Stop Republicans From Criminalizing Peaceful Protests

Target: J.D. Mesnard, Speaker of Arizona’s House of Representatives

Goal: Do not pass bill that prosecutes protesters in the same way as terrorists.

Protesters may soon be prosecuted like terrorists in the state of Arizona thanks to a bill that recently passed the state Senate with Republican support. The bill, Senate Bill 1142, would prosecute rioting offenses under racketeering statutes, which are normally reserved for terrorism charges. Supporters of the bill claim that it is meant to discourage the participation of “paid protesters,” but with no evidence to support the paid protester theory, the bill appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to chill free speech in Arizona.

If this bill is passed by the state House of Representatives, protesters could be charged before they’ve even done anything, in much the same way that a person may be charged for planning to commit a crime under racketeering laws. This assault on free speech must be stopped. Tell Arizona’s representatives that exercising one’s First Amendment rights is not and should never be on par with terrorism by signing below.


Dear Representative Mesnard,

I strongly oppose Senate Bill 1142 because it is a direct threat to Arizonans’ First Amendment right. Despite what you and your peers seem to believe, the unrest that has gripped Americans since the presidential election and spilled into town halls and policymakers’ offices nationwide is not the result of “paid protesters.” People are protesting, not because they are being paid to do so, but because they fear for their rights. Their fear and anger are valid and should be listened to, rather than stifled with a restrictive bill that criminalizes free speech.

Senate Bill 1142 borders on unconstitutional and absolutely must not be allowed to pass. Please vote against this violation of the right to peaceful protest.


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Photo credit: Minister Erik McGregor

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  1. One way to tell if a government is tyrannical is if they want to silence or criminalize all dissent. By criminalizing the dissent, they in effect silence it.
    It gives those who dissent a criminal record, therefore branding them as criminals. And then they can say, in effect – these people are criminals, they are bad, don’t listen to them. So they are silenced.
    Please check out the book The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose, if you have issues with government.

  2. Patricia Dumais says:

    The US is on the road to a dictatorship if such a bill is passed.

    • Apparently you two have not watched the rioting, burning, beatings, lootings, etc. that have been put on this great country by the whiny liberal left. This is not silencing debate…it is trying to put a stop to criminal behavior that is being encouraged by the left because they wanted to put a criminal woman who sold access to our country for her personal profit in office! I drive a firetruck…I should not have to worry about crowds of rioters blocking the road when I’m trying to save lives and property!

      • Wow, again Faux News. The rioters after sports events are just blowing off steam. And the murders of POC are acceptable and necessary. The Second Amendment only applies to whites. All others can be killed for legal carrying. The criminal behavior is trying to silence the rights of all citizens to freedom of speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment. Surprise the whiny liberal left wants to protect the Constitution while the conservative right extremists want to rewrite it to fit their Un-American ideology. I do want to thank you for choosing a job that saves lives. You should be commended for that.

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