Stop Japan from Hunting the Endangered Sei Whale

Target: Koichi Yamamoto, Japan’s Minister of the Environment

Goal: Halt Japan’s plan to kill sei whales for research purposes.

Despite a moratorium on commercial whaling, Japan continues to kill endangered sei whales for “research purposes.” The Japanese government has planned to capture roughly 314 whales per year for 12 years beginning in 2017. This proposal would see about 100 more whales taken by the country than in recent years. While the Japanese government claims that this quota is based on science, there has been little to no evidence to support their claims.

Additionally, the Japanese commissioner to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Joji Morishita, recently pleaded for the allowance of a “small quota” of whales for local consumption, citing the supposed cultural importance of whaling to the Japanese. However, both the U.S. and the European Union’s IWC commissioners have spoken out against his request, stating that no country should be engaging in commercial whaling at this time.

Urgent conservation efforts have restored the once-critically endangered species to a third of its original population, but it must continue to be protected in order to make a full comeback. Demand that Japan do its part to protect the sei whale by signing below.


Dear Minister Yamamoto,

I demand that you urge your government to discontinue its whaling research program — particularly that portion of the program targeting the endangered sei whale. Your government plans to begin its research whaling before March 2018, despite a response from the International Court of Justice deeming its scientific whaling expeditions in the Antarctic Ocean as unscientific. Japan must not continue to misuse the “scientific whaling” provision of the global ban of commercial whaling as a ruse for selling whale meat.

Furthermore, I ask that you reprimand Japan’s IWC commissioner, Joji Morishita, for requesting permission to hunt a certain quota of whales for local consumption. This request is highly irresponsible and must not be condoned.

The future of the sei whale is largely dependent on Japan’s next steps. Please urge the Japanese government to strive to protect the sei whale rather than endanger its species further.


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Photo credit: Christin Khan

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  1. Japan is trying to cover up it’s barbarity by using various excuses for whaling.
    The excuse of “cultural” importance is an excuse that should NEVER be accepted for the killing of endangered species or any type of cruel treatment of animals.
    Is Japan also going to use that excuse for it’s barbaric practice of eating LIVE animals?
    Japan needs to become civilized and start treating animals with care, compassion and respect.

    • Sheila Murphy says:

      I agree with B Denno that the excuse of “cultural importance” needs to be dropped as an excuse for the unbridled killing of animals–including endangered cetaceans. It is more than time for advanced cultures to stop using “cultural importance” as an excuse for indefensible actions. The excuse of “scientific whaling” also needs to be struck down. A “scientific” study of whales simply does NOT depend upon 314 recently endangered sei whales being slaughtered every single year. It’s time for the ‘advanced’ nation of Japan to stop using stupid excuses to continue killing not only cetaceans but dolphins as well.

  2. Sheila Murphy says:

    No, Michelle, we do NOT need another Hiroshima. Ever. Your repulsive comments have nothing to do with whaling but everything to do with disgusting racism.

  3. Tina shurtleff says:

    I now have a cultural bias against Japanese cars. Boycott their products including their cars. Toyota cars are defective anyway


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