

    Luckily I do NOT live in that neighborhood. I am 17 and live in Miami and even I am sick and tired of the nanny state restricting minors rights and seeing even mature teens as infants or little babies that have to be watched ALL the time. I am outraged of this unfair policy. I also know about how a kid should really be raised. Putting my smarts here, this is what I say about restricting children’s independence: Overprotecting and forcing constant supervision is harmful to the minor’s emotional and capable development. Depression and helplessness are also the penalties to the minor as a result of forced constant supervision. As a result, the minor’s sense to decide for his own self is obstructed by the forced constant supervision. As a result, the minor’s self esteem is down and can’t make freely make decisions of his own. The fact that the child’s self esteem is relentlessly down causes great aggression of the child. And that results in crime. It is proven, since social services have put their controls against free range parenting, juvenile crime has skyrocketed significantly. Also, another consequence of constant supervision is obesity and high blood pressure. The great evidence signififies that latchkey independence IS part of childhood. This make CPS/DCF restrictions on free range parenting contribute to the fact that the US is the most obese country in the world. This is a direct violation of the UNICEF convention on the Rights of a Child to be Oneself and grow to his/her own best independence. In fact, did you know that the United States, along with Somalia actually DID NOT ratify and enforce that pact? This also is a direct violation of the parents’ 9th Amendment Rights(the right to raise a child their own way) and since MINORS HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS FORMED BEIGNS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, it would violate the minor’s 1st (The right to be independantly onself) and 14th (The right to be free from all status discrimination with equal rights) Amendment rights. Our kids are so messed up today becuase we restrict their self-esteem by blocking their own self mind concience, then dropping it down into UNJUST HUMILIATION of feeling SCARED< AGGRESSIVE, AND ENSLAVED. And since it is in a Florida area, it also marks an excellent example of being FLORI-DUH. My message to DCF and their counterparts throughout the country: Minors have constitutional rights and parents have the right to raise children their own way. Know the difference between Free range parenting AT THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD and morally real child neglect/endangerment/abandonment. MINORS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER THEY LIKE AS LONG AS THEIR ACTIONS DO NOT THREATEN OTHERS. THEY (AND I) ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE WITHOUT FEAR OF ANY NEGATIVE AFFECTIONS ON US INCLUDING YOUR SOCIAL SERVICES WRONGLY PUTTING WILLING AND INDEPENDENT KIDS IN YOUR CUSTODY WHICH MAKES YOU A TRUE KIDNAPPER. PLEASE RESPECT THOSE RIGHTS OF MINORS AND THEIR PARENTS. Message to Ole Village: Lift the Ban IMMEDIATLEY and the kids FLY THEIR WINGS HIGHER THAN THE SKY. It is beyond unjust to punish all minors and their parents for just a couple of incidents. And a Message to the US Government: Ratify that UNICEF pact NOW!!!!!!!!!

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