Stop Horse Slaughter Plant from Opening in New Mexico

Target: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Goal: Deny a permit that would allow Valley Meat Company to open a horse slaughter facility in Roswell, New Mexico.

Valley Meat Company of Roswell, New Mexico has filed two applications to grant inspections of horse slaughter in its plant. The company plans to slaughter horses for human consumption, which is strongly opposed by humane groups, local officials, and a majority of Americans. Horses have not been slaughtered in America since 2007, but a new bill provides funding for inspections.

Both New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and Attorney General Gary King strongly oppose allowing horse slaughter in their state, and are working to try and stop it. Unfortunately, Valley Meat Company’s intentions are not illegal. The company plans to solely slaughter horses in its facility. There are not enough horses in the state to keep the plant in operation, which means horses would have to be shipped in from other states, which increases their likelihood of inhumane treatment.

The consumption of horsemeat is virtually non-existent in America, but horsemeat is considered a delicacy in parts of Europe and Asia. Horses are not raised for human consumption in this country, and are routinely given drugs that are potentially harmful to humans.

New Mexicans have a deep appreciation for horses as they play an important role in the state’s rural way of life. To suggest a cruel and polluting slaughterhouse in the state is an affront to the values of its people. Tell the USDA to deny Valley Meat Company’s request for horse slaughter inspections in its New Mexico facility.


Dear Mr. Vilsack,

Valley Meat Company of Roswell, New Mexico has applied for a grant to allow horse slaughter inspections in its facility. Horses are companion animals and horsemeat consumption is virtually non-existent in America.

Both New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and Attorney General Gary King strongly oppose allowing horse slaughter in their state, and are working to try and stop it. New Mexicans have a deep appreciation for horses as they play an important role in the state’s rural way of life. To suggest a cruel and polluting slaughterhouse in the state is an affront to the values of its people.

Horses are magnificent creatures that the vast majority of Americans view as companion animals. Please do not grant Valley Meat Company inspections for horse slaughter.


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  1. Any Slaughter house is a place of horror – please do your bit and reduce or stop the amount of animal flesh you eat – we were saved from the illegal dog meat trade slaughter houses in Philippines – please try and save more of our animal mates . Dog bless x

  2. dogmantrainer says:

    At the risk of having my heart cut out as I am lynched by the mob, I want to share a different viewpoint. Hear me out if you would be so tolerant.

    I am FOR slaughter houses for horses and other equines. Not having this resource has had a very negative effect on the horse business (see last paragraphs). The price of a good horse has gone way down; there are too many horses in the market, and too many poor examples of horseflesh. Not having the slaughterhouse as a resource has had a very negative effect on horses that are not wanted, can’t be cared for anymore, have no possibility of being adopted, or are too old and broken to be of any value to anyone.

    Cost of caring for these unwanted horses is very expensive and drains government and private resources unreasonably. Research how much of this year’s BLM budget is dedicated specifically for the care and containment of excess mustangs. Ask the Houston ASPCA (when they aren’t filming a new show and confiscating abused and neglected or abandoned horses) how much of their budget is dedicated and if they can sustain the expenditure of caring for these animals. There are not enough shelters, rescues, and retirement communities, and there aren’t enough people willing to step in to do the work, or write the checks to make it happen.

    Certainly there is not nearly as many horse caretakers out there as there are horse advocates out there that advocate so emotionally for No-Kill Mustang management and No Slaughterhouses. It would make sense for the emotionally outraged advocates to stand in the breach and fill the need and sacrifice money, labor, land, and feed to back up their position and demands.

    “Somebody should do something” is one of those unique phrases in the English language frequently used by advocates of all kinds, that has a word in it that is “silent”. You don’t pronounce it when you say it. When an advocate says “Somebody should do something”, what they really are saying is ““Somebody ELSE should do something”. The ELSE is grammatically “silent”. Silent like the emptiness of a grain bucket or hay shed or as silent as the phone line gets when you ask a vet to provide ongoing care for free. Silent like it used to be when your subdivision was a working farm or ranch. So I would advocate for legalized and “let be” slaughter houses.

    Slaughter Houses would allow “recycling” and complete use of the “unwanted” class of horse flesh. Environmentalists are famous for romanticizing how our Indian Brothers “used every bit of a buffalo, not any went to waste”. That was never true, but it makes good movies and blog references. There are many more reasons for legalized American slaughterhouses than there are to forbid them. No advocate likes that choice, it’s a hard choice to make and advocates make emotional choices and force others to make the hard and impossible choices for them.

    I don’t think the issue of slaughterhouses is about food as much as it is about what to do with the excess numbers of horses and other equines that can’t be cared for anymore. The BLM has responsibility for managing the mustang populations on the land it controls. They are very scientific about how many horses can be carried on their land. They are required by law to keep the numbers below certain specified maximum levels.

    I’ve never met an advocate environmentalist that grasped the concept of a maximum number of whatever they were advocating for. The concept refers to the establishment or agreement of “how many is too many” of whatever the animal is. Advocates also don’t cotton to “killing” much less “killing and using” animals they advocate for. So maximum numbers are um… denied? However the number of animals grows every year regardless of their advocates denial. Budgets and land/habitat/corals/feed/vet services/and other hard topics don’t keep up with the increase. This is a good thing to have denial about too I guess.

    When there gets to be too many horses, the BLM rounds them up, and puts them in corals. These horses now have to be fed and watered and monitored, until more range is discovered, or Ms. Pickens takes some more on, or until the horses are adopted or die off. It is very expensive. The herds not in captivity, but at maximum carrying capacity for the land they are on, keep multiplying by at least 20% each year. Every year they will predictably and reliably exceed carrying capacity of the land they are on. The problem cannot be ignored, the ranges at capacity must see a reduction, and something has to be done. Denial be damned.

    The economic resources needed to keep a horse healthy and happy are hard to come by and cost of care has gone up significantly. Unfortunately the economically 1% isn’t really a majority the 99% think it is. If you are blessed with a ton of money and feel strongly about no slaughterhouses and No-Kill animal management, can I have some of your money?

    Living in the west and on the land means you have to make tough choices. Some of these tough choices are going to offend the sensibilities of people who don’t live in the west and don’t live on the land and don’t have to make tough choices. It has been a serious and distressing trend in the animal rights/environmentalist movements that they have become increasingly more radical and less realistic. The majority of the advocate type sites are romantic fantasy and emotional enragement precipitators. Yet the movement’s supporters are more willing to sign no slaughterhouse/No-Kill petitions and more unwilling to shoulder any responsibility for the consequences of the forced choices they advocate so vehemently for. No animal can be slaughtered and used, but the movement won’t supply the resources necessary to sustain the unwanted, abandoned, and overpopulated problem horse populations. They have insisted that the government be responsible for management, and then are thrown into tizzy fits when the government does the job the advocates have insisted it has responsibility to do.

    Harvesting the potential resources from excess horses for human, animal, or “industrial” purposes only makes good environmentally sustainable sense. Horses euthanized must be buried, that is VERY BAD for the environment and there are not many places you can do it. A euthanized horse must not be eaten by any live creature or that creature will die. A buried dead horse is a waste of resources, when so much good could be made from rendering an unwanted, abandoned, or otherwise excess horse “useful”. Leather, “glue”, animal feed, hair, fertilizer, and a hundred other options are not possible now because there are no slaughter houses.

    The horse population as a whole is less healthy because of it. Humane end of life experiences for the aged is an exceptional occurrence, where it needs to be a routine occurrence. The need for it significantly exceeds the capacity or even the desire to meet that need.

    One possible use of slaughterhouse horse products and by-products is to feed some of the other radical environmentalist/animal rights activist’s pet animal projects. You may not be aware of it, but the Wolf reintroduction program has done so well, that there are now TOO MANY WOLVES TOO! Wolf advocates, like horse/mustang advocates, believe that NO WOLF SHOULD EVER BE KILLED, FOR ANY REASON, REGARDLESS OF IMPACT.

    They also insist that the responsibility for “management” be stripped from the private citizen and restricted to the government. They also routinely hate the government for doing the job they insisted the government do.

    Perhaps by making excess horse populations available for slaughter the end products could be used to help nurture the excess populations of wolves (or bears). Advocates are famous for suggesting that one thing be sacrificed for another thing. Here is a great opportunity to advocate FOR each other’s causes. Too many unwanted, expensive to care for horses, could be a viable boon for the too many wolves that kill too many other wildlife and livestock problem. Wolf advocates would LOVE to have the horses you don’t want to care for and won’t afford but demand “somebody else should”.

    Wolf advocates would probably provide a lot of support for keeping slaughter houses illegal too. You both get what you want. They would find a way to force “somebody else” to truck the horses to the wolves, ’cause wolves like to kill what they might eat. Worth giving them a call maybe.

    You might give PETA a call as well. They advocate really radical courses of action for all animals. They would rather go naked than wear fur and they advocate all kinds of irrational animal non-management. You could take steps to force all excess horses into PETA’s care. They would take care of your problem. No, wait, 90% of the pets given to PETA were killed by PETA, so maybe that isn’t so good for you or the horses you don’t want to take care of and refuse to fund so “somebody else” can provide the care for you.

    It’s a difficult situation, and I think slaughter houses are more than viable a solution. I’ve been lucky, all my horses “aged over” on my ranch and I was able to care for them till they crossed over. When they got too old or too unsound, I figured they didn’t owe me anything, and I owed them as good as I could give. But with all the environmentalist activists and animal rights radicals advocating for almost all the things that will make this “the last generation before sub-division” and ensuring that the place comes out of production for good and always. One thing is for sure, I won’t be able to care for any more horses or adopt any more mustangs once the “advocate generation” has their way. Horse business is bad and has been for 30 years. I’ll be extinct pretty soon though, whatever hard choices I had to make, I’ll no longer have to worry about making anymore.

    The last thing for sure is that there will be some great new houses, with great views, and a river will run through it, and every environmentalist will have a great place to park their Subaru and their new Suburban, as they sit at their computers advocating for no more slaughterhouses, no more awful livestock greedy ranchers, and lots more regulations to prevent the killing of the iconic free mustang spirit, or our brother spirit the wolf (the other icon of the west).

    I advocate for slaughterhouses, and sustainable animal management that includes the use of lethal methods as indicated by population and problematic impact.

    I am not for cruelty, especially if it means a slow lingering death from starvation and dehydration. I am for habitat protection from overpopulation. I am for fiscally responsible government expenditure of our money, so that they use what money they have for sound future productivity preparation.

    I advocate that advocates meet their emotional needs in more productive, less denial-ed, and less impactful to the “somebody elses” out here ways.

    Thanks for listening…. hey, what are you guys doing with that rope?…

    • christine peniaranda says:

      i only read the first few parts. did you know slaughter was done in the same amounts even after it was ended in the u.s.? there’s the same amount of homeless equines weather there is slaughter legally or not. many slaughter horses are STOLEN. slaughter encourages this also. can you imagine explaining to your kid that their precious pal was stolen for his meat? yes, i am emotional about slaughter. i believe horses do not belong in slaughter for the simple fact they bought this nation’s freedom, fed our families, tilled our land, carried our soldiers, carry our children, help our mentally and physically ill in therapy,. i just can’t see it being right in any way. slaughter promotes irresponsible over-breeding in the racing and show industry. slaughter horses can be re-homed but killer buyer out-bid people that try to do that. horses may not seem too important to you, but people today have forgotten what horses meant to our very survival. our great grandparents could not survive without them. slaughter is no way to reward them.

    • Dogtrainer-(if u really are one, I would not let u near my dogs) furthermore…… I am NOT for horse slaughter LET nature take its course if the need be. Just like GOD does for humans. Maybe some here need to reeducate themselves on how cruelly it is done.

    • I heard the second sentence & I’m ok’ing the lynch mob to cut your heart out hopefully it’s bigger then your brain oh this is too Dogmantrainer

    • Dogtrainer, we have an overpopulated world as well. One that’s overpopulated with unwanted children and the elderly. Should we start legalizing slaughter of humans as well? There are other ways of doing this without legalizing the slaughter of these beautiful creatures. Just as someone said, if this happens, people will breed horses just for that purpose. We already have shelters that are overrun with animals because its so easy for ppl to just drop off their unwanted pets instead of taking responsibity. Are we going to see horse shelters now, too?! When is the world going to wake up and realize that we shouldn’t kill everything that isn’t considered “human”? Just because we don’t want to go to the trouble of trying to help them, keep them fed, and sheltered? Horses are very intelligent, emotional, caring creatures, and they’ve done so much to help build our country. Now, were just going to slaughter them and ship them to other countries to be eaten?! And your biggest argument is that it’s hurting the horse trade? Big freakin deal! How about thinking of what’s right for the animal for once!

  3. NO animal should be forced to walk the march of death. It is an abomination…whether cow, chicken, rabbit, duck, sheep, goats, OR horses. They do NOT want to die. IT is criminal. ONe day it REALLY will be… i know it will with all my fibers in my being. All the excuse making carnists will finally be forced to learn how to eat vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. , and will have to give up a life of luxury whilst others starve across the globe. NO HORSE FACILITY HERE YOU SICK FECKS

  4. Oh im sorry but horses deserve to be treated better than this!! They deserve not to stand in a kill box!! This is disgusting!! Well, we cant afford our horses anymore so lets have them slaughtered! No no no!! You cant afford a horse, DONT GET ONE! I dont think there is any animal, fish, mammal or reptile that a human will not kill and eat. There is ZERO reason to eat horse meat and SHAME on those that do!!!

  5. Debbie Richmond says:

    Signed, let’s crush these bastards, folks!

  6. Paula Trujillo says:

    Lets put a stop to evil babylon where no life is sacred and everything is for sale. They are cutting down the rain forests to “raise cattle” so the EVIL corporations can make a dollar. Greed is destroying our beautiful planet! Let’s DO crush these cancers.

  7. Valerie Varner says:

    What a terrible thing to do to any animal. This makes me absolutely sick.

  8. Dogmantrainer -your post was too long. I stopped reading your jeremiad after your pro-slaughter advocacy. You are indeed an evil one. This horse slaughter facility is a disgrace but all slaughter houses are a blight of evil. Unless a person is a vegan they are not worthy.

  9. Terra Pennington says:

    so dogmantrainer do you think we should send our dogs and cats to slaughter as well. What do you say about feeding toxic meat to your family. Well bred is in the eyes of the beholder and not those looking to breed the worlds perfect horse. So should we clean up the mess those like the AQHA who are so proud of their 2 million foal register in their breed baby breed program for what because they know they can send any horse they don’t want to slaughter and still make a a buck without having to spend any money out of pocket to have the horse put down humanely. Just thing your next Burger King burger may have toxic horse meat mixed into it. Since the EU are turning away US horses in Mexico and Canada you can bet that horse meat is going to find it’s way into US meat. So should we sit back and way to see who dies first from the toxic horse meat.

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