Reject Trump’s Irresponsible Budget Plan

Target: Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Goal: Do not institute huge cuts to diplomacy and safety net programs in favor of a “massive” increase in military spending.

President Trump has announced his new budget plan, and it would institute a massive increase in defense spending while drastically reducing the budget for many important agencies and social safety net programs. However, Congress ultimately decides how federal money is spent (with the approval of the president), and it is vital that the budget plan prioritizes diplomacy and the needs of American citizens, and not focus solely on expanding the military, which already receives a huge portion of the federal budget.

The budget outline Trump presented calls for “massive” increases in spending for the military, intelligence, and homeland security. To offset these costs, tens of billions of dollars would be taken away from the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department, social safety net programs like welfare, unemployment, and health care, as well as the major entitlement programs for retirees. Sign below to demand that Congress stop ignoring the needs of American citizens, and reject Trump’s irresponsible budget plan.


Dear Speaker Ryan,

The budget plan proposed by President Trump is an irresponsible and dangerous use of the taxpayer dollar, and must not be approved by Congress. He prioritizes defense and military spending at the expense of other programs that American citizens rely on daily, and which help protect our country in the long term and could help us avoid the necessity for war.

Diplomacy and social safety net programs are vital to the way that America functions, and need to be a priority for federal spending. Reducing their funding by tens of billions of dollars in order to increase defense spending — which already accounts for a huge portion of the federal budget — is unacceptable. I urge you to reject Trump’s budget plan and to consider the needs and well-being of the citizens of this country.


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  1. Now people are seeing what a danger trump and his administration are, trying to suppress a free press, and the judicial branch of our government which is there to keep a check on and assure that we do not fall to a dictatorial regime. the war mongering, and support of the murderous Russian and Syrian dictators. Congress should move swiftly to get this idiot out of the white house before he kills more people. He’s the biggest joke ever to get to office. Do not encourage this self serving trump who is raping taxpayers by forcing secret service to stay at that dump Mara lago and charging six times what the regular rate is! Wake up you e been had he had spent almost as much as Obama did all year in travel and security in one year, and most going to line his pockets. Do not. E so stupid as to not be able to admit you were wrong and move now to save our country and our democracy! God bless America!

  2. Trump is acting very paranoid. He’s willing to remove the protections and helps of the people, environment and wildlife to fight his war against all these bad people outside America. He doesn’t see that he is one of the primary dangers to America himself.

  3. Kathryn Irby says:

    Everything about that Idiot is irresponsible, including his fat mouth!!! Such a Blatant Hypocrite, quoting biblical scriptures–hardly any “Christian” at all, given his blatant bigotry toward anyone who isn’t a white male millionaire/billionaire as he is!!!

  4. Paulette Mirfield says:

    This maniac is following in lockstep Hitler’s playbook. Name a scapegoat,delegitimize media,portray himself as the savior of the people,forment civil unrest. Do I need to go on? We are in danger of becoming a fascist state. Congress needs to put country over party and if they don’t, we need to get them out of office and keep them out. In other words, “We, the people” need to step up!!!

  5. What on earth is fostering such hate and paranoia? I know the illegitimate president stoked the fires but it has been smoldering for a long time. The cost of the military far outweighs the benefits. Perhaps we wouldn’t need such force if there weren’t collusion with Russia to benefit #45, oil and gas, Congress and the 1/10th of 1%. Taking care of our people is a higher ideal. The military men and women, as well as so many others, need these programs. Repubs declare their support for current military and veterans. That’s why so many are homeless and hungry. That’s why military families rely on public assistance. Because we honor and respect their service and abandon them once they are no longer a tool to be used. I’d also like to point out a common misdirection. Social Security is NOT an entitlement. It is a loan we were required to make to the government with guaranteed repayment through Social Security for our retirement. I’m thoroughly disgusted it is ever referred to as an entitlement. I’m pretty sure retirement benefits are provided to the very people who want to abolish or privatize ours. Another example of the American people being required to fund a government program, but those benefiting from it would never call it an entitlement or attempt to dismantle it. Hypocrites to the core!

  6. If they want to increase military spending let’s see it go to VA hospitals, so vets can get the care they need.

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