Ban Cruel Pig Scramble Event

Target: Thomas Livermore, Mayor of Woodside, California

Goal: Cancel the cruel “pig scramble” junior rodeo event, involving children chasing after terrified piglets.

Children have chased, trapped, wrestled and dragged piglets for years as part of a “tradition” in Woodside, California’s Mounted Patrol July Fourth Rodeo. The so-called “pig scramble” is a torturous experience for confined young piglets who are pitted against loud and boisterous children under the age of 10 attempting to wrestle and catch them. The scramble is not only scary for the pigs, but dangerous as well. Piglets can sustain serious injuries from being dragged, squeezed and dropped. They furthermore risk getting trampled in the process of trying to escape the rodeo ring.

Rodeo organizers claim that the pigs are “used to running around” and that the event teaches children how to “manage farm animals.” Yet in reality, the lesson learned seems to be that animals can be harassed and bullied for entertainment purposes. Children learn that they can bully the smaller, frightened creatures while adults watch on in amusement. There is no need to subject the piglets to such torment.

Pigs are exceptionally intelligent and sensitive creatures who form strong social and family bonds. Piglets should not be separated from their mothers just to be chased, tackled and teased as part of a senseless “game.” Sign this petition and demand that the pig scramble be banned from this festival.


Dear Mayor Livermore,

The long-standing pig scramble tradition at the Mounted Patrol July Fourth Rodeo is a cruel event which should be banned. Events such as these are inhumane and traumatic for young pigs. To the piglets, the children chasing them are large, frightening creatures that they cannot escape from. The risk of injury due to trampling or as a result of the wrestling is great. This in no way teaches children how to “manage farm animals” as event organizers claim, but instead instills in the young participants the idea that harassing animals both fun and okay. This must end, just as similar events have been phased out in rodeos across California and the country.

Pig are sensitive, smart creatures who do not deserve to endure such suffering. They should be treated with respect and dignity. This event is abusive and should no longer be a part of the Mounted Patrol going forward. Please listen to the voices of concerned residents and veterinarians who all agree that the pig scramble has no place in this annual event.


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Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Please stop this event. It teaches kids that its ok to terrorize helpless farm animals. Put in place a sack race or something more humane. This event is very wrong on so many levels. Please stop it!

  2. This is disgusting on all kinds of levels. Please restore some faith in humanity back in California. I don’t understand how in the same state we have such extreme measures of how animals are treated. Could everyone get on the same page and stop sponsoring all these acts of animal abuse and cruelty. It’s not okay for children to treat animals this way and for all you so called parents letting it happen you should be ashamed of your role modeling behavior. Think before you act, it’s that easy!

  3. These events are extremely disturbing. They happen in other places as well, including some places in Canada.
    It’s just horrifying that these barbaric events are being held and that people actually have their children participate in them.
    These events are obviously cruel toward the piglets. And I think it’s abusive toward the children as well, as it perverts their natural inclination to love and care for animals and turns them into cold-hearted animal abusers.

  4. Disgusting! Surprise surprise- California again!Is this the way you teach your children? Cruel thugs in the making. It’s incredible how backward and moronic this place is!

  5. NO living creature is a “toy” for our entertainment.

  6. Nooshin Perla says:

    This is why we have so many people who hate or do not care for these wonderful creatures, that god create for us to love. Starts from having STUPID parents.


  8. This is ridiculous! This is how kids are taught respect for living feeling beings. BAN this now. Many states ban these events, please do what’s right!

  9. What I find so intetesring is you could never find this anywhere else.

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