Save Kittens From Dying in Shelters

Target: Matthew Bershadker, CEO of the ASPCA

Goal: Establish a nationwide kitten saving program for all shelters.

Kittens placed in shelters face one of the highest rates of euthanization in the United States. Kittens under the age of eight weeks are being euthanized in shelters by the hundreds of thousands each year. Animal shelters lack the proper housing and resources to care for kittens, especially those under the age of eight weeks who have compromised immune systems. When very young kittens are brought into the shelter, with or without their mother, they face many obstacles as shelters aren’t able to provide adequate care. This lack of care means that these kittens end up being euthanized.

Neonatal kittens require a lot of time and specific resources that shelters simply do not have. An unweaned kitten requires around-the-clock care and shelters don’t have the staffing to provide overnight care. This lack of overnight care often means that kittens cannot survive 24 hours in shelter facilities. Foster programs can provide the constant monitoring required, but even these cannot be successful if the shelters don’t provide the proper information to the foster volunteers. Another problem shelters face with young kittens is that they take up cage space until they are about eight weeks of age, when they can be spayed and put up for adoption. For shelters trying to adopt the highest number of animals that they can, this is an issue not to be taken lightly.

There is hope for neonatal kittens in shelters and with the proper training, shelter staff can provide adequate care to neonatal kittens and ensure they reach the adoptable age. Kitten advocates are dedicated to helping shelters receive proper training in the care of neonatal kittens, but even they need help in their efforts.

By signing this petition you will be urging the CEO of the ASPCA Matthew Bershadker to institute a nationwide kitten program to end the euthanization of kittens in animal shelters.


Dear Matthew Bershadker,

Hundreds of thousands of young kittens are euthanized in the United States every year because animal shelters lack the proper training and supplies to be able to adequately care for neonatal kittens. These kittens cannot survive 24 hours in a shelter due to their high needs requirements which most shelters cannot meet.

While foster programs are a great resource for any shelter to have, without the proper information, foster volunteers are just as lost when it comes to caring for young kittens. Many kitten advocates are pushing for the widespread training of proper kitten care techniques, but without a nationwide standard, kittens will continue to die.

I urge you to provide a nationwide kitten program that will end the euthanization of young kittens in shelters. Please be the leader in this movement to save these kittens and develop the resources that shelters need to help these young kittens find forever homes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Christian Holmer

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  1. Killing kittens is so cruel! There needs to be a program to stop this, and I hope such a program will be instituted nationwide. And in other countries as well.

  2. This is a tragic,needless waste of life due to lack of knowledge.There are many volunteers in this world willing to help given the opportunity. I pray this will be addressed in all cities.

  3. Michelle wilson says:

    I love cats,I am sad that the little kittens have no chance of growing up,to be loved by caring person,living to 10 years or more.

  4. every life desreves a chance to live now.

  5. Stop this MADNESS!!!

  6. Let’s stop this madness! How sad it is to be born to die.

  7. I will not sign this. This is just putting a band-aid on an enormous problem. The focus, rather, needs to be on low-cost spay/neuter programs as well as education, particularly in low-income areas.

    There are no-kill shelters that exist where animals live in deplorable conditions just so the records can show that the cats/dogs are not euthanized. I have seen some and these animals would be better off dead than to live like this.

    Anyone who signs this petition must be willing to do the work. You cannot simply sign a petition and walk away. You must be willing to donate, work with the ASPCA (or your own local shelter), or whatever it takes to make this a reality.


  9. Stop & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!


  10. Here the USA goes again murdering the innocent and helpless Kittens and all the other helpless and innocent sentient beings.
    The USA is one of the vilest of animal torturers and murderers Worldwide.
    They are becoming as vile and evil with there heinous torture and suffering as the fucking animal torturing Chinese, South Koreans and all the other Asian countries who commit the vilest of heinous torture and suffering against innocent and helpless sentient beings.
    Wake up America and stop your sadism and evilness committed against the innocent.

    • I don’t know what country you are from, but, I have been signing petitions for years and I have not seen one country exempt from animal abuse and/or neglect.

  11. Please give these precious kittens a chance of life instead of murdering them all because of your lack of care and selfishness.
    I love cats and it breaks my heart that these defenceless and innocent kittens are not given a chance to survive and live out there precious lives with a beloved and caring family.
    Being the USA what else would you expect.
    They do a lot of goodness BUT they do a lot more of there sadism and evilness when it comes to the innocent.

  12. Matthew Bershadker, CEO of the ASPCA

    Establish a nationwide kitten saving program for all shelters

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Poor dear darlings❗?
    They didn’t ask to be born❗?
    Signed & shared❗?

  14. they are so adorable they make my heart hurt. people have caused the overpopulation. people should have to take responsibility. raise property taxes. it really wouldn’t take that much more from each home to care for EVERY kitten. we have 13 cats of our own. spay or neuter is AWAYS job one! every time we find a stray we take it to a local no kill shelter and give them 100 dollars EACH cat to find a foster and then a permanent home. still we would be more than happy to pay extra in property taxes if it would mean help and protection for EVERY kitten!

  15. the CEO of the ASPCA makes 500,000 per year. he’s not interested in anything but his own salary. if you look at their advertising, face book page, etc.. you will see dogs are the animal they truly care for and cats barely get a mention. I’m always shocked to see that they can even SPELL the word cat! your petition should be going to an organization that actually cares about cats or going to the government.

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