End Dog-Meat Trade in the Philippines

Target: United States Ambassador of the Philippines

Goal: Encourage the enforcement of laws banning the slaughter of dogs for meat.

Nearly 500,000 dogs are killed for meat in the Philippines every year. Interestingly enough, the Animal Welfare Act was put into place in the Philippines in 1998, banning the slaughter of dogs for consumption purposes. However, it is clear that these laws are not being enforced.

Though the eating of dog-meat in the Philippines began as a religious, not a regular, practice, it was a rare occurrence and the dogs killed were treated humanely. Many who are a part of the dog-meat trade claim that they are partaking in a religious tradition if caught slaughtering dogs or selling dog-meat. This is nearly always a lie. It cannot be ignored that the way in which dogs are treated and killed today is much different from the way they were treated and killed for sacrificial purposes in the past. In this old tradition, dogs themselves were understood to be invaluable. Today, dogs are rounded up (often found on the streets), caged, and sent to slaughter houses. It is estimated that half of the dogs sent to be slaughtered die before even reaching their destination: “many of these dead dogs are passed off as being alive and are slaughtered nonetheless.”

In the Philippines today, the maltreatment of dogs used for meat is disturbing as well is the abundance of dog meat in restaurant and markets. Sold for as little as $1.30/kg, the trading and selling of dog-meat brings in nearly 3.8 million U.S. dollars per year. Thus it is clear that greed plays a part in the Philippine Government’s negligence of the matter. However, the treatment of these dogs, not to mention the slaughtering of them must be stopped.

Urge the ambassador of the Philippines to encourage the Philippine government to take stronger actions in prohibiting the practice of slaughtering dogs and selling their meat.


Dear United States Ambassador Albert F. Del Rosario,

The dog-meat trade in the Philippines has reached an astounding high. With 500,000 dogs per year being slaughtered for the meat trade, it is time that more stringent action is taken.

Though the Animal Welfare Act banning the slaughter and maltreatment of dogs in the Philippines was put into place in 1998, it seems to go unnoticed and unheeded. The religious and sacrificial element of killing dogs in the Philippines has seen its near end, and the majority of those who kill dogs and sell their meat do so for monetary purposes, not with religious sentiment. We cannot continue to allow dogs to be treated so cruelly that nearly half of them die in transit on their way to slaughter houses, nor can it be tolerated for people to get away with doing so by claiming adherence to religion when their actions are so clearly of a different nature.

The dogs of the Philippines must be protected: please urge the Philippine government to implement stricter rules regarding the dog-meat trade.


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  1. Put an end to the cruelty.

    • We do all care. Problem is we have to eat. But surely some animals should be left alone. China seems to be the worst if they skin them alive for pelts. All countrys with Animal Humane Societies should get together and make some guide lines, at least for fair treatment.

  2. No excuse to treat any living being like that.

  3. Linda Amundson says:

    It’s a disgrace that this continues. Dogs often have their front legs tied up BEHIND their backs, all the while still fully conscious. I saw a picture in a magazine ad of this barbaric treatment decades ago and have never forgotten it. It seemed so insane that surely it would have ended, but, no, this cruely is still going on. This needs to end, as does eating dogs.

  4. Anna Atkinson Anna Atkinson says:

    I hate this. I hate the thought of eating dogs. I would share my last crust and starve to death with my dogs rather than eat them. But if it is in the culture of a country we have to respect that. We cannot expect to change that. But what we CAN and MUST do is to ensure that these dogs are treated humanely and respectfully during their lifetime and when they are killed. THAT is our responsibility.

  5. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed and shared. Shared equals posted to facebook and twittered.

  6. This is barbaric. There must be something the world can do to end this cruelty. No animals deserve this.

  7. i agree that we have to eat i dont eat meat anymore just seeing and knowing how dogs are unhumanley treated is so cruel and painful yes animals should be treated humanley but dogs are nt food they are our companions best friends not to be killed for there fur or there parts just to be used for medicines this barbaric trade needs to end never in my life have i ever seen and read so much abuse since i joined fb i never knew it existed that animals were so badly treated i will never forget those dogs 🙁

  8. this makes me have really dark thoughts at hearing about this horror.. and Im not perfect .. but I usesd to think these killers were aliens … now I wonder if maybe I’m alien to this headwith a mouth on it world… Their God is their belly.

  9. Thank you all for the people who signed this petition. I don’t know if I can or should speak for my fellow animal lovers in the Philippines, but we are doing our best to spread awareness that Dogs are friends and not dinner.
    Most of us agree that the dog meat trade should be abolished, unfortunately, but few of us are willing to fight. We have gained numbers through the years though, and we pray that in time, this practice would completely disappear

  10. i wish and pray the same to this cruelty would end forever

  11. As a vegetarian, and proud mummy to two amazing rescue dogs, I am passionately engaging with my favourite vegetarian food producer, Quorn, to recognise the opportunity they have, after selling to a Philippine based company, to promote vegetarianism and thus reduce the market for dog meat in their new parent company

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