Don’t Rip Medical Coverage Away from Millions of Hardworking Americans

Target: Donald Trump and Paul Ryan

Goal: Stop efforts to deny medical coverage for millions of hard working Americans.

Republicans have released their ideas for “replacing” the Affordable Care Act and the results are grim. The Paul Ryan – Donald Trump plan would rip medical coverage away from millions of hard working Americans, leaving them just one unforeseen accident or illness away from financial ruin.

Over 12 million individuals have gained medical coverage under Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Ryan-Trump plan would put all of these people at grave risk. The plan would phase out the additional resources provided through the ACA and cap federal funding for Medicaid services. A report by the Kaiser Family Foundation warned that a rigid federal financing system may force states to dramatically cut Medicaid enrollment and services.

A second driver of expanded access to health insurance under the ACA has been the ability for individuals to purchase government-subsidized policies through state exchanges. Nearly 13 million people signed up for subsidized insurance in 2017. The Ryan-Trump proposal calls for subsidies to be awarded based on age instead of income. This would unfairly benefit older individuals at the upper level of the income scale, while in most cases reducing the amount of subsidy available to those who need it most. For example, if Bill Gates were to lose employer-sponsored coverage, he would by default receive a larger subsidy than any younger middle class person.

The Affordable Care Act has not been perfect, but taking away medical coverage from millions of Americans is greedy and inhumane. Sign the below petition demanding Republican lawmakers stop trying to leave millions of hard working Americans without medical care.


Dear President Trump and Speaker Ryan,

I am writing to demand that you revisit the proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act. The reduction in federal support for Medicaid programs and transition to a tax credit allowance system based on age, not income, are two components which would threaten to leave millions without access to medical coverage.

Tens of thousands of citizens have publicly declared their concerns regarding the future of healthcare in town hall meetings across the country. Ripping medical coverage away from millions of hard working Americans is not only immoral, but it’s unAmerican.


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  1. Dr. H. Jacobster says:

    THE ACA (aka Obamacare) is a travesty. It is wasteful, it is useless and guarantees poor medical care. GET RID OF IT. GO TRUMP!!!!!!

    • Hi Dr. Jacobster,

      I’m totally in agreement with you on the ACA. I live in AZ and premiums increased for 2017 a whopping 115%! Pardon my vernacular but THAT AIN’T AFFORDABLE!

      Furthermore, this websight is not being honest. Nobody has plans to take people off all insurance rolls. That is why ‘Repeal & Replace’ is the battlecry!

      This is what we call ‘FAKE’ reporting.

  2. The “Affordable” Care Act is not affordable. It’s gotten more expensive every year.

    No one is taking away health care. Health care has always been something people can purchase (not make others pay for). If people want health care, they can purchase it or get a job that offers it.

    Five million Americans lost their insurance plans when ACA went into effect, even though Obama had promised they could keep their plans. And still other people lost their insurance even though the law would have allowed to keep their insurance plans, but many employers cancelled them because they had grown too expensive.

    Other people were denied insurance because places previously hiring for full-time began hiring for part-time because they didn’t want to reach the 50 full-time employees since they they’d be required to provide health insurance. Many employers started paying lower wages to compensate for the requirement of having to provide health insurance for employees.

    In typical liberal fashion, liberals have no problem robbing families of their right to make their own financial decisions.

    No, health care is not a right. You want insurance? Buy it.

    • Steve Overton says:

      Gotta say Anne H,….. I just hope one day you can’t afford your health insurance and either you or one of your family falls seriously ill, put you into a position millions of others are gonna have to face,….. and then some smartass comes along and says, “Healthcare ain’t a right, you want Insurance, then go buy it”,….. usual conservative reaction of i’m alright Jack and F**k the rest of you, well one day I hope you ain’t alright and that you’re in serious need and you get the same reaction you’re giving others1!.

      • Sorry Steve but you’re simply not correct. Millions of people ( not counted by the obumma administration ) have lost their insurance because their premiums got too high to afford. The net result of obummacare is a loss of covered Americans.

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    You cant just get rid of a plan, unless you have another plan to replace it. Millions of people would be uninsured. But that’s how Trump operates. With a swift move of his pen, he just signs off and dumps policy’s without any regard to who/whom it hurts….Typical. He needs to be impeached!

    • virginia Jamerson says:

      What a gob of BS…the Republicans have NO intention of leaving people uninsured…obamacare is a disaster and sinking quickly every day…If left to it’s own demise, MILLIONS will be without insurance with no help or hindrance from the Republicans or President Donald Trump..grow up and stop trying to scare the “stupid” American that support obamacare…:(

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