Justice for Dog Reportedly Shot with Crossbow

Target: Jay Scott, State’s Attorney for Macon County, Illinois

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the two men who allegedly shot a dog with a crossbow.

A dog suffered serious injuries after it was reportedly shot with a crossbow. The suspects reportedly shot at the dog multiple times with intent to harm. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

“One individual that the mini crossbow belonged to shot at the dog and missed. He then gave the crossbow to his friend and said ‘Why don’t you do it? I know you won’t miss’ and he shot the dog,” stated Lieutenant Antonio Brown of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. His deputies responded to the call, where they found the Corgi mix bleeding with an arrow sticking out if its shoulder.

Dalton Zindars and Dakota Leddy-Wilber were charged with aggravated animal cruelty and obstruction of justice. As a condition of their bond, they will not be allowed to be the primary caretaker for any animal. The dog is recovering. Sign below and demand that Zindars and Leddy-Wilber receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear State’s Attorney Scott,

A dog suffered tremendously after it was reportedly shot with a crossbow. The dog survived, but had to have more than $3,000 worth of surgery. We demand that this dog receive justice.

When the Macon County Sheriff’s deputies found the dog, it had an arrow sticking out of its shoulder. Per police, the suspects lived in the same neighborhood as the dog and deliberately shot the dog. The suspects initially fled the scene, but were caught thanks to CrimeStoppers and the Macon County Sheriff’s Office.

This horrific crime cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: patriciaegreen

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  1. If these two animals do not receive appropriate punishment, as opposed to the usual slap on the wrist, then the next arrow will be through a human. They deserve the maximum allowable for this very deliberate act of cruelty and abuse.

    • All the ones abusing 4 paws animals should get the same as they have done, but if the Animal survive, they shouldn’t be allow to be alive. They should be tortured the same way, and left to die alone, and someone check they were really dead, as evil things always survive. That’s why I always say i prefer to be left alone in an island with 5 dogs I had never seen, than humans. There are more and more of this shocking cruelty, they need to be erased from this world and they show, they are no decent human, that’s all. Humans are not in extinction and death penalty should be in strong force all over the world, than we would see a big difference.

  2. The morons that beleaguered and shot this gorgeous, tiny and defenceless little creature deserve the full weight of the law coming down on their own shoulders. Do those who responded to this call and took the little corgi-cross for emergency treatment and the little dog itself the justice and dignity they deserve and make sure that they pay with a punishment that really fits the crime. This indiscriminate abuse toward the voiceless, be it animal or child (so often both, by such sadistic perpetrators) simply has to stop for a better world to begin – and that can only happen through measures specifically designed and implemented to deter. Thank you for your time. R.A.


  4. it’s disgusting how humans treat the animals. How about if the animals turn on us. I wish for that day so all the abusers could go to hell, be torn apart and shot to death!
    the punishment should be sever. why not to shot them the same way they did this innocent dog!

  5. Denise Devereux says:

    Well done USA law makers because of your lack of severe punishment here we have your NEXT SERIAL KILLERS in training. World research states monsters like this start with torture and killing of animals and then move on to humans. Children first as like animals they cannot fight back.
    May the wraith of God come down on you like a spear and your worst nightmares come true and hurt the enablers and perpetrators where they will hurt most. Satan is waiting for these monsters where they will burn in the fires of hell and be shown no mercy and their pain will be constant.

  6. I am ready,willing and able to help implement the required death penalty for these bastards ensuring a slow and painful death!!! OH YES!!!!!!

  7. Shoot that fucking arsehole with it leave him to die.

  8. The horrific suffering of this little dog, “for the fun of it”–MUST BE severely punished by these psychos!

  9. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Sick bastards!!! Lock them up. Hope they get the crap kicked out of them in jail!!!

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