Justice For Dogs Reportedly Held Captive, Beaten and Mutilated

Target: Billy White, El Dorado, Arkansas Chief of Police

Goal: Justice for dogs so badly abused they had to be euthanized.

Five pit bulls had to be put to death after being found severely abused on the property of 19-year-old Jordan Ross. The dogs were reportedly chained, starving, and some had had their ears cut off. This was not the first time Ross has been accused of engaging in such activity, and four months after the discovery of the pit bulls he has finally been caught and arrested.

This man has allegedly committed a disgusting crime against innocent animals. Those dogs did not deserve to be held captive, beaten, and mutilated to the point where they had to be put to death. There has been far too much animal abuse recently, and dogs are the most common victims. This man not only needs to face justice, but the punishments for animal abuse need to be harsher and enforced more strongly.

Too many dogs are suffering and dying, and Jordan Ross has reportedly added five more meaningless deaths to the tally. We already do so much to protect animals, but it is never enough if people like these continue to commit such crimes. Sign this petition to demand justice for these poor dogs.


Dear Chief White,

A man who has been reportedly committing animal abuse for the past several years was finally caught and arrested several months after five dogs found on his property were so badly maimed and suffering that they had to be euthanized. This adds five more victims to the plethora of animal abuse deaths that have occurred recently. Those dogs did not deserve to have their lives brutally cut short by such cruelty.

In addition to animal abuse, Jordan Ross also reportedly evaded arrest several times before finally being caught. He must be made to face justice as soon as possible, and you must strengthen your animal protection laws as well as the punishments issued to those who commit the crime of animal abuse. The deaths of those five dogs need not be in vain.


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Photo Credit: Carol Foil

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  1. I would love to personally impose justice upon this fucking piece of putrid filth! How about starting with his disgusting stench of a penis! Chop it off and force-feed it to him, watch him choke and laugh! Then I’d chop off limb after limb and pour acid on the festering wounds!! I bet if we imposed such punishment on these abhorrent wastes of space, they’d stop hurting and torturing innocent animals, etc., very quickly!!

  2. Laurie Miskell says:

    There is a special place in Hell for human waste who abuse animals.


  4. This is a perfect case for an Animal Abuser Registry, especially once he has been arrested and receives punishment. Hopefully not a slap on the wrist as most receive. We need the punishment to fit the crime. The premise of this or any other bill should be to have abusers’ names on a Database Registry, where shelters and others who are responsible for finding safe and loving homes for animals will have a resource available to determine whether or not a person has a background of abuse/neglect. This will provide necessary background information to everyone responsible for the safety of an animal. In this way, the offender will not be afforded any opportunities to abuse/neglect another animal again.

  5. Caryl Sawyer says:

    As ex-law enforcement, I must ask: Why has this pervert been arrested before now? Someone has dropped the ball.

  6. Kill These bastards

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I want the son of a bitch to suffer the same stress those poor dogs did❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  8. Can we just torture these sick bastards in the same manner they inflicted on innocent creatures?

  9. Please enforce tougher laws against animal abusers. Animals are loving innocent creatures that need humans protection and love. It is okay if some humans do not love animals BUT it is DEFINITELY NOT ACCEPTABLE for anyone to HURT THEM! Being the law, please do your part!

  10. People who abuse animals are a danger to all of society – when is the justice system going to realize this?? These creeps get off with a slap on the wrist and then eventually end up back in the courts charged with domestic violence, and various other crimes. They need to be behind bars or in psychiatric facilities. They are evil and dangerous!!

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