Save the Last Remnants of Critically Imperiled Forest

Target: Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Sarney Filho

Goal: Stop the destruction of the Atlantic Forest, of which less than eight percent remains.

The Atlantic Forest is a tropical forest located mostly along the Atlantic coast in Brazil, with parts of it reaching into Argentina and Paraguay. A biodiversity hotspot, the forest consists of moist and dry broadleaf forest, mangrove forest, grasslands, savanna, and shrubland. Nearly 40% of its vascular plants and 60% of its vertebrate species are still found nowhere else in the world. New species are also continuously being found within the forest.

Since the Portuguese came to Brazil in the 1500s, more than 85% of the original forest has been lost, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of square miles of habitat. Due to this ongoing deforestation, today over 11,000 species of plants and animals in the Atlantic Forest are considered threatened.

Human activities which continue to threaten the forest include industrial logging, hunting, and land clearing for agriculture. And while this has come with its own share of economic benefits, the cost to Brazilians and people around the world through the loss of biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and other ecosystem services is yet greater.

While reforestation can never recover the kind of pristine virgin forest habitat native to a location, it can help maintain a somewhat stable ecosystem in spite of initial destruction. Hence, the Brazilian government, which leads one of the world’s largest economies, can and must do more to protect and restore this beautiful ecosystem.


Dear Minister Filho,

Please pressure your government to stop the destruction and begin reforesting the lost areas of the Atlantic Forest on the coast of Brazil. The Atlantic Forest is a source of some of the world’s most pristine biodiversity, and as such contains incredible benefits to humankind. Today, it is nearly gone, with over 85% of its original area lost to deforestation.

Brazil is the world’s fifth largest economy by purchasing power parity and is also one of the world’s fastest-growing. As such, your country can more than afford to preserve and restore this ecosystem which, like so many others, provides a living space for wildlife and at the same time represents a crucial form of carbon sequestration in the form of forest vegetation.

Thank you.


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Photo credit: Ilosuna

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  1. This is so tragic, with over 85% of the forest having been destroyed. Strong steps must be taken immediately to save the Atlantic Forest and it’s many wild animal inhabitants.

  2. Beth Marie says:

    Why would Minister Filho want to wipe out and destroy his own country let alone wipe out animal existence. So pathetic, must be big money involved. Not visiting that country!

    Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money. The planet is run by money grabbing f****** idiots!!

  4. Jason Ford says:

    When there is no air to breathe, Only then will there be true satisfaction..
    Only then will the world (Suffocation) understand

    (money) credit doesn’t exist and never will exist..
    Take away the Grand Illusion of money, Who are you?

  5. Heather Brophy says:

    Destroy the Forest, Destroy the Tourist, Destroy your Money, Destroy your People!

  6. Pathetic!!!!! Brainless assholes!!!

  7. Ask Saudi Arabia for help, you might speed up the process,look forward living in a desert,,,,,

  8. Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Sarney Filho:

    Money will not help you to breath 20 years from now. TREES WILL.

    Stop the destruction of the Atlantic Forest, of which less than eight percent remains.

  9. Brian Huxley says:

    Bastards. Off with their heads. Either people are animal abusers or environment rapists. WTF is wrong with this world?


  11. Lee Ann Pearlman says:

    I truly hope someone cares about all these petitions that are being signed, and hope they start thinking with there hearts instead of there pocket books. It is so sad the think that money rules our lives and our governments. Take a step back and learn to love what we have and stop destroying the beauty that is our earth.

  12. Kathryn Lezenby says:

    This forest kept intact will benefit wildlife, Brazil, and the planet in perpetuity. Please don’t destroy it for short term profits. Seeing the harm that comes from the past destruction to rain forests gives us reason to treasure that which is left.

  13. Denise Devereux says:

    Once its gone its gone! Have a duty to other generations to preserve Forest and all creatures that it is home to.

  14. Lilian Caughlin says:

    How about human birth control so everybody plants, animals and people can co exist. Something supplied through the food chain or water. That would be the only way to ward off total destruction of this planet. Seems like the brainless are the ones multiplying the fastest. Other rational options are therefore useless.

  15. By destroying nature we destroy ourselves! And we are alreay well om our way to so so!

  16. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    When the last tree id down, the last river and lake poisoned, the last animal driven to extinction by the vicious, greedy, uncaring humans who have literally taken over the earth, when the ocean is polluted and there is no air to breathe, we have come to the end of days. All so unnecessary. And so sad.

  17. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared

  18. Destroying Earth is a crime. Nature will strike back with a vengeance!
    Promote Eco-Tourism!

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