Investigate Ties Between Trump’s Advisor and Nazi Group

Target: Mr. Dana J. Boente, Acting Deputy Attorney General

Goal: Investigate allegations that Trump’s counter-terrorism advisor is a member of a Hungarian far-right, Nazi-allied group.

Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s counter-terrorism advisor, is allegedly a member of an anti-Semitic, quasi-Nazi Hungarian nationalist group called Vitézi Rend. Leaders of the Vitézi Rend, a fraternal organization, have identified Mr. Gorka as a sworn member, who took a lifelong oath of loyalty. If these accusations are true, it is likely that Mr. Gorka omitted crucial information in his naturalization process or procured citizenship through illegal methods, since full disclosure of the membership would have led to a veto. Mr. Gorka’s reported affiliation with an anti-Semitic organization is also deeply troubling as this administration’s record is remarkable by incidents of religious discrimination. It is unacceptable that a self-proclaimed anti-Semitist occupies any seat in the White House.

During the recent inauguration ball, Mr. Gorka wore a medal typically worn by Vitézi Rend members. At the time, he explained it was a gesture honoring his father, but he was photographed using the same medal on several other occasions. He has also identified himself as “Dr. Sebastian L. V. Gorka,” including in written testimony before Congress. Historical material indicates that the “v.” initial is employed by Vitézi Rend sworn members. Evidence puts Mr. Gorka under deep scrutiny since the State Department identifies the original Vitézi Rend as an active anti-Semitic organization that operated under the direction of the Nazis during World War II. With the allegations, many questions emerged about how Mr. Gorka, who was born in the United Kingdom with Hungarian ancestry, could become an American citizen despite this alleged membership. According to the U.S. regulations, it is unlawful to make a false statement in naturalization proceedings and procuring naturalization by concealing a material fact and/or willful misrepresentation is punishable by denaturalization.

Aside from questioning whether Mr. Gorka has friends in high places who might have helped him go through the citizenship process, it is important to pay close attention to the views shared by Trump’s counter-terrorism advisor. Mr. Gorka has a strong record of declarations against Islam, especially while working as national security editor at Breitbart News. It is apparently not a coincidence that the White House’s statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day failed to mention the Jewish victims, an omission publicly defended by Mr. Gorka. President Trump was too slow to condemn the attacks on Jewish Community Centers across the country and has yet to condemn the surge in anti-Muslim sentiment and crimes. Indeed, President Trump remains adamant in keeping his Muslim ban and spreading hate against the Islam. It is, therefore, urgent that the Justice Department investigates any tie between this federal officer and a quasi-Nazi group to prevent any further influence in national policies.


Dear Mr. Boente,

I urge you to thoroughly investigate whether Mr. Sebastian Gorka, White House counter-terrorism advisor, is a sworn member of an organization called Vitézi Rend. The organization is an anti-Semitic, quasi-Nazi Hungarian nationalist fraternal group and the State Department identifies the original crew as an active anti-Semitic organization that operated under the direction of the Nazis during World War II. Considering that Mr. Gorka became an American citizen, I question whether he falsified his naturalization application or otherwise illegally procured his citizenship by concealing any record of his membership in the Vitézi Rend. As you know, it is illegal to make a false statement in naturalization proceedings and procuring naturalization by hiding a material fact or stating willful misrepresentation is punishable by denaturalization.

Alleged ties between Mr. Gorka and a quasi-Nazi group are concerning as this administration has been in the spotlight for discriminating and disrespecting different religions — from failing to acknowledge the victims of Holocaust to pushing a Muslim ban. The American values state that one should not discriminate on the basis of worship or faith, and investigating and holding Mr. Gorka accountable is a way to guarantee that the country will honor these values no matter who is the president.


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Photo credit: Sk-gorka

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  1. If Sebastian Gorka should be investigated, then so also the Jewish lobby group AIPAC should be investigated for it’s powerful influence on the US government. Why does it promote stronger relations between the US and Israel, when Israel is increasingly being recognized as an apartheid state? And Israel, who is actively involved in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and has been for 69 years? And Israel, who arrests children as young as age 10 (usually for throwing stones) and tortures them?
    If there is such a petition I will sign it.

    • Shep Huntington says:

      Interesting how the antisemitism that is so prevalent with the far right is also thriving with the far left.

      • Labeling people who are critical of Israel’s crimes as antisemitic is a slanderous and diversionary tactic that doesn’t work any more. I am NOT antisemitic, neither am I right nor left.
        I don’t care what political persuasion anyone is. That is not the issue here. What I and many other people are concerned about is Israel’s ongoing atrocities they are committing against the Palestinian people, including many huge violations of International Law.
        Israel’s ongoing arrests, imprisoning, torture, sexual assaults and murders of many many children must NOT be ignored by the international community any longer.
        AIPAC most certainly SHOULD be investigated for promoting America’s condoning of and support of Israel in their crimes.

  2. You guys will resort to an BS you can find. Move on already and stop trying to undermind our government.

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