Stop Transporting Terrified Primates to Laboratories on Airplanes

Target: Vietnam Airlines CEO Duong Tri Tranh

Goal: Stop transporting primates as cargo to laboratories for testing.

In recent years, many airlines have banned the transportation of primates to laboratories for use in experiments. After pressure from international organizations against animal cruelty, Vietnam Airlines publicly stated that it would no longer continue to transport primates to laboratories. However, in 2016, it was discovered that Vietnam Airlines broke its promise and continues to fly primates to several countries for testing, including Russia, the UK, and Japan.

Primates are treated like cargo on airplanes, where they are shoved into small wooden boxes, terrified and alone. After they are transported to their destinations, they are used in laboratories where scientists conduct experiments on them. Animals used for experimentation are often tortured and neglected, and die far sooner than their average life expectancies.

Most airlines have already banned this cruel practice due to the toll it takes on the primates and pressure from international animal rights organizations. By upholding its ban on the transportation of primates for use in experimentation, Vietnam Airlines could effectively do its part to end animal testing. This measure would promote more humane and effective methods of cosmetic and medical testing.

Primates, humans’ closest ancestors, should not have to undergo this terrifying method of transport before facing more abuse at the hands of researchers. By signing this petition, you will help urge Vietnam Airlines CEO Duong Tri Tranh to uphold his company’s promise to refuse to transport primates to laboratories for experimentation.


Dear CEO Duong Tri Tranh,

In 2013, your company promised to stop transporting primates to laboratories for experimentation. Last year, it became clear that Vietnam Airlines was still participating in this cruel practice. The primates on your planes must face terrifying conditions, as they are held in small wooden boxes and treated like cargo instead of living beings.

The horrors these animals face do not end upon landing—they are then sent to laboratories to be used for experimentation. Animals used for experimentation face deplorable conditions where they are effectively tortured and eventually killed. Your company could not only end the transport of these primates, but could join in international efforts to end animal testing altogether.

I urge you to uphold the promise your company made in 2013 to ban the transport of primates for laboratories. Many other airlines have already adopted this policy due to the inhumane conditions the animals face both during transport and in laboratories worldwide. Please do your part to stop promoting cruelty, and stop prioritizing profits over animal lives.


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Photo Credit: Vera Reis

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  1. Vietnam Airlines is complicit in the untold suffering and deaths of many innocent primates. They must stop transporting these innocent animals who have been ruthlessly kidnapped from their forest homes, to countries where they will be cruelly tortured and then murdered.
    They have no right to claim they are not doing this, when in fact they are.

  2. Iris owens says:

    I wish humans would stop interfering with our wildlife. They can do a very good job taking care of themselves.

  3. I just wish humans would stop being..period. they are the worst life form to inhabit this world…. and don’t deserve the right and honor of sharing this planet with the non-human fellow Earthlings… I am ashamed to be a part of the human race.


  5. There are two problems with this, the shipping process and the animal experimentation process, both needs to end.
    No more animal testing on ANY animal.

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