Justice for Cat Tortured to Death with Hot Glue

Target: Troy Rawlings, Davis County Attorney

Goal: Find and seek the maximum punishment for the person responsible for severely beating a cat and sealing its eyes shut with hot glue.

In a heartbreaking case of senseless cruelty, a 6-year-old cat in Clearfield, Utah named Sage returned home to his family beaten almost beyond recognition, with his eyes sealed shut with hot glue. He had been missing for several days, and what had happened during that time is unthinkable. All of Sage’s toes were broken and his ribs snapped. He had been shaved and then burned with hot glue, which was also used on his eyes and injected into his anus and genitalia. It is remarkable that Sage was somehow able to limp home, barely able to walk or even meow in spite of the great pain he must have endured. Despite veterinary intervention, the gray-and-white cat succumbed to his many injuries a day later.

Members of the Humane Society of Northern Utah and veterinarians at the Salt Lake City animal clinic where Sage was treated both stated that the case was one of the worst cases of abuse they had ever seen. As word spread of the poor cat’s condition, donations came pouring in from animal lovers far and wide. In the wake of Sage’s death, the Humane Society is now pledging to use the collected donations, totaling over $22,000, as a reward to help catch the sick individual responsible for this act of cruelty.

We must demand that local law enforcement does all that it can to ensure that this cat torturer is brought to justice. Sage suffered abuses that no creature should have to endure. Sign this petition to demand that whoever is responsible is caught and is punished to the maximum extent of the law for this heinous act.


Dear Mr. Rawlings,

The recent case of a cat in Clearfield who was tortured to death is deeply upsetting. Sage was a much-loved family pet who somehow ended up in the hands of a heartless individual who beat him so severely that his ribs were snapped and his paws crushed. The animal had been shaved and burned over much of his body with hot glue, with his eyes and anus sealed shut. Salt Lake City veterinarians attested that it was the worst case of abuse that they had seen, and in spite of their best efforts, this cat died as a result of the horrific injuries he had sustained.

Whoever was responsible for this savage attack must be found as soon as possible before more animals can be harmed. No animal in Davis County, or anywhere, should have to suffer a fate as terrible as poor Sage. I am urging you to do all in your power to see that they are caught and that the maximum penalty is sought for this sickening act of abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Congerdesign

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  1. Paul Poulos says:

    This sick coward needs to be brought to justice. Whoever did this should never be allowed in society again. They really should have the same thing done to them. It breaks my heart to think of what poor Sage went through. He trusted who did this or he would not have been in this situation. So sad. Scared, confused, and in severe pain. If someone did this to one of my cats I would hunt them down and make them pay. They should have the shit beat out of them and burned alive. There is no rehabilitation for evil like this. There is a special place in hell for people like this. RIP SAGE.

  2. Janice Doolin says:

    I am so beyond furious with the Clearfield Police; the Utah Humane Society has no enforcement authority; they have forwarded several hundred leads to the ONE police detective assigned to the case; what chance of follow_Up is there?! It’s even worse because this should be a fairly easy catch considering the proximity to Sage’s home and the likelihood this is not the perps first time and they have evidence, including that collar!The level of sick is unimaginable and scary; The police need to get off their asses and DO something!! A mind that can conceive of such horror, and carry it out, is a danger to more than just animals; if they don’t solve this they will at some point wish they had! I have had it I’m so disgusted! I really wish someone would out the person for the huge reward money but have someone get to the perp before the police do…and perhaps visit the person with a glue gun!

  3. If offenders found let them swing!

  4. Piss poor job as well by clearfied and davis if it wasnt so far away id do some deteteve work

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