Ban Toxic Additives in Chicken Feed

Target: Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Stop farmers from using chicken feed laced with drugs, illegal antibiotics and arsenic.

The more we learn about factory farming, the more cruel and dangerous practices we uncover. The latest in a long list of offenses committed by Big Agriculture comes to light in two newly published studies that examine the contents of chicken feed. Farmers aren’t just feeding chickens a disgusting combination of grains, waste and the ground-up remains of animals too sickly to be sold as meat, they’re lacing the cannibalistic feed with all sorts of drugs, medicines and even known carcinogens.

Because factory farms don’t allow their animals to be examined, researchers studied samples of feather meal–a byproduct of the poultry industry that contains residue of the chemicals chickens are exposed to throughout their lifetimes. What they found shocked them. Ninety percent of all chickens raised in the United States had been fed arsenic on a regular basis. Most had consumed caffeine, Benadryl and Tylenol. And much of the feather meal contained an illegal class of antibiotics known to breed superbugs.

Farmers allegedly use caffeine to keep chickens awake for longer so they will eat more and grow faster. They use Benadryl and Tylenol to keep the confined animals’ stress levels artificially low so their meat won’t be tough. The outlawed antibiotics ensure that fewer chickens get sick and die, while the arsenic reduces infections and makes the meat pinker. Altogether, conventionally farmed chickens are force-fed a toxic cocktail of chemicals that harms both them and the humans who consume them.

Chemically enhanced chicken feed is cruel to chickens and detrimental to human health. It’s time the Food and Drug Administration cracked down on the despicable practice of feeding chickens drugs and carcinogens. Voice your support for a ban on toxic chicken feed by signing the petition below.


Dear Food and Drug Administration,

The poultry industry has gone too far. Every day, millions of chickens are fed a cocktail of illegal antibiotics, carcinogens and drugs designed for humans. Not only is industrial chicken feed cruel to animals who must consume it, it also puts human lives at risk.

New research has indicated that the feed used by factory farms leads to meat unsafe for human consumption. Chemicals like arsenic, which is known to cause cancer, have been found in poultry residue around the country. And overzealous use of antibiotics only breeds bacteria that can’t be killed with medicine.

The agricultural feed industry needs new regulation to ensure America’s food supply remains unpolluted by these toxic additives. By feeding their chickens poison, farmers are ultimately poisoning all those who consume their products. I demand that you ban chicken feed laced with dangerous chemicals.

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Photo credit: Chris Riebschlager via Flickr.

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  1. The toxic chicken has given me 10 years of suffering before i figured out what it was…STOPPED eating
    chicken and was cured. Enough is enough…how many people think they have all sorts of stomach and physical problems…when it is just the everyday, simple, little chicken…they are destroying our health.

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