Denounce Famous Surfer for Supporting Culling of Sharks

Target: Kelly Slater, world-famous surfing champion

Goal: Rescind call for French government to cull sharks daily in response to attacks on humans.

Surfing legend Kelly Slater has suggested that France’s government should cull sharks daily in response to an increase of fatal attacks. Since 2011, 20 people have been attacked by sharks off the coast of Reunion, a French island. Of those, eight have died. The most recent death, that of a 26-year-old boogie boarder, prompted Slater to make the rash, public demand for massive culling efforts.

Although the French government has not yet shared any plans of a possible shark cull, it is important that Slater understand the ignorance and implications of his comments. The eight human deaths caused by Reunion’s sharks, while tragic, pale in comparison to the estimated 273 million sharks that are killed by humans every year. Healthy shark populations are vital to maintaining balance in ocean ecosystems, and culling has the potential to seriously harm this delicate balance. Tell Slater to withdraw his irresponsible pro-culling comments and consider more harmonious solutions by signing the letter below.


Dear Mr. Slater,

Your informal proposal to the French government for a daily culling of sharks may have had good intentions, but culling would harm sharks far more than it would benefit humans. Shark culling is largely ineffective and unsustainable, especially when you consider that over 270 million sharks are already being killed by humans every year.

To you, Reunion’s waters may be a great place to surf, but to these sharks, they’re home. That being said, sharks have much more of a right to be in the ocean than surfers, and unlike surfers, their presence is not optional. Please consider promoting a more compassionate and sustainable solution to Reunion’s shark attacks.


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  1. Auch Tiere haben ein Anrecht auf Frieden, Freiheit, Lebensraum und ein würdevolles Leben auf diesem Planeten! Nehmen, Sie Ihre Verantwortung, bitte. Helfen und handeln Sie menschlich und zügig. Tiere, sind Lebewesen! Dessen, sind Sie sich bewusst? Zivilisierte, Gesellschaft? Manche ” Menschen ” sind nicht über allem erhaben! Man erntert stets das was man sät. Vergessen, Sie dies nicht. Schande! Merci.

  2. Stupid moronic Kelly Slater needs to play in the bathtub if he is afraid of sharks.I am a scuba diver and sharks are no problem!The water is the territory of marine mammals i.e sharks ,dolphins etc and NOT humans.

  3. we enter their space and they react so humans should murder them, pathetic.

  4. Anne Moeller says:

    Kelly need to remember the she is in their habitat and that she should respect them and not endorse killing them!!

  5. The ocean is the sharks home, not ours. If people want to go into the ocean, they enter at their own risk. Why should the sharks pay the piece for human entertainment? SHAME ON YOU Kelly. I am shocked that you would even mention something as horrific as this!!! No respect for you at all. Karma is waiting!

  6. What a horrifying, and, not to mention, selfish suggestion. Hope this does NOT happen.

  7. Mr Slater this is your answer to the shark attacks? These sharks are already slaughtered by the millions, and daily. Is your answer to swim in a shark free ocean? And your answer is to slaughter them, screwing up their ecosystem so you can feel more comfortable swimming in their world. You’re in their world and you make tons of money doing it.

  8. You are the intruder, asshole! When will humankind understand we don’t own the entire planet?

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

  10. What a RED NECK ATTITUDE!!!!! Yeh just go out there & murder All Animals in their own environment so we, i mean ASS HOLE HUMANS can fucking do what you bloody want!!!!Next time he goes for a surf, with a bit of luck, Karma will *bite* him in the ass!!!!
    LEAVE SHARKS ALONE!!!!! No Animal comes into our world & destroys it nor do they torture, murder, rape, hunt, abuse, exploit, sacrifice, terrorize, mutilate, traffic, experiment, waste etc etc to us humans,,,,, so its about fucking time this EVIL HUMAN RACE STOP DOING THIS EVIL SHIT TO ALL ANIMALS!!!!!! UR ALL GOING TO BURN IN HELL!!!! REMBER THAT!!!!

  11. Kelly Slater you run your mouth before thinking. At I hope that is what you did. I hope you will come back to the media and make the correct statement and Apologize for suggesting that people murder the Starks. As Anna Kerruish stated earlier the Starks are already being slaughtered by the millions. Japan and china and other Asian counties are defining them alive and them throwing them back in the sea to die a horrible death. The ocean is already in danger from ghost fishing gear, cruise ship waste, everyone’s garage , over fishing and the list goes on. If we don’t start doing everything in our power to save the oceans there won’t be one worth saving.
    Good Luck to all of the oceans creatures.

  12. Love and help will come from educated people to save our oceans and its creatures.
    Mr. Kelly Slater please take your head out of your ass and watch the The Cove and Blackfish. Or, if you can read goggle the oceans problems. You just want (whine) what you want when you want it. You’re spoiled. Look around the world, it doesn’t evolve around your day of surfing.

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