Prohibit the Use of Leg-Hold Traps by Canadian Fur Trappers

Target: Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

Goal: Force Canada to stop using cruel means of trapping and killing animals for fur.

Canada’s fur industry is responsible for the death of over eleven million Canadian animals every year. One million of the eleven million animals that are killed are raised on farms for the intended purpose of death. Most of these farm raised animals “are killed by anal electrocution, gassing, neck-breaking and lethal injection.” The other half of those killed is captured from the wild using cruel and inhumane traps. One such device, the leg-hold trap, has been banned by the European Union “in 63 countries, as well as in Florida, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Arizona,” but Canada has squirmed its way out of this pact, and the leg-hold trap is still the most widely used method of capture Canada. Most animals caught in these traps (including lynxes, beavers, muskrats and otters) end up chewing, or nearly chewing, off their ensnared limbs in order to escape.

The additional 9 million animals that have hitherto gone unmentioned are caught, killed and then discarded because of their lack of value.

Many animals that are routinely caught for their fur already face near extinction, such as the Red Wolf. However, the Canadian fur-trade has not curtailed their capture of these animals. The Sierra Club of Canada notes that “in Canada, where there is no federal endangered species legislation, wolves are allowed to be hunted, trapped, and poisoned year round, with no bag limits.”

The practice of raising animals inhumanely as well as that of catching animals from the wild by cruel means and for the purpose of slaughter are unethical practices, and they must be stopped. The Canadian government cannot be allowed to bully the European Union into submission and by these means acquire unethically obtained wealth. The welfare of over 11 million Canadian animals depends upon just action: I ask that the European Union re-evaluate its allowance of Canada to continue to catch and slaughter animals for fur so inhumanely.


Dear Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission,

With nearly 11 million animals killed annually for the maintenance of the Canadian fur-trade (only two million of which are used for the production of fur) it is clear that the fur trade business in Canada is out of control. Further, and perhaps even more disturbing, is the way in which 11 million animals are treated and then slaughtered. One million of the 10 million animals killed are raised to be so and are brought up in close confinement and “killed by anal electrocution, gassing, neck-breaking and lethal injection.” The other 9 million animals are caught in traps, often leg-hold traps, which cause the animals such pain and agony that the majority of them end up chewing off their own limbs in order to escape. Ironically, only one out of 9 million animals caught in traps are used for fur: the other 9 million are disposed of because they are either animals are useless to fur manufacturers, such as birds, or their fur has been mangled in some way.

The European Union has already made one attempt to ban the use of the leg-hold trap in Canada and has failed due to pressure from the Canadian government. As President of the European Commission, you cannot allow your laws to falter under such pressure. You must ban the use of leg-hold traps in Canada once and for all, and further implement laws which prohibit the use of cruelty against animals in the fur-trade business. Not only must these laws be established, but they must be enforced as well. The welfare of over 11 million Canadian animals, some of who are already nearing extinction, depends upon the enactment of this law.


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  1. Painful subjugation and slaughter aren’t good business.

  2. It sickens me so much that I can’t read the petition or most of the comments

    • Hi Madeline,
      I am Australian and thank you for encouraging me as i read the distress you feel. Keep strong because your willingness to lift even a corner of the cover over this cruelty gives me and no doubt many you come into contact with courage to talk more, question why, and to get the gut wrenching facts to then change our priorities, consumer choices, people we reaffirm and truth we bring into greater public awareness.

  3. Where do you people get your logic from? You base your statements on some Disney like emotion. Fur is one of the most sustainable and fastest replenishing resources.

    How about the habit destruction from the development you live in?

    Kill fix? Really? Be more trappers and hunters pray when they make a kill than you do looking at an animal from the comfort of your home or vehicle.

    I know there is no changing your minds… it’s tough when a person is lost from real life and nature around you.

    • Jenifer Whelan says:

      Rj cooper…it called compassion ..empathy…you wouldn’t put a human in a trap ..why would you put an animal? Your a pos and I pray one of the animals you trap has its way with you. It is 2014 not 1800

  4. Canadian and proud says:

    Get your heads out of your Asses??? Your facts are seriously inaccurate to say the least. Check your own backyards people.
    How about read the Trapping Laws of Canada. Then harp on all the natives while your at it. Ignorent Americans??? No wonder your hated around the world.

  5. activists need to fuck off

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