Stop Torturing Rodeo Animals for Entertainment

Target: Tom Hirsig, CEO of Cheyenne Frontier Days

Goal: Stop the cruel use of animals at the Cinch Shootout Rodeo.

Every year, horses, bulls and steers are forced to endure cruel and often fatal practices for human entertainment. Cheyenne Frontier Days wows its audience with competitions that have no regard for the health of the animals forced to compete. As a popular family event, Cheyenne Frontier Days should lead the way by providing entertainment that doesn’t come at the cost of an animal’s health or livelihood.

Rodeos are known for being tough, dangerous and gritty. While rodeo competitors often walk away with injuries, it is the animals that are truly suffering. Bronc riders, bull riders and steer wrestlers are all able to give their consent to competing, with the full knowledge that they may be hurt in the process. For the horses, bulls and steers this isn’t the case. There are many tools used in the rodeo circuit to create abnormally dramatic reactions from the animals, which is what gives the bucking broncs and bulls their appeal. Electric prods are used in the shoots to rile up the animals before they are released into the arena. To increase the bucking, straps are placed across the animals’ groins and abdomens to create a burning sensation.

Steers also face a cruel existence in the rodeo circuit and Cheyenne Frontier Days is no exception. Steer Wrestling is an event where a steer is released from a chute and pursued by a horse and rider. The rider jumps from the back of the horse onto the steer and twists the steer’s head back to wrestle it to the ground. Steers face bruising and ripped tendons as one of the minor injuries from this event but often suffer sprains and even broken necks. The cruelty these animals face is certainly not family friendly, especially while there are cruelty-free alternatives for a western feel of entertainment.

By signing this petition, you will let Cheyenne Frontier Days know that the cruelty and exploitation of animals for entertainment is unacceptable.


Dear Tom Hirsig,

The exploitation and cruelty that steers, horses and bulls are forced to endure must be stopped. Every year at rodeos like the Cinch Shootout, horses, bulls and steers are tortured with electric prods and bucking straps, enduring physically dangerous situations. Many of these animals don’t make it out alive and those fortunate to leave relatively unscathed will only be subjected to the same torture at another rodeo.

These competitions are unnecessary and outdated forms of entertainment that have no place at a family friendly event. While the competitors are often in danger, they are at least afforded the option to compete. The animals aren’t given the same basic right. There are better forms of western entertainment that all ages can enjoy without anyone being put at risk. If danger is part of the draw, then consent by all parties involved must be a requirement.

I am urging you to provide a cruelty-free form of entertainment and save the lives of countless animals that would otherwise suffer at your rodeo. Please uphold the family friendliness of your event by discontinuing the cruel use of animals in the Cinch Shootout rodeo.


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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Animals are NOT Entertainers!!!!! What part of that don’t Animal Abusers GET??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What kind of sick society abuses animals for entertainment?? Unfortunately most if not all societies do. What’s wrong with people??
    Rodeos are disgusting cruel events where, while animals suffer cruelty and torture, people laugh, eat their snacks, and enjoy themselves. How sick – or evil – is that??
    Rodeos should be banned, permanently.

    • You are wrong they are taken good care of!

      • If you believe this, then you are too blind to see the truth. Please open your eyes. There is extreme cruelty going on in rodeos.
        Defenders of rodeos have become DESENSITIZED and HARDENED to the pain and suffering of these animals. It’s there, but they don’t see it or don’t want to admit to it.
        Please try this – imagine yourself as one of these animals. How would you feel? What would you think?

        • If someone offered me a job where I worked a a total of a couple minute a day doing something that I love doing anyway, and hanging with my buddies in pastures of grass and shade the rest if the time, sign me up. Contractors invest a LOTTA money in these animal athletes that are their livelihood. They are treated very well. Contact a local contractor and go have a look before running your mouth about something you know very little about!

          • That’s what it’s all about isn’t it – MONEY. You are living in a delusion if you believe what you just wrote.
            Bullhooks, bullwhips, bristle bur, tack bur, prods with nails and tacks and sharp points, electric prods, metal spurs, bucking straps – these are a few of the torture instruments often used on these poor animals.

  3. Will McAuliffe says:

    Stupid idiots don’t know what they are talking about.Rodeostock is well cared for and fed better than most people.

    • Somehow it isn’t too comforting to know that these animals are fed well before they are sent out to be cruelly abused by people.

    • I’d like to see you well fed then sent out into a ring to try to run away and some a..hole comes galloping behind you and snaps a rope around your neck so hard it takes you off your feet and drags you like you do the little calves. you sir are one of the sadistic creeps

  4. Shana Seidel says:

    You people have no idea once so ever! I have competed in rodeos my entire life and my husband is a saddlebronk rider. These horses and rodeo stock are all treated very well. When they are not at a rodeo they are turned out in pasture. These horses and animals are our livelihood why would we abuse them? We love our animals and take very good care of them. As competitors we respect and love these animals. This article is false and whoever wrote it is extremely illiterate and a flat out liar! I suggest you find another occupation because you clearly don’t know how to write a factual article!

    • Ma non diciamo scemenze – queste creature sono nate per essere libere di vivere in pace la loro esistenza e non per essere sfruttate dall’essere umano per il proprio divertimento – se davvero ami gli animali li rispetti e li lasci liberi – L’AMORE E’ PRINCIPALMENTE RISPETTO – LO SFRUTTAMENTO E’ ABUSO – TROVATEVI UN ALTRO LAVORO

    • Karen Tipping says:

      Don’t talk through your backside Mrs!

      Rodeos are cruel and unnecessary, the animals are distressed and suffer physical injuries! What does it do to their psyche ! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT YOU SILLY BITCH !

      • Shana Seidel says:

        I guarantee you you would not talk like that to me if we were face to face! I wish we were I would to show you cruel. My horses and animals are my life I love them and they are very well cared for. You don’t have a clue as to what goes on in rodeo. So I suggest you shut your lying piece shit mouth shit bitch!

    • you both should be in jail you think your the only one that’s been in a rodeo well so have I and it’s cruel

  5. do you really love animals??? GO VEGAN!
    there is not another way to save them

  6. I encourage anyone with any misgivings about the treatment of rodeo livestock to approach one of these committees and ask for a behind the scenes look. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association has strict guide lines for the treatment of these animal athletes. (Yes these animals are athletes that are worth large amounts of money). Please dont buy into misinformation by people who mean well but are uniformed Many of the claims made against rodeo are unsubstantiated that have been passed on much like folk lore. As in any sport there is the risk of injury and unfortunately injuries do happen I could go on and on about this but I once again I encourage you to contact one of these committees or the PRCA with questions or concerns and not a animal rights organization that does not know all the details about the treatment of these rodeo animals.

  7. Y’all are dume these horse bull are very well feed no hotshot are used they love to buck or someone would have them at home using them


  9. James Kelly says:

    That’s one of the dumbest things I ever read. The animals are taken care of well. It’s idiots like the one who started the patition that needs help.

  10. Kathryn Irby says:


  11. I suppose this must be happening in the US, the Land of the Free !
    This rodeo is so primitive and cruel. It’s unbelievable that it is still going on.
    Wake up. We live in 2017. Time has changed. Now we know that animals have feelings. We have to take care of animals and not use them for stupid entertainment.m

    • Oh it’s happening up here in Canada with The Calgary Stampede they lose so many horses to the chuck wagons races but they still do it I don’t care how well an animal is fed like these dopes say it’s cruel to make then go out there and buck these idiots should strap a belt around their kidneys and see if they buck the lying creeps

  12. Alice Knight says:

    This is such an inexcusable form of entertainment. Perhaps acceptable a long time ago, I don’t think it is a necessary entertainment need now a days. Think for a moment about the animals and what the riders inflict upon them. In this present day and age this type of “sport” or “fun” does not teach the upcoming generation of the respect a living being deserves. I would imagine it teaches that cruelty and that animals are easily replaceable and made for entertaining the human race. This does not send a positive message of today. It only will encourage the on-going abuse and lack of respect towards animals .

  13. you creeps that say oh the animal loves to buck well folks take the kidney belt off and see how that horse is just an easy going riding horse you stupid dumb backwoods creeps don’t know what your talking about why don’t you strap on a kidney strap and lets see you buck

  14. If you want to see the abuse at rodeos check out this website and see the real abuse, torture,and needless killing of animals

    SHARK – Investigations and Campaigns Against Animal Abuse

  15. All rodeos should be banned. Its open and torturous abuse from small dick assholes.
    Let them put each other in the ring with electric prods and see how much they can take. I would like to be the one at the switch.

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