Spectacular Jungle Forest Must be Saved From Illegal Loggers

Target: Mauricio Oliva, Honduras’s President of the National Congress

Goal: Halt deforestation in order to restore wildlife populations and prevent natural disasters, mainly by ending illegal logging.

The Central American country of Honduras is blessed with an extraordinary variety of lifeforms: its fertile soil gives rise to some of the world’s most lush jungles, which in turn support the animals that inhabit them. However, Honduras is also one of the world’s most heavily deforested nations: Between 1990 and 2005, the nation lost more than 37 percent of its forest cover, and is now left with less than half of its original forest cover — a massive expanse of trees which once enveloped what is now almost the entire country.

The sheer rate of ecological destruction in Honduras has brought about negative impacts for animals and people alike: On the human end of the spectrum, natural disasters like flash flooding and mudslides are now more frequent as a result of forest loss; on the animal end, many species have become endangered or threatened as a direct result of habitat loss caused by deforestation.

One of the main causes of deforestation in Honduras is illegal logging — as much as 85 percent of timber harvesting in the country is illegal — much of it stemming from conditions of poverty. Ironically, ecotourism, which depends on having an intact environment, is considered a potentially valuable source of revenue in Honduras. We demand better forestry law enforcement in Honduras, and an end to deforestation in the country.


Dear President Oliva,

Please pressure your government to halt deforestation across your country. The rate of forest loss in Honduras is alarming and only damages the inhabitants of Honduras, both animal and human: According to Mongabay, “Between 1990 and 2005, 37.1 percent of the forests of Honduras disappeared.” This is simply unacceptable.

Direct effects of tree loss on the citizens of Honduras include soil erosion, flash flooding, mudslides and, more indirectly, global warming and its associated problems through the loss of carbon sinks. Much of Honduras’s deforestation is caused by illegal logging. Environmental crimes such as this can and should be tackled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Forestry law enforcement should be given the greater priority it deserves.

In a world increasingly affected by the negative impacts of environmental degradation, it is important for all countries, great or small, to do what they can to preserve a stable environment for present and future persons.


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Photo credit: Nagarajan Kanna

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  1. It’s terrible that so much area of Honduras’ forests have been destroyed. I hope that they start to really crack down on the illegal logging to stop any more destruction from happening.
    It’s so crucial to protect the world’s forests from big businesses who if not stopped will strip them all of all life.

  2. Anne Moeller says:

    We must protect all nature and wildlife and stop ALL illegal logging!! If we stop buying from the illegal loggers then they will stop destroying the nature!

  3. johanna janssen says:

    if you all really want to stop the destruction of your valuable forest and all animals that are living in it, you should all Unite and have the guts to kill the destroyers after you have warned them !That will be the only thing that will stop those criminals

    • I agree with you Johanna…death to illegal loggers is the ONLY way to save our rainforests! The time for sweet talking ended decades ago…it’s time for tough action to be taken to save this planet of ours!

  4. Heather Brophy says:


  5. Are you comfortable, knowing that this is going on, and on,
    have you not got a plan to stop this destruction of your natural heritage? Or, what reason is there, unless you share the perpetrators mindset.

  6. Es precise conservar los bosques de Honduras y el medio ambiente para el bienestar de las plantas, animales y los seres humanos.

  7. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    How extremely sad that the departments are not monitoring, or policing this heinous crime against all the citizens of this country! Please either give them the authority to catch and prosecute with massive fines and jail, or shoot to warn.
    You have so much to gain by keeping pristine jungle area, and water (the most expensive commodity) on this planet!
    The unique wildlife, brings tourists, naturists, scientists and saves the local people from degradation of horrific soil erosion and storms. The cleaning of the air, as these trees, every single one, is apart of the lungs of this planet, that is sorely chocking to death. Please stop this insane illegal logging. Thank you.

  8. ” When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.”

    Prophecy of the Cree Indians

  9. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Time to get rid of people who do nothing but overpopulate and destroy. The future of this planet is at stake. Get rid of the scum and use them as fertilizers.

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

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