Justice for Dog Bound and Stomped to Death

Target: David Leyton, Prosecuting Attorney for Genesee County, Michigan

Goal: Seek maximum penalties for those allegedly responsible for binding a dog with tape and beating it to death.

The remains of a Shih Tzu mixed-breed dog were found days after the animal had been tortured, stomped to death, and left by the roadside. Photos of this shocking discovery appeared on social media after local Sheriff Robert Pickell urged residents to speak up, and called for tougher penalties for animal abusers. Within days, a tip was received, which led to the arrests of a couple living near where the dog had been found. The tip had come from the mother of one of the alleged abusers, who was concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren after learning what had happened to the 7-year-old dog.

Allegedly, one of the abusers, Nathan McCue, had gotten enraged after the dog, Dakota, had urinated on his clothes. What happened next is unthinkable. According to police, it is suspected that both McCue and his girlfriend Jessica Brown proceeded to bind the dog’s feet and face with electrical tape and tied him to a tree. They then reportedly stomped on the dog’s neck and back until he died.

This couple has allegedly committed a disgusting crime against this innocent animal and must be punished, if found guilty. The fact that they had small children in the home is troubling, considering the fact that if a dog’s misbehavior could prompt such malice, one wonders what could have happened to a child who had done similarly. McCue has a prior history of violence, which means he should be considered particularly dangerous if found guilty of this crime.

Too many dogs have suffered in Michigan with too little done in response. Just earlier this month in the same county, a man received a paltry $375 fine after he plead no contest to charges that he had beat and starved his three dogs. This level of leniency is inexcusable, and should not be applied to this case or any other cases of abuse going forward. Please sign this petition to demand that this case be taken seriously and that these alleged abusers get served the maximum penalties, should they be found guilty.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Leyton,

Shocking photos of a dog lying dead and bound with electrical tape that were posted by a Genesee County Sheriff are heartbreaking and difficult to view. The dog in the photos, a 7-year-old Shih Tzu mix named Dakota, had his feet and head bound before he was stomped to death. The reason for this shocking act of cruelty? The dog had apparently urinated on his owner’s clothing.

This inexcusable behavior cannot be tolerated. If the two suspects are found guilty, they must not be allowed to remain free and able to cause more harm to other animals or to their children. If such malicice could be carried out against a helpless animal, one wonders what they are capable for doing to another human being, particularly one reliant on their care.

More must be done to prosecute and punish those who abuse animals in Genesee County. Earlier this month, a man named Lavelle Gulette pleaded no contest to charges he had beaten his dogs and starved them, and was given only a $375 fee.

We cannot allow these two alleged criminals to get off so easily should they be found guilty. I urge you to do all you can to seek justice for this dog so that his death will not be in vain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sheriff Robert Pickell

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Since repeated requests to those in power to make the laws tougher in the cases of animal cruelty seem to simply fall on deaf ears, I call on anyone who knows this vile couple and feels inclined to take the law into their own hands to do just that. Nothing that could be done to punish this evil pair will in any way equate with what they did to this poor little dog and I SO hope someone out there gives them exactly what they deserve. I vote we all give up begging for tougher laws-it simply does not work-perhaps when a few of these animal abusers are found strung up or left kicked to death at the roadside then the lawmakers might just get the message.

  2. This article is correct, the level of violence against this defenseless animal is heinous and barbaric. What will these two eventually do to one, or more, of the children in this home? Send a clear message and deliver a proper and severe punishment to McCue and Brown; anything less is just too sanction animal cruelty and make Michigan look like a third world country.

  3. Margaret Melnick says:

    I think it is time Michigan voted for new people in power. the ones in authority seem to condone animal abuse. I would not be surprised to find they are animal abusers and possibly child abusers themselves. Seems it would be time to clean up some corruption.

  4. Only the death penalty will suffice.I am ready, willing ++++ and able to help implement this required procedure.An eye for an eye is indeed required!

  5. And with that – let the punishment fit the crime.
    I think that these two ‘people’ should have their faces covered with duct tape, then stomped to death. The end.

  6. Alice Knight says:

    This act of animal cruelty is appalling, heinous and unacceptable. If you wish to be considered a humane state, changes to your animal laws must be considered a priority. You should be using this horrific incident as an example to anyone who decides to commit any crime against a defenceless animal. Your state needs to make some drastic alterations for animal welfare.
    McCue and Brown need to be held accountable for their vicious act and be given a severe punishment, not a fine. Money sometimes will not serve as proper justice as in this case. Anybody can get hold of cash, but to serve 3 years in prison is a different punishment all together


  8. Lilian Caughlin says:

    cretins like that are a cancer to a respectful and peaceful society. It needs to be treated as such by cutting it away.
    Has nothing to do with revenge as some bleeding hearts would like to point out. We all would live healthier and more peaceful.

  9. Kathryn Irby says:

    Prosecute the Trash who Killed this innocent, loving dog to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!!

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