Don’t Let Doctors Lie to Pregnant Women

Target: Governor of Texas Greg Abbott

Goal: Don’t allow doctors to decide what a pregnant woman deserves to know about the health of her unborn child.

The state of Texas already has gone out of its way time and again to restrict abortion access for women. In its latest attempts, the Texas State Senate is currently debating whether or not the so-called “wrongful births” bill should be passed, which proponents claim is about protecting doctors from being sued should a mother give birth to a child with disabilities. In actuality, the bill would permit doctors to withhold key information from pregnant women regarding the health of their unborn fetus–particularly if the doctor assumes that if a disability were detected, an abortion could result.

The bill poses many problems. While supporters claim that it will protect the lives of children with disabilities, it could potentially cause far more harm. A child with severe disabilities could be carried to term stillborn with the mother completely unaware until birth. Armed with prior knowledge of a disability, the mother potentially could have sought medical intervention that could have saved the unborn child’s life. There is also the serious threat to women’s health, who could also be at risk for complications they are unaware of. The bill also fails to take into account that families could be faced with the enormous financial and emotional toll of raising a disabled child without any forewarning or means of support.

In giving doctors the ability to essentially lie to pregnant patients, the state of Texas would severely limit women’s options, resulting in severe and long-lasting consequences. Women should not have to question whether or not their health-care providers are giving them all the information they need during this crucial time in their lives. Sign this petition to demand that the governor of Texas does not sign this dangerous bill into law, should it pass the state senate.


Dear Governor Abbott,

A controversial bill is now in the State Senate which, if passed, would allow physicians to withhold important information regarding a fetus’s health from pregnant women. Women must be able to rely on the prenatal care they receive and have confidence that their doctors are telling them the truth. There is virtually no such thing as a “wrongful birth” lawsuit, and all this bill would do is deny women the right to know about the health of their unborn children so that they can make informed choices–including those which involve medical intervention that could actually save a fetus’s life.

For the sake of both pregnant women and their unborn children, we must ensure that doctors are not allowed to lie or otherwise deceive women by withholding details regarding whether or not a child could be born with a disability. This sort of dishonesty is not just unethical, it is dangerous and will result in lost lives and families left struggling to care for children with special needs with no foresight or support. I urge you not to sign this bill should it pass in the state senate.


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  1. AND yet, should a severely disabled baby be born, the state of Texas will do NOTHING to help raise it, to be there for the next however-many years assisting it…..

    Doctors who actually DO THIS should lose their licenses.

  2. being disabled means 735 dollars a month in disability or having to live in a nursing home abortion is better

  3. Linda Amundson says:

    Oh come on! This is crazy. We’re becoming like Russia in just a few short weeks already. Oops, apparently even Russia isn’t this strict. You know damn well that with Trump trying to fiddle his diddle into any female he found attractive, even while married, he probably paid for a few abortions or for silence.

    Lying to women by doctors is insane beyond words. Be honest with your patients or do something else, such as become a politician.

  4. Paulette Mirfield says:

    I would think the Hippocratic Oath would not allow such stupidity! Next they’ll try to tell the doctors to “inform” women that the way they understand our physiology “could just shut the whole thing down”, as some politician foolishly stated. If this isn’t a war on women, what the hell would you call it?

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗

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