Cancel Cruel Circus That Saw a Bear Urinate on Herself

Target: Susan Bulling, Events Coordinator of Lancaster Event Center

Goal: Ban the James Cristy Cole Circus from using animal acts in its show.

The Lancaster Event Center is planning on hosting a circus put together by the James Cristy Cole Circus which has featured a cruel bear show during past performances. The bear show, which is produced by Castle’s Bears, puts terrified bears in crowded, loud arenas. It is time to stop supporting this cruelty.

Animals used in circuses are often subjected to cruel forms of training, including whipping, hitting and withholding food. Footage from a recent performance shows the bears being tethered, muzzled and prodded. One bear was apparently so stressed and nervous that she urinated on herself.

Sign this petition and demand the Lancaster Event Center either cancel its plans with the circus or only allow them to perform without animal acts. These animals belong in the wild, not in cages and putting on shows for humans.


Dear Ms. Bulling,

The Lancaster Event Center is planning on hosting a circus put together by the James Cristy Cole Circus and Castle’s Bears. The show includes cruel bear performances. These animals belong in the wild, not in loud, crowded arenas.

Animals trapped in the entertainment industry are typically subjected to cruel training techniques. This includes, but is not limited to, chaining, whipping, hitting and withholding food. In addition, recent footage shows the bears being tethered, muzzled and prodded. One bear even urinated on herself, apparently due to her nerves and stress.

These animals experience fear and pain just like you and me. It is cruel to continue forcing these animals to perform ridiculous tricks for human entertainment. Please tell the James Cristy Cole Circus that it cannot perform unless it does so without its animal acts.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: N_Steffens

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  1. Ban these disgusting barbaric circus now . Here in the uk animals performing in circus is banned . Why has the rest of the world not followed suit ? It is so awfuly crule and the people who purchase tickets to watch such shows are also guilty . BAN THIS REVOLTING PRACTICE OF CRUELTY NOW !!!

  2. Why must these “shows” continue? This is cruelty, abusive and traumatic for these poor animals. Ban this practice of subjecting innocent animals to perform embarrassing, silly stunts. How is this entertainment? the attendees/event planners/ so called trainers AKA ABUSERS are just guilty.
    BAN this cruel practice of putting animals on display.

  3. Silvia Cabal says:

    We humans are past due leaving behind our exploitative behaviors towards animals. We know better now than abuse them for our “entertainment”. Circus with animals should be a part of the panful past, as well as hunting, bullfights, exploitative zoos, animal tourism and many other forms of abuse. Evolve!!!

  4. I’d love to have the subhumans putting on this ‘show’ trade places with the bears!! Hell, I wouldn’t care if the bears decided to eat these vermin!!! The only thing I’d worry about is if the poor bears got poisoned by eating these subhumans!!!

    • Samantha Sherline says:

      I’m with you on this. Bears are my Totem and everything in and around my house is bears. If it’s not a bear it doesn’t come into my house accept for my dog and kitties. I hate the bears are treated SO inhumanely. People that treat any animal in a cruel way should get the same treatment and life in prison.

  5. If the Lancaster Events Center hosts this circus without animals, they will still be giving money to this horrible circus, which will use the money to abuse their animals. I hope they just cancel the show period.

  6. Samantha Sherline says:

    How about our crappy government passing the bill to kill bears, their cubs and wolves and their pups in their dens?? Can you believe this?? Every curse word I can think of is how I feel about these so called people who voted this bill through the senate and the house. I wonder if they really sleep?? How can the call themselves humans?? And America is supposed to be the best country in the world?? I don’t think so!!

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