Don’t Host Circus That Uses Barbaric Animal Stunts

Target: Joel Langlois, President of the DeltaPlex

Goal: Cancel booking for circus that still uses wild animals as entertainment.

The general public is becoming increasingly aware of the cruelty involved in circuses that use live animals, causing a growing number of people to boycott these types of circuses. Seemingly oblivious to this fact, the Jordan World Circus continues using elephants, tigers, and other animals in its show night after night, year after year. These wild animals are forced to perform completely unnatural stunts, like jumping through flaming hoops and doing headstands. To make matters worse, a PETA report alleges that Jordan World Circus was cited by the USDA numerous times for failing to provide adequate veterinary care for sick and injured animals. Currently, this circus is no longer licensed by the USDA and leases animals from outside companies, making them immune to direct citations under their own name. That is precisely why it’s more important than ever to put pressure on them to stop using wild animals in their shows.

Jordan World Circus is currently on a national tour and will be spending four nights at the DeltaPlex arena in Grand Rapids, MI. Tell the president of the DeltaPlex to take a stand against animal cruelty by urging him to cancel the circus’s booking at his venue.


Dear Mr. Langlois,

I do not support the DeltaPlex’s decision to host the Jordan World Circus because I do not support animal cruelty. These types of circuses exploit wild animals for profit at the expense of the animals’ well-being. No animal should be denied their natural behaviors and habitat for the sake of human entertainment. That is why I must urge you to cut business ties with this circus as long as it continues to include animals in its show.


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  1. Are the people hosting the event STUPID or HIGH ON DRUGS? They must be to continue this vile,barbaric ritual!!! How about coming into the 21st Century where people are aware of the horrendous tortures and abject misery these MAGNIFICENT ANIMALS are FORCED to ENDURE to satisfy some twisted, convoluted whim of subhumans’ need to be entertained!

  2. Yes, we are more and more becoming AWARE – people are finding out the truth about the ATROCITIES committed against circus animals. The bullhooks, the beatings, the whippings, the drugging, and on and on, done to the poor animals. Circuses torture animals for profit and for people’s sick entertainment, and this needs to PERMANENTLY STOP.


  4. Why is it that even though everyone has learned about the suffering endured by animals in circuses as well as public safety concerns you continue to hire the notorious Jordan World Circus to perform?

    Performing animals are usually stolen as babies from their mothers in the wild and then brought to the U.S. and worldwide to do ridiculous tricks. Elephants, for instance, are trained by being beaten with bull hooks (a metal apparatus resembling a fireplace poker with a hook on the end) and clubs as well as being whipped and treated with electric shocks. Trainers have been known to burn the bottoms of dancing bears’ feet so, by shifting their weight from foot to foot, the bears appear to dance. Much of the cruelty goes on behind the scenes and spectators to the circus do not see it. At performance time, the trainer then only needs to use the sight of the bull hook or whip and not actually use it in order to “persuade” the animal into performing a trick. Far too often, they are kept from seeing a veterinarian, even when they are having severe physical maladies.

    Besides all of the cruelty that is attached with animal shows, circus-goers are oftentimes given the opportunity to have contact with animals which is absolutely foolish! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, elephants, for instance, can carry TUBERCULOSIS (TB) and transmit it to the public. Plus, one does not need to have direct contact with an animal to acquire TB as it is an airborne disease (from a sneeze or cough, for instance). Furthermore, the USDA in all of its wisdom no longer mandates that elephants must have TB tests. Any elephant that appears with the circus could have tested positive for this highly-contagious disease. Also, as we have seen numerous times before, animals that have been grossly maltreated end up going berserk and harming and/or killing people.

    Please do not hire circuses with animals. There are plenty of circuses without animals that are absolutely terrific — I have seen some. Animal-free circuses include the following: Circus Vargas, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Circus Finelli, Cirque Italia, Cirque Éloize, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Gregangelo & Velocity Circus Troupe, Hiccup Circus, Cirque Plume, Flying High Circus, Imperial Circus, Les Colporteurs, New Shanghai Circus, The 7 Fingers, and Swamp Circus. Please choose one or more of these!

  5. I worked at a location where the circus was scheduled for 3 weeks. The animals living conditions were horrific–tiny little cages with no exercise. We weren’t allowed to go into the area that they camped. I am certainly not well educated in this area but wish I knew the suffering that animals had to endure because I wouldn’t have watched one. I’m glad word is getting out. These animals should be retired to sanctuaries to live part of their lives in peace.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ?

  7. Why why would you support this abuse. This circus has had multiple violations by the USDA and you are condoning this abuse? People DO NOT find this entertaining, it’s just plain sickening.

  8. Cancel and shut down ALL circuses

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