Save Millions of Chicks From Torture

Target: Radha Mohan Singh, Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, India

Goal: Crack down on widespread yet illegal cruelty in the egg industry.

A recent investigation of chicken hatcheries in India revealed unspeakable cruelty, with unwanted chicks being brutally killed. The probe, launched by Anonymous for Animal Rights and released by the People for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PETA) India, revealed that millions of male chicks, deemed useless by the egg industry, are being killed without regard to the intense pain and suffering inflicted on them.

Video evidence allegedly obtained in some of the country’s major hatcheries shows chicks being thrown into vats of water to drown, being ground up alive, or even being tied into garbage bags to suffocate and die under the weight of thousands of other chicks. The video also shows chicks having their beaks clipped and burned without anesthesia.

Despite the fact that this cruelty is commonplace in egg industries throughout the world, it is illegal in India. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 is supposed to protect these animals from this sort of cruelty. Instead of brutally murdering male chicks en masse, alternatives such as in-ovo seeing could be used. This would make it so that male chicks are never hatched and do not need to be killed in such a barbaric fashion.

This type of cruelty must be stopped. There is no need for millions of animals to suffer and die torturous deaths when there are humane alternatives available. Sign the petition below to demand that India crack down on egg industry cruelty.


Dear Mr. Singh,

An investigation of several of India’s major egg hatcheries revealed unspeakable cruelty toward male chicks. Deemed useless by the egg industry, male chicks are drowned in giant vats of water, are ground up alive in massive grinders, or are put into garbage bags to suffocate or be crushed under the weight of other chicks.

This torture is illegal and completely unnecessary with the existence of humane alternatives such as in-ovo sexing, which would allow male eggs to never be hatched in the first place, eliminating the suffering of millions of animals every year. We, the undersigned, demand a crackdown on this rampant cruelty in order to push the egg industry forward into a new and more humane way of operating.


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Photo credit: Benjamin Rondel

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  1. It’s horrifying that such cruelty toward male chicks is going on in India (as it is everywhere else in the world also). If there are laws against this, why aren’t they being enforced?
    I really think that people from a young age need to have their natural inclination to love and respect – or be in awe of – animals, nourished and fed, instead of being taught that animal cruelty and exploitation are acceptable.If we keep teaching them cruelty to animals, this barbarity will never stop. We can begin by going vegan, to show them our love and admiration of animals.

    • I agree with you a %110. It is my wish that the world would turn into vegan or vegetarian. We need to love and respect all creatures. As Ghandi said, “the worst weapon on earth is a table fork”

  2. SIMPLY HORRIFIC AND BARBARIC. THERE ARE NO OTHER WORDS TO DESCRIBE THESE PRACTISES. HOW MAN CNA BE SO EVIL AND CRUEL. We need to contact directly authorities in India to END this cruelty once and for all.

  3. Margaret Melnick says:

    If people would just ban together and boycott any Country that treated animals so cruelly you would see them change their ways. But most people can’t or won’t be bothered. They are as much to blame as these Countries are. Cut off your supply of money to them and they will do the right thing to get it back.

    • One or two to rermebem, that is.

    • In my humble opinion, I figured this post was more about emphasising to web masters not to lose sleep over what Google is up to, but to build your site for your users, not Google. And besides, if people who paid and sold loads of links were at the top of all the search engines, where would ‘ma and pa’ be with their lack of buying power.Personally, I’m loving Links Week – it’s answering heaps of questions for me. Keep up the good work!

  4. be humane to all animals now india.

  5. Liam McCy says:

    Whats even worse is that there also losing potential millions of dollars through this. they could send the useless chicks to pet stores to be sold as pets along with cats & dogs. Who doesn’t want an adorable fuzzy chick as a pet?

    • Liam McCy says:

      at the fair in my town you can pet a chick so I know just how fluffy they are. there as fluffy as the most fluffiest thing in the world. times 10.

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