Demand Hotel Owner Apologize for Anti-Semitic Remarks

Target: Toshio Motoya, Founder and CEO of APA Hotels

Goal: Apologize for harmful anti-Semitic remarks published in a hotel chain’s magazine, which is distributed to guests.

Toshio Motoya, founder and CEO of APA Hotels in Japan and Coast Hotels in Canada, published harmful and discriminatory anti-Semitic remarks in a magazine distributed to his hotel guests in Canada, called Apple Town. In this time of severe divisiveness with the rise of right-wing white supremacists around the world, the fact that such hateful remarks could be published and passed to thousands is deeply troubling.

In the hotel magazine, Motoya argued that “Jewish people control American information” and stated that they don’t pay taxes. He ranted against what he called “Jewish globalism.” His remarks are harmful, hateful, and perpetuate horrible and untrue stereotypes.

Motoya has not yet apologized for his remarks, although his words have hurt millions and are based on nothing but his own prejudice and bigotry. Sign the petition and demand that Motoya apologize for his statements. If he wishes to be a businessman with global holdings, he must learn to respect diversity.


Dear Mr. Motoya,

Your recent remarks in Apple Town are deeply troubling. These anti-Semitic statements have no factual basis and instead are supported only by your misled hatred and bigotry. As right-wing white nationalism continues to rise around the world, your words carry horrific weight and influence.

You have shown an inability to accept diversity and instead hold antiquated beliefs that have led to the deaths of millions in the past. Your hotel chain will undoubtedly suffer as a result, unless you take a stand and admit your mistake. Acknowledge your anti-Semitic remarks and apologize for the harm they have caused.


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  1. Should everyone who has criticized Muslims apologize as well? What about people who criticize Christians? Hindus? Athiests? Buddhists? Pastafarians?
    I haven’t read all of what Motoya has written, but he does speak some truth. You can research yourself and find out who owns the majority of the newspapers, magazines, other media, Hollywood, and financial institutions.
    Instead of just trying to shut him up, please first see if there’s any validity in what he’s saying.

  2. Why hasn’t he been prosecuted for hate crime?

  3. A. Zevich says:

    The petition wording was too tame!!!
    HOW dare any Japanese criticize innocent Jews!!!! What nerve!!! [That goes for anti-smite Denno above too] HOW dare you claim “Jewish people control American information” and use remarks like “Jewish globalism.” How about your arrogant Japanese globalism that started in the 50’s when you Japanese stole American technology—originated by American IBM—and profiteered off it for decades!!! But most of all, HOW dare one of the nation of the terrorist attackers at Pearl Harbor, and Nazi ally in WWII, criticize Jewish Americans!!!

    Jews were the VICTIMS of horrific racism and genocide in WWII; and that spirit of antisemitism has never ended!!! Japanese BOMBED thousands of INNOCENT lives at PEARL HARBOR and conducted a REIN of TERROR over the Pacific and Asia in WWII while their Nazi buddies conducted their HOLOCAUST and murdered 6 million Jews!!!!!

    HOW dare any Japanese say a word against Jews!!!
    We Americans have NOT forgotten Dec 7th 1941 and your INFAMY!!! We remember every year on the anniversary of you treacherous Japanese INFAMY!!! Your Japanese leaders and officials visit Pearl Harbor and stand over the USS Arizona and don’t have the DECENCY to ADMIT your GUILT for your Dec 7th terrorism AND the war in the Pacific!!! INSTEAD, your people have the unmitigated gall to expect Americans to ‘apologize’ to YOU, the vicious perpetrators of that ATTACK on Pearl Harbor, for Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!! NO apologies—you got the war you sowed!!!

    You may sucker younger Americans who weren’t born then—especially gullible millennials, who (encouraged by people like you and the detestable Trump) are now perpetrating acts of vandalism at synagogues and Jewish businesses all over America!!! BUT there are many of us who will never forget your VICIOUS Japanese December 7th infamy!!! We will NOT allow another Holocaust against the Jews!!!
    So what if Japanese-Americans were put in camps in the U.S. during the war—-they were NOT tortured and BRUTALIZED like you Japanese did to American prisoners; and they were not GASSED like the Nazis did to JEWS!!! Whatever indignity and discrimination they suffered was trivial COMPARED to the HOLOCAUST of European Jews at the hands of your NAZI ally, and to what Americans and Chinese and our other allies, SUFFERED at the hands of the VICIOUSLY INHUMAN JAPANESE (tortures much worse and more vicious than waterboarding at Guantanamo)!!!!
    As for Japanese today in the 21st century —you personally show you’re no better than your countrymen who bombed Pearl Harbor!! Oh!! How about many years of repeated news coverage of Japanese blood thirsty viciousness flaunted at Taiji!! What do you Japanese do? PRETEND the dolphins trapped in the cove at Taiji are JEWS when you brutally club them to death!!!! How DARE you criticize Jews!!!
    AMERICANS should FOREVER BOYCOTT your filthy hotels!!!!
    Also, BOYCOTT ALL Japanese cars–STOP buying Toyota, Subaru, Honda, and Mitsubishi!!!

    • First of all, I am not an anti-semite, I am anti-zionism. Anti-zionism is not anti-semitism. They are 2 different things.
      Second, because the holocaust happened over 70 years ago, does that give Jews the right to commit atrocities against other people, such as the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, without anyone ever being able to criticize them forever anymore? Should they forever be immune from criticism no matter what they do?
      Third, you sound a wee bit racist against the Japanese.

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