Stop Barbaric Medical Testing on Golden Retrievers

Target: Michael K. Young, President of Texas A&M University

Goal: Stop using golden retrievers in medical tests.

Researchers at Texas A&M University, led by doctor of veterinary medicine Joe Kornegay, are testing the effects of muscular dystrophy on golden retrievers by breeding them to have the disease. The dogs’ muscles become so wasted that they have difficulties walking and even eating, forcing them to subsist on thin gruel. Unable to control their motor functions, they often have long strings of saliva coming from their mouths, and because of their lack of muscle control, they are particularly susceptible to choking on their food.

Not only must the dogs suffer the effects of their condition, they are forced to undergo a process in which a motorized lever tears their muscles, which is extremely painful. The dogs are then left alone to suffer in solitude in metal cages without even blankets or beds to provide a minimal level of comfort, deprived of human and animal contact.

Kornegay and his colleagues have been conducting these experiments for more than 30 years, but no cure or treatment has even been developed from the studies. Generations of golden retrievers have suffered in the name of science for nothing. By signing this petition, you will help urge Texas A&M President Michael K. Young to end the animal cruelty taking place in the school’s laboratories.


Dear President Michael K. Young,

Golden retrievers in the laboratories at your university are currently suffering appalling conditions under the supervision of Dr. Joe Kornegay. The dogs are bred to have muscular dystrophy, and are then subjected to painful tests, cruelty, and neglect. The retrievers are often so weak that they have difficulties walking and even eating. They are only given thin gruel to eat because as the disease progresses, it becomes incredibly easy for them to choke. Strands of saliva hang from their mouths as their jaws become too weak to close.

Not only do the dogs undergo months or years of physical pain, including being subjected to a motorized lever designed to tear their muscles, they are often placed in cages alone, without contact with their fellow subjects. Many of the retrievers are left without even a blanket to comfort them.

Kornegay has been using these methods of experimentation for over 30 years, but no treatments or cures for veterinary muscular dystrophy have been developed. Currently, there is no end to this animal suffering in sight. Please take a stand against the cruelty occurring in your school’s laboratories by demanding that Joe Kornegay and his colleagues stop their cruel tests on golden retrievers.


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Photo Credit: Augusto Petrone

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  1. Yes it is barbaric. And what right do these deranged barbaric lowlifes at Texas A&M University have to torture poor innocent animals? In the name of “science”?
    The horrific atrocities committed against poor innocent golden retriever dogs by these sadists should be stopped immediately. The poor sweet dogs should be rescued.
    There is NO excuse for animal torture for science. Many countries have banned animal testing aka torture completely.
    Stop allowing sadistic barbaric people to torture animals in the name of science or anything else.


  3. Carol Hulbert says:

    This is barbaric torture!! Were these scientists out in the public doing this they would and should be arrested for felony animal abuse. They’re horrific torturers of those who are completely defenseless and if the scientists able to ask the dogs if they’d be willing to participate in these awful experiments, they’d certainly be turned down. This is 2017 people, I know there is a better way!! STOP EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS NOW!!!

  4. What on earth is the reason why they do this. It sounds like the barbaric experiments that happened in Germany under Hitler’s regime. Only evil an cruel for no reason.

  5. Susan Peltz says:

    What a disgrace Dr Kornegay is to the practice of Veterinary Medicine. “Mans Best Friend” in general & specifically the GoldenRetriever breed doesn’t deserve to be put through this type of testing. From what’s written about this testing being done w/ Golden Retrievers lead me to believe that Dr. Kornegay is no doubt a heartless unfeeling individual. He himself needs to for even just a few hours be treated the way he is treating the Golden Retrievers he’s using as ‘MedicalTest Specimens.

  6. sema özcelik says:

    Please dont use Texas A&M University. Golden Retriever this barbaric stupid sadistic experiments. İ aM MD on Turkey spesialist (anesthesia & ICU) . O hate all animal experiment Stop It!! .very ugly horribl .Close this lab emergency

  7. Alice Knight says:

    What is the reason to continue on with these gruesome experiments? Please STOP these barbaric tests. If after thirty years there has been no significant data STOP!
    Do you not feel there is enough unjust cruelty towards animals? Has this type of experimenting turned into being habitual or do you think something miraculously will be unveiled through continuous experiments?

  8. Dr. Kornegay fits the description of insane. Clearly, he’s not well. Rescue these abused dogs now!!

  9. what’s wrong with this country to allow any of this torture to any animal this has to stopped the sick sadistic bunch of creeps back woods idiots

  10. Contact and the doctors of this humane non-profit will show you how to contact medical experiments without the use of animals. Come join the 21 Century and stop the inhuman, barbaric and inferior practices that define you.

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