Demand that Thailand Stop Abusing Elephants

Target: Thailand Minister of the Interior Yongyuth Wichaidit

Goal: Stop Thailand’s cruel treatment of elephants, including those already in captivity as well as in the wild, and develop sanctions and protections to safeguard these majestic creatures.

Thailand has abused elephants for years in the interest of creating a novel and marketable tourist activity; riding elephants, as well as watching them paint pictures, are a few of the highly-publicized vacation activities Thailand has developed, which rely on the forced domestication of the elephants.  In addition to the direct physical toll that over-working the elephants takes on the animals’ bodies, the domestication process – which consists of torturing and abusing the elephant until its spirit is broken – is carried-out without condemnation from the government.  Recently, in fact, activists assert that the Thai government has threateningly targeted wildlife protection groups, utilizing vandalism and intimidation to caution the groups against lobbying for the improved treatment of elephants.

Over the past several weeks, two Thai wildlife charities that have spoken against the mistreatment of elephants found themselves victims of violent raids, where elephants were forcibly removed from the charities’ established sanctuaries.  The founder of one of the targeted groups, the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), had only a few days earlier written to a Thai newspaper expressing his belief that over half of the elephants used in tourist operations had been illegally poached.

Other vocal critics of the Thai elephant trade have faced similar retribution, which some suggest is carried-out with the complicity or encouragement of the Thai government.  Antoinette van de Water, founder of the elephant conservation group Bring the Elephant Home (BTEH), summarized her experience with the jaded bureaucracy of animal rights, saying, “It’s all about the political position, and this is more important than animal welfare, I learned”.

Help stop the cruel and widespread mistreatment of elephants in Thailand – both already in captivity as well as those “protected” in the wild – by voicing your opposition to the Thai government’s encouragement of the elephant tourist trade.  With sufficiently vocal opposition from the same international community that the Thai government seeks to attract with the elephants’ exotic appeal, it will be forced to reconsider its sanctioning of the industry which encourages the heartless domestication of these magnificent animals.


Dear Mr. Wichaidit,

I urge you to make a drastic change towards the treatment of elephants in Thailand.  These regal, peaceful creatures are being systematically exploited for profit by private companies that seek to entice tourists with contrived demonstrations featuring sadly domesticated once-wild animals.  To perform the demonstrations, elephants are forced through a grueling training routine called phajaan, which is designed to break the elephants’ will and achieve its complete submission.  As you likely know, Phajaan is completely inhumane, and involves beating the elephants with metal hooks and other sharp tools, while simultaneously depriving the animals of sleep and food in an effort to force obedience.

While it may be convenient for the government to turn a blind eye to the questionable practices of the elephant industry, it is unacceptable that such abuse is allowed to continue.  Furthermore, allegations that the government is actively targeting and sabotaging vocal opposition groups confirms the fact that a radical shift in ideology towards elephants is imperative.

Please take the steps necessary to achieve fair treatment of elephants in Thailand.  The international tourist community, which you seek to appeal to through your commercial elephant exploits, is wholly opposed to the idea that wild animals should be tortured and domesticated for our idle enjoyment.


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  1. i always thought that the thai people respected all living things that was obviously a mistake on my part
    these beautiful elephants should be free and treated with respect….just what is the mentality of these people!!!!

  2. Kathleen Bauer says:

    With the emergence of electronic communications around the world, millions of concerned people will become aware of the abuse to which Thailand’s elephants and other sentient creatures are subjected. This cruelty is that country’s disgrace. It is unconscionable.

  3. Keep educating ur friends, on Phajaan, the brutal ceremony that takes place to all baby elephants in thailand, to break their spirit so that they are submissive to humans, they are starved, veaten, many die, unceremoniously until they are totally broken and submissive to humans, taken off theoir mothers. Tell your friends not to go elephant riding and trekking but to visit the elephant nature park where these animals are rescued from a life of torture and no baby elephant there will ever go through Phajaan .).).

  4. Celia Takeshita says:

    Please, set the elephants free!
    So sad…

  5. p AT SAWANOWICH says:


  6. Absolutely disgusted with human behavior towards animals. No compassion, no respect. This is intolerable behavior.

  7. Thomas R. Jung says:

    .. whoever tortures and abuses a living being ought to be treated the very same way ..

  8. Jill Simmons says:

    Hi I am interested in donating towards an elephant charity that works towards stopping this however I am unsure of any that is credible and trustworthy could any advice be given? Thanks

  9. The real abusers are the rich and corupted western people Who Come There and enjoy visiting circus and Kids hore houses.

  10. judith shapland says:

    All animals, children and the elderly are vunerable and need to be treat with care and respect.
    Our morals are the issue here…….we do not have the right to exploite the vunerable just because we can
    It is shameful

  11. maria lenart says:

    Respect animals and people in the same way you want to be respected , animals have their feelings. PLEASE SET THE ELEPHANTS FREE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I hope you animal abusers get the same treatment


  13. keith jamieson says:

    animals are not put on this earth for our entertainment.they have right to live as freely as any other species without being exploited.


  15. Sam Outhorn says:

    Don’t all those countries in Asia owning, exploiting and abusing elephants, supposed to have a non-violent tradition and respect for life? Not another Thai product is to enter our house from now on; Thai restaurants will be ignored as well. And please have handlers (if there must be…) get a basic education : it is planet EARTH here, NOT PLANET HELL!

  16. Victoria Cole says:

    So many tourist activities lead to punishment and brutal breaking in for tender young elephants, this is unacceptable and no one should visit Thailand’s torture spots while this goes on

  17. Merle Uribe says:

    No mas maltrato a los elefantes

  18. Tenemos que completar la cifra, no quiero más maltratos a los elefantes, ellos son seres vivos, no objetos, a los humanos deberian hacerle lo mismo, y mueran aplastados por ellos.

  19. Please stop this terrible abuse

  20. Nature treats back now ? bastards
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now
    Because I am a Guardian for the animals ?

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