Don’t Cripple U.S. Public School System

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives

Goal: Vote against bill that will implement a nationwide voucher program that harms public schools.

This is a perilous time in U.S. history for the public school system. Congressional Republicans are trying to push a bill that will grant vouchers to eligible students to help them attend private schools at taxpayers’ expense. The pros and cons of vouchers have been long debated in the U.S.; however, studies have shown that vouchers are ultimately a short-term solution that come at the expense of public schools.

Vouchers chip away at the the funding that public schools so desperately need, weakening the public education system as a whole. Show Congress that you do not support school vouchers by signing below.


Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

I am writing in strong opposition to H.R. 610, the bill that undermines the United States’ public schools with a voucher system. While vouchers may provide marginal benefits to some, they pose a serious threat to the overall health and stability of our public schools.

Claims that students perform better when allowed to transfer from public to private school have been disproved. Additionally, giving low-income parents an incentive to send their kids to religious schools muddles the line between church and state.

Our public education system is one of our most precious resources. If it is not fully supported both socially and economically, our nation’s youth will suffer. Please vote no on H.R. 610 and speak out against educational vouchers.


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  1. Education helps our families, our society. Our children = our future. The wealthy republicans will destroy our society, our environment, and American values because of greed and ignorance and hate.

    • Where do you people come from? Do you really listen to all of the ignorance and paranoia from the fake news and Hollyweird? Stop melting, snowflakes!

      • Wow… you even KNOW what we’re talking about here?

        THIS has nothing to do with Hollywood, “fake news” or any other current terms like “snowflakes”…….

        • I have to agree with Shelley…you people must be on some of Colorado’s wacky weed to write some of the things you do. Republicans breathe the same air and drink the same water that you liberal snowflakes do so we’re not about to pollute it! I honestly believe that our country is running towards a civil war…now just exactly how do you think that “Republican” education will be poorer than the crap that liberals have been putting in our schools for generations??

          • Frank,it’s nice to hear from you. Again,I beg to differ. Just a quick question. Where is the passage that mentions environmental impact? I’m not sure where that defensiveness comes from. Since you brought it up, though, Flint, Michigan is not the only community being poisoned by failing infrastructure. There are many more. The GOP has done everything possible to defund all efforts to correct the problem. Case in point, Scott Pruitt. Where do you think those elite Republicans went to school? I guarantee it wasn’t even in the vicinity of a public school. Their disdain for those institutions rivals and exceeds the nonsense purported to be attributed to liberals. That is another tired talking point to deflect the damage school vouchers will cause to our public, neighborhood schools. And let’s not forget the impact to rural schools. The ones we liberals have “forgotten. ” We’ve already been defunded to the point that teachers have to purchase school supplies for their students. It is so common that there is an income tax deduction. Yet,those liberal snowflakes, do what the GOP in all it’s wisdom won’t. They do everything they can to help their students succeed.

      • And where did you go to school? I do not want one cent of my tax dollars supporting private or religious schools. That is a choice I make, after all, it is school choice. Separation of church and state seems to mean nothing anymore. Fake news is what you see on “Faux News.” Talking points without credibility. Snowflakes become avalanches. Some of those snowflakes are Hollywood celebrities. It does not negate their views, just because they oppose yours. I have to keep reminding “you” that our illegitimate president lost the popular vote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by almost 3 million votes. That’s a lot of snowflakes.

  2. Public schools have been a major part of the American dream.We must have effective education for all children.

  3. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Children will be ignorant in science, mathematics, history but they’ll know how to salute the flag, hate people who are different, and pray. Let’s hope that prayer thing works, we’re going to need it to survive (unless Cheeto gets impeached).

  4. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no more lies in school. stop the world from crippling the schools now!

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