Justice For Woman Burned To Death By Religious Fanatics

Target: Aminta Granera Sacasa, Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua

Goal: Justice for woman abducted, stripped naked, and burned to death by religious fanatics.

Vilma Trujillo Garcia, a married mother of two, was abducted from her home, stripped naked, and thrown onto a fire by the pastor and four members of a local church. She was severely burned and died from her injuries, and was then blamed for her own death. The pastor claimed she “fell into the fire” and that a demon visibly exited her body; he and his cohorts have been arrested despite claiming they did nothing wrong.

These men are accused of committing a horrendous crime in the name of their religion; their actions are reminiscent of the Salem Witch Burnings hundreds of years ago, and the “honor killings” in other religions. This innocent woman was basically murdered, and her accused tormentors claim she brought it on herself. Her husband is devastated, and two small children have lost their mother.

Not only must Garcia’s murderers face justice, but we must ensure that the authorities take greater steps to outlaw such crimes. Innocent people do not deserve to die in the name of religion. Sign this petition to demand the church be held fully accountable for this woman’s death, that her killers face full justice, and that no more religion-based crimes be committed in the country.


Dear Director General Sacasa,

An innocent woman, a mother of two small children, was burned to death on a pyre by a group of religious fanatics who proceeded to blame her for her own death. Her family is completely devastated; her grieving husband stated that he was not sure how to break the horrible news to the couple’s two young children, who are now forced to grow up without their mother’s love and guidance.

The fanatics have been arrested, and now you must ensure that they face justice and that the Church of the Assembly of God in El Cortezal is held responsible for the actions of the accused murderers. In addition, you must hold them up as an example so that no religious group will commit a crime like this again.


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  1. Ginger Neimo says:

    Nothing worse than being brained washed

  2. Paulette Mirfield says:

    More atrocities are committed in the name of religion than anything else I can think of. No one has spoken to any God-if they claim to, they’re usually locked up. Who’s to say one religion is better than another? They’re all the same basics-Do no evil. Does it really matter what you call him? God,Allah,Jehovah, any of the other names? Why don’t we all just call him Steve and stop the stupidity?

  3. I agree with Ginger and Paulette. This poor woman died because of a false belief system where anything that a person thinks ‘god’ says goes.

  4. Kathryn Irby says:

    This is as Unacceptable and Inhumane as it gets!!! Stop the Barbaric Killings NOW!!!

  5. Lindsey Tanner says:

    As a Christian, this is shameful. The Bible does not say we should do things like this to people. It says we should treat others with love and compassion. By acting so cruelly, these people are giving Christians everywhere a bad name.

  6. What in the actual fuck… They’re representing their God in a horrific way.

  7. LInda Bauer says:

    I demand that this church be accountable for this innocent woman’s death and the horrible shame they caused her to strip her naked then throw her in the fire alive! This is torture and all who are responsible need to be taken into custody and hold them accountable! It clearly is not the fault of the innocent victim here but those who caused her death!

  8. Anyone who could do something so horrific isn’t human. The only cure for them is a bullet to the brain just like any other rabid animal.

  9. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    just like what they did to the real witches i believe.

  10. I am sure their God has horns! Only demons could do such a cruel, primitive act!

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