Protect Women From Sexist Trump Administration

Target: Nancy Pelosi, United States Congresswoman

Goal: Protect women’s rights from the Trump administration.

The Trump administration is proving a huge threat to women’s reproductive freedom as well as all other rights women have worked so hard to earn. From the reported attempt to revoke women’s voting rights during the election to the defense of President Trump’s vulgar comments regarding his own sexual assault crimes and the repeated attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, there is a distinct slant of misogyny within the White House.

While the United States may not be at the level of other cultures when it comes to indignities against women, this is still completely unacceptable. We may not be forcing women to cover their bodies and never go outside unless escorted by men, but the White House is still threatening their rights at every turn. Trump has chosen several cabinet members who are ardently anti-woman, including a Supreme Court pick who intends to overturn the Roe vs. Wade decision from years ago. The United States has not been lacking in crimes against women, and the current administration will force us back to the dark ages if we do not keep fighting to stop them.

Women deserve better than this. We have worked too long and too hard to let President Trump and his sexist cabinet take away everything we have earned. Sign this petition to protect women and their fundamental rights from the Trump administration.


Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

The Trump administration continues to fight women’s rights as if they were a disease or a bomb threat. The president’s Supreme Court pick will overturn Roe vs. Wade, his cabinet is anti-women’s health in general, and Trump counselor Kellyanne Conaway — a woman herself — has defended Trump’s own defense of his sexual assault accusations.

The United States may be better off regarding women’s rights than some cultures, but we are far from ideal and have been for years. Workplace sexism still runs rampant, and people still believe they get to police women’s sexual activities, reproductive rights, and body types. Rape culture is still active, and Trump appointed Jerry Falwell Jr. to force a bill that would stop the investigation of rapes reported by women.

The Trump administration’s rampant sexism is only magnifying these issues, and they need to be stopped. Please defend women’s rights as strongly as possible. Veto any bills that would strip women of their rights to health care, protect them from sexual assault, or allow their assailants to walk free. We cannot let the United States go back 50 years in its treatment of women.


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One Comment

  1. Trump has definitely shown himself to be sexist and discriminatory against women, which is very disturbing.
    But please don’t mix up sexism with the issue of abortion. It is NOT sexist to try to save the lives of babies who are safely dwelling in their mother’s wombs. Abortion not only involves the rights of the woman, but also the rights of the son or daughter she is expecting.
    Please do your own research on abortion. Find out what abortion really is. And read/watch some testimonies of former abortionists, who tell it like it is.

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